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  1. I had a brief girlfriend that I know talked about my lack of size with her older sister. I don't want to talk to in detail about it but the older sister had the audacity to ask me if I would listen to her advise about small penises guys. I refused and called her a pig. That's when my relationship basically ended as I couldn't stand being around her family. Should I have actually listened??? Ugh...
  2. LouisZ


    I also compensated by completing 4 years of engineering at a major university and got a 3.9 GPA . Was this my "coping mechanism" too And I also weight train. No kidding. My point: I try to be my best at all the important things occuring in my life. Independent of my huge monster cock that every woman worships..lol.
  3. What would you like to do with your penis? Seriously, I can't give you an opinion unless I know what your wants/needs are. Louis
  4. Girls of fifteenSexually knowingThe ushers are sniffingEau-de-coloningThe seats are seductiveCelibate sittingPretty girls diggingPrettier women. 5:15. Quadraphenia
  5. This is this first conversation that has caught my attention in months. I know this will become private way too soon for my casual interest. Thanks for posting and I hope you don't mind another guy that really interested in your success. Louis
  6. I used to be all messed up about my penis. Now I'm all messed up on internet sites about other people's penises.
  7. A note to all: Don't ever tell an informed man that knows statics and data that he is big, when indeed he is not. That is a may be interpreted as a facetious and contemptuous lie.
  8. Mr Lostboy1: I say this respectfully, ok? But don't you actually have nearly a true micro-penis? AND Small Penis Syndrome? IDK?
  9. I am circumcised and look uncut when flaccid cold/anxious etc. JUST LIKE OTHERS TOO.
  10. LouisZ

    Im worthless

    Hello Andromeda, do not Strain youself. Pun: Movie from 70's called "Andromeda Strain"... Alien microbe comes to Earth. I am a student also. I know how hard it is, I have faith you can overcome your fears. You done this all throughout your life already y/n?
  11. Good Luck Bjarne... We all share all sorts of common story. With variations of the same theme. We help you, you help us.
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