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  1. Mr Lostboy1: I say this respectfully, ok? But don't you actually have nearly a true micro-penis? AND Small Penis Syndrome? IDK?
  2. I would be "courageous enough" if I had a bag covering my head!
  3. Cut or Uncut?

    I am circumcised and look uncut when flaccid cold/anxious etc. JUST LIKE OTHERS TOO.
  4. Im worthless

    Hello Andromeda, do not Strain youself. Pun: Movie from 70's called "Andromeda Strain"... Alien microbe comes to Earth. I am a student also. I know how hard it is, I have faith you can overcome your fears. You done this all throughout your life already y/n?
  5. How to accept yourself

    Good Luck Bjarne... We all share all sorts of common story. With variations of the same theme. We help you, you help us.
  6. I don't know what to title this

    Truce, I too felt as if I were the sole cause to all my family's problems. Rationally, I know this is False. Emotionally, I still have problems. A continuous process of all our lives.
  7. I guess I should post here...

    Hey man, Mr. Truce. What does "Truce" mean to you?
  8. Helpless Loner....

    To Lookingforafriend To RonaldU We must all be related, penis size, I swim and have had prpblems both in the locker/shower AND in the pool enclosure. The fear, the shame, etc, etc,et... What to do???
  9. Grower's SPS / Flaccid size only SPS

    Girls have told me that they almost always check a guy's bulge if he is attractive facially. I have been told at least twice, by two different girls that I have no bulge. sigh
  10. females views etc (Trigger Warning!)

    This totally mind blowing experience just happened to me no more than a month ago. I swim as a low impact exercise at a campus pool post motorcycle pattela compond fracture. A group of basically gossiping older women gloat with their jock physical therapist. I modestly wear low drag compression knee length speedos. Trunks are like swimming in a parachute. Incredibly, one woman went totally out off her way to ask me ""How do guys like you have the the balls to wear those things? " I had know idea what she was talking about. I asked what? She said straight out "little weenie" pointing to my crotch. I asked in total shock, " Do you look ?" Her reply: "We all do . I got picked to ask you. We do it all the time" In freakin incredible! No guy has ever said stuff like that, ever.
  11. I happen to have a mature woman as a therapist for other mood issues. I desperately feel the need to dicuss my acurately small penis size along with really small balls. This may be the very core of many of my issues. But every time I start to say this, I freeze up, in fear. I don't know how to get past this freeze.
  12. Confronting someone about your small penis in reality....

    I once was swimming with my closest freinds, both guys and girls. I wore a white suit...the type that almost becomes transparent when wet. Every single person noticed and looked. The weird part: I said nothing. And not one said anything at that time or ever to my knowledge. Should I say or ask them about this? I don't want them to treat me differently. But right now I feel like I'm being somewhat phoney to them.
  13. Is this a life-long worry???? I think about this several times a day.reakin I even stopped looking at this site to free my mind. And then it hits me I bet most really small guys that are relatively young (me) ARE FUCKIN GONG TO WORRY ABOUT THIS FOR THE NEXT 50 YEARS ? A full half a century being worried My whole adult life,,,,
  14. Penis extenders

    I bought a clear silicone sheath. The length inside is over 6.25" long!!!. It just flops down.
  15. females views etc (Trigger Warning!)

    One girl actually cussed me out for not telling her that I have a very small penis. I was cursed for being so selfish and insensitive because something this important to her should have been made know the day we met! Then she called me a faggot. Me insensitive???? WTF