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  1. I had a brief girlfriend that I know talked about my lack of size with her older sister. I don't want to talk to in detail about it but the older sister had the audacity to ask me if I would listen to her advise about small penises guys. I refused and called her a pig. That's when my relationship basically ended as I couldn't stand being around her family. Should I have actually listened??? Ugh...
  2. Like others said, flaccid I am a glans stuck to an abdomen. ugh!
  3. I have so many mixed feelings on this very topic.
  4. LouisZ


    I also compensated by completing 4 years of engineering at a major university and got a 3.9 GPA . Was this my "coping mechanism" too And I also weight train. No kidding. My point: I try to be my best at all the important things occuring in my life. Independent of my huge monster cock that every woman worships..lol.
  5. LouisZ

    How bad is a 4.7 penis?

    What would you like to do with your penis? Seriously, I can't give you an opinion unless I know what your wants/needs are. Louis
  6. LouisZ


    Girls of fifteenSexually knowingThe ushers are sniffingEau-de-coloningThe seats are seductiveCelibate sittingPretty girls diggingPrettier women. 5:15. Quadraphenia
  7. This is this first conversation that has caught my attention in months. I know this will become private way too soon for my casual interest. Thanks for posting and I hope you don't mind another guy that really interested in your success. Louis
  8. Yeah, I found smoking a banana peel makes me not even worry about you guys here.
  9. I used to be all messed up about my penis. Now I'm all messed up on internet sites about other people's penises.
  10. LouisZ

    Advice: Stay or Walk Away?

    A note to all: Don't ever tell an informed man that knows statics and data that he is big, when indeed he is not. That is a may be interpreted as a facetious and contemptuous lie.
  11. Mr Lostboy1: I say this respectfully, ok? But don't you actually have nearly a true micro-penis? AND Small Penis Syndrome? IDK?
  12. I would be "courageous enough" if I had a bag covering my head!
  13. LouisZ

    Cut or Uncut?

    I am circumcised and look uncut when flaccid cold/anxious etc. JUST LIKE OTHERS TOO.
  14. LouisZ

    Im worthless

    Hello Andromeda, do not Strain youself. Pun: Movie from 70's called "Andromeda Strain"... Alien microbe comes to Earth. I am a student also. I know how hard it is, I have faith you can overcome your fears. You done this all throughout your life already y/n?
  15. LouisZ

    How to accept yourself

    Good Luck Bjarne... We all share all sorts of common story. With variations of the same theme. We help you, you help us.