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  1. This had to be the worst possible scenario for an SPS guy, but i got through it OK i suppose. The physical was conducted by a male doctor and a female (attractive, yes) nurse practitioner in the room. She had the honor of doing the hernia test. I was too afraid to look at my crotch during the exam, but it felt like i was close to full shrinkage... And that's really the only time i feel the SPS pain. Honestly, it's the dude I feel more embarrassed about. But having both there was especially tough. I probably didn't seem too nervous, but i was thinking "noooo!". I'm happily married and I'm not going to have sex with anyone else, but I hope I at least looked like I've got a dick. This leads me into recommending the documantary called IntersexIon about people with undermined sexual organs. Its quite common and fascinating. Humanity is just not simple.
  2. Thank you for sharing. I certainly hope you find some help here, and with friends and perhaps a decent and caring professional mental health expert too. I get your admiration for the character Mr. Spock. His character was a good idea in the mind of the Start Trek creators, and wonderfully cast by Nimoy in the original show. He certainly did have an asexual air about him.
  3. I too had a fairly passionless marriage, though my situation was different. My first marriage delayed my dealing with this issue in my life. Once i was free to pursue other relationships, I started looking online for any talk i could find on having a small dick (or perceiving it to be too small) and i found help immediately. My posts in this forum have nearly all been about encouraging guys like me to go for it, so to speak. Are you really asexual, or is that something you're able to condition in yourself? I wouldn't presume to say you shouldn't be asexual, maybe that's the healthiest path for some.
  4. If you have, say, a five incher, then you should definitely find a way to overcome your fears and pursue normal relationships. Smaller than that, it may get more complicated and difficult, but there are guys here with truly small size and have done alright. I am around 5" and my fear was the issue for years. I didn't have sex until I was closer to 30.
  5. Ok, i get you on the model photo. I think guys do mostly notice this and make unspoken comparisons. This is torture with SPS. It does not plague me so much now the way it once did, but i do sometimes feel that nagging dark cloud when a big bulge is there. On the other hand, i have noticed that a lot of guys really don't have much going on there. I'm thankfully not as obsessed these days. I know how much the feeling sucks...but it's understandable.
  6. Really? Both photos look rather typical to me in regard to bulge, not particularly attention-drawing. I honestly think those particular examples were not selected for the bulge factor, although you are surely right that it is done intentionally in many places. This discussion reminds me of the dude who walked into a fast food joint when i was probably 14 or 15...he had cutoff sweat pants that barely covered the enormous dick draped down his thigh. That was one of those early moments when i questioned my own size. Yeah, Im sure he had sex galore, but damn, that guy was gross and tacky as hell.
  7. I think i would have discovered the same thing if I didn't meet my current wife so soon, which (happily) ended my brief time of meeting new women and letting things happen. Some of us here are, or have been, trapped psychologically more than anything. Getting some much needed new (or first) experience can go a long way to helping, but it requires that you at least temporarily "fool yourself" and assert that your dick will be good enough for your partner. Because, it just might be true! And you are right about the value if eating pussy (regardless of your size)... I do not find it to be a chore at all.
  8. Dammit, dammit, dammit. YOTH, thank you for your post, and you have my thoughts right now.
  9. I agree with Lala, and I think i chose poorly when i used the word disadvantage. Difficult situation is more like it. You are in an emotional situation that I'll admit i haven't really experienced. I was able and eager to move thing along swiftly after my divorce. It sounds like therapy with the right person could be of great help. For what it's worth, i hope things work out for you and i don't think you're crazy... You have some real issues to work through, and it's really good that you're talking about it.
  10. Thanks for sharing your story. Your disadvantage from lack of experience is real but not hopeless. While i wasn't technically a virgin at 35, my experience up to that point was horribly meager and lousy. Divorce in my 40s gave me a chance to try again at finding both sex and a fulfilling relationship as a wiser person than I was when I'd married. Even though I'd been married for a long time and had kids, I felt like I truly lost my virginity only after that divorce, after 40 years of age. The first sex i had after divorce was in a no strings attached relationship for a few meetings with a woman I met through a dating site. I did not want to pursue anything serious with her and she was lonely too and OK with having some much needed fun. I met my current wife not.long after so I didn't go nuts playing the field. My concrete advice would be, when in a first time sex situation with someone and you're both nervous, use touch and massage to establish a sensitive and easy connection.
  11. I am, for the most part, over to the left...Bernie over Hillary any day. I don't like most political"discussion" that occurs on Facebook or in comments sections of YouTube or news sites. I try to avoid labeling people or being a politically correct police officer. My political views have evolved in that i used to be a devout Catholic, which forced my voting to the right, mainly to be in step with their opposition to abortion. I don't know that my anxiety over size, which is not the monster in my life that it once was, had a real effect on political views. It's tough to say if hypothetically being well hung would have made any difference.
  12. I know I answered this before in one of the earlier instances of this question, but this is my whole issue as well. The happy part of this for me is how my wife empathises with me for my flaccid size. She never liked being seen naked by other women, and she gets 100% why I would not want to be naked in front of other men. Of all the guys she has seen (a couple dozen, I'd estimate) I have the most variable size, you could say.
  13. Yes, mine can be buried in skin when flaccid. I think they left some extra skin when I was circumcized. My son's penis (last I saw...before he entered puberty) shrinks down like mine, but the head stays "above water" so to speak. All I can figure is tgat they cut away more on him.
  14. I skimmed much of what you wrote. Teen years are rough, especially with self esteem, and I feel for you. I was similarly paranoid (to use your term) at that age, and less so as I got older, but never really got past it until I decided to just act like 5 1/2" is normal, which I suspected that it sort of is. I still feel self conscious in a men's locker room around all the big flaccid dicks, but I am in no way embarrassed any more around women... Well that's singular now that I'm married again. Sex is fun and satisfying now.. That's The most important thing. It should have been when I was younger, but I was too self defeated to let it happen. I let lots of interested young women go.
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