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  1. I agree with Lala, and I think i chose poorly when i used the word disadvantage. Difficult situation is more like it. You are in an emotional situation that I'll admit i haven't really experienced. I was able and eager to move thing along swiftly after my divorce. It sounds like therapy with the right person could be of great help. For what it's worth, i hope things work out for you and i don't think you're crazy... You have some real issues to work through, and it's really good that you're talking about it.
  2. Thanks for sharing your story. Your disadvantage from lack of experience is real but not hopeless. While i wasn't technically a virgin at 35, my experience up to that point was horribly meager and lousy. Divorce in my 40s gave me a chance to try again at finding both sex and a fulfilling relationship as a wiser person than I was when I'd married. Even though I'd been married for a long time and had kids, I felt like I truly lost my virginity only after that divorce, after 40 years of age. The first sex i had after divorce was in a no strings attached relationship for a few meetings with a woman I met through a dating site. I did not want to pursue anything serious with her and she was lonely too and OK with having some much needed fun. I met my current wife not.long after so I didn't go nuts playing the field. My concrete advice would be, when in a first time sex situation with someone and you're both nervous, use touch and massage to establish a sensitive and easy connection.
  3. I am, for the most part, over to the left...Bernie over Hillary any day. I don't like most political"discussion" that occurs on Facebook or in comments sections of YouTube or news sites. I try to avoid labeling people or being a politically correct police officer. My political views have evolved in that i used to be a devout Catholic, which forced my voting to the right, mainly to be in step with their opposition to abortion. I don't know that my anxiety over size, which is not the monster in my life that it once was, had a real effect on political views. It's tough to say if hypothetically being well hung would have made any difference.
  4. I know I answered this before in one of the earlier instances of this question, but this is my whole issue as well. The happy part of this for me is how my wife empathises with me for my flaccid size. She never liked being seen naked by other women, and she gets 100% why I would not want to be naked in front of other men. Of all the guys she has seen (a couple dozen, I'd estimate) I have the most variable size, you could say.
  5. Yes, mine can be buried in skin when flaccid. I think they left some extra skin when I was circumcized. My son's penis (last I saw...before he entered puberty) shrinks down like mine, but the head stays "above water" so to speak. All I can figure is tgat they cut away more on him.
  6. I skimmed much of what you wrote. Teen years are rough, especially with self esteem, and I feel for you. I was similarly paranoid (to use your term) at that age, and less so as I got older, but never really got past it until I decided to just act like 5 1/2" is normal, which I suspected that it sort of is. I still feel self conscious in a men's locker room around all the big flaccid dicks, but I am in no way embarrassed any more around women... Well that's singular now that I'm married again. Sex is fun and satisfying now.. That's The most important thing. It should have been when I was younger, but I was too self defeated to let it happen. I let lots of interested young women go.
  7. Sexual impulses can really run away without us. You have to step back and say, no effing way, I'll never go there... And furthermore, since you'll never do it, stop wasting precious time imagining it. Just drop it like a hot potato and start thinking about women (or men, whatever) your age. Let the kids in those photos have their childhood like we did. Don't beat yourself up for where your libido goes, just make sure you stand up and overrule it when it goes to shitty places.
  8. Sorry for the delay, but I was offline for a bit. I have never completely gotten away from porn or masturbation, but took it all down from a daily habit to more like weekly...sometimes longer I often don't use porn at all anymore, as a conscious decision to try to erase the need for it. I'm married again and sex is also about weekly (life is too damn busy and exhausting). So, I'm having maybe two orgasms a week on average. So, blah blah enough details... I think it took a year of this pattern to recover to where I get erections again during sleep and consistently have an orgasm during real sex without complete reliance on fantasy. One, probably psychsomatic, difference I feel is that my balls are fuller and heavier. Not sure if they are in fact, but it feels better and feeds back into my whole feeling of confidence and more virility.
  9. It's difficult to get the fully erect size, but I'm about 5x5. I'm resigned to my size.... What a fucking relief... but would not turn down a magic spell to increase it slightly. My erection looks rather short and pudgy to my eyes, as those dimensions might seem. It has felt good to the few sexual partners in my life, so that helps. Flaccid, I'm more self conscious... That's pretty damn small.
  10. Wow, I can relate to what you said about giving extra respect to other guys whom I knew or suspected had more meat in the pocket. I absolutely did that for much of my life. I don't give a crap anymore, but I wish I thought this way many years ago. People definitely pick up on someone who thinks they're of little account.
  11. You are not too small, even if you are smaller than what you believe is acceptable. I wasted a few decades worrying about this, along with other aspects of the appearance of my dick. I agree with those who are telling you to try to improve your physical shape; it will do more for you that any kind of stretching out of your genitals. I'm 50, and I have only recently discovered that my dick is good the way it is (about 5"or slightly more, fully erect...girth similar). It would look very small side by side to a porn star's, but I don't plan on making such a comparison. I also think FUNCTIONALITY is important. Don't overdo it with porn and masturbation... That can reduce your ability to perform in the real situation. Hope you take some hope from sharing your fears. You deserve to try to enjoy life. And don't give up if you meet with failure.
  12. No sweat, Klingsor. I would not be happy with a pitiful response from a woman any more than ridicule from a guy.
  13. I can't really account for it, but it just feels sort of pathetic(?) to be in the presence of a dick that's >50% bigger than mine. But if I'm with a woman, and my dick's the only one there, I'm not worried. The exam by the female doctor happened at a time when I'd just found some confidence in this area for the first time in my life. I had just divorced and was starting to date and have sex. I was not having any apparent issue with my size. My only issue was difficulty cumming due to many years of daily porn consumption.
  14. I'm very impressed that you went to a nudist resort. That takes, ahem, balls. I feel like I could maybe do it (I love the feeling of being naked, too), but the first sight of a big swinging Johnson would be at least a little disheartening. I had to disrobe in front of a beautiful female doctor once, and I was not nervous, but if it was a male doctor, I feel like I would have been more nervous.
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