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  1. Hello All: Thank you for your feedback thus far. My husband and I started couples counseling this past Monday to try to figure out our marriage. In the session, he keeps stating tha he wants to work on this marriage and that he will do whatever it takes. Well, we just had a fight and in the midst of it, he announces that he "will make things simple and move out tomorrow while I am at the birthday party?" I am so tired of his wishy-washy attitude. What is his deal? We haven't even scratched the surface and he's already throwing in the towel? Thank you, again. This emotianal roller coaster is affecting my daily life.
  2. Hello: I am in need of marriage counseling (see my other post titled "Can't get over feeling of betrayal") but due to my financial situation, I can't afford a private therapist. Does anyone know of any non-profit organizations near the Anaheim, CA (a.k.a Disneyland) that offer this service? Or other resources that I can try? I can't handle the stress of my situation any longer and need to seek some professional help. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello Bluerose: Thank you for your response. Funny thing is that my husband is telling me that I am the one who needs to decide if I want this marriage to work. He insists he wants to make this work but his actions tells me otherwise. I have told him to really think about what had happened and to explore his feelings and not lie to himself. He just brushes it off and says I am just making a mountain out of a molehill. He says that if I want him to leave then he will. No wonder I am so confused!!
  4. Hi JulianP: You are right when you stated that I have trust issues with my husband. I do realize this. Here are the reasons why: When our 1st child was only one years old (about 4 years ago), I discovered that he had created a profile on AdultFriendFinders.com, a sex solicitation website. Not only that but he used our son's name as his online identifier. He says he never connected with anyone. We started seeing our 1st marriage counselor then. A year later, he was going to Las Vegas with his buddies. There was a call made to a call girl on his cell phone. He claims he loaned his phone to his friend who made the call. One of the issues in our marriage is his constant viewing of porn. At one point, it was a couple of hours every other day, if not daily. He has since reduced it to 30 minutes or less every few days. I have tried to be understanding but after this last incident, I don't know what to think anymore. I have given him space and told him that he needs to figure out what he wants. He says he wants to work on our relationship but his actions speaks differently? Honestly, I don't think he knows what he wants.
  5. My husband and I have been married for 5 1/2 years. We have two beautiful children, age 3 & 5. We have issues and have tried counseling twice (for a period of 3-5 months each time), each time with a different therapist. Each time, my husband would walk out of counseling and not want to continue because he doesn't hear what he wants to hear. To make a long story short, in early October, I found out he lied and instead of working, he had gone to a strip bar. When I talked to him about it, he denied it and says "what's there to talk about". That's when I had it. I couldn't live in an emotional vacuum anymore and go about our lives as if we didn't have any problems. I told him that we needed to separate. One week after he had moved out, he opened a Facebook account, listed himself as "single" and looking for "dating". He found two of his ex-girlfriends, one of which was going through a separation herself. He started talking and seeing her. About a week later, he accidently left his email (a new one that he just created) open at work (we own our little business and work together) and I found out about his ex. I asked him what he wanted, was he dating anyone, etc.. He denies that he was dating anyone. We talked on and off during that week. As it happens, I intercepted an email from his ex stating that she just wanted to be friends with him. That's when he started talking about wanting to come home and making our relationship work. He says that he was only talking to an old friend. Well, a week later he came home and we were trying to make our relationship work. We were still trying to work things out when 3 weeks later, I found out that instead of working like he said he was, he was in the office looking at pictures of his ex on his Facebook account. When I confronted him with it, he told me I was blowing things out of proportion, that I was being petty, that there's nothing going on, etc.. On top of all of this, he still talks to her on the phone but because she calls him. To make a long story short, I have since learned that the time when he and I were still talking about him moving back in, he was looking at her pictures and playing sad love songs. I know that she ocassionally calls him and on new years eve, she posted a card on his Facebook Wall. I feel betrayed and hurt and I don't trust him? He denies that he had any romantic feelings for her, accuses me of trying to sabotage our relationship, and what did I expect him to do, I was the one that kicked him out? I fluctuate between hurt and anger. I really just want to divorce him but we have two children, our business, our lives intertwined. Am I just to scared to make that move? Help!!!!
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