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  1. I just want to say that you should focus on the fact that she was willing to have sex with you just before she passed away. So according to me, what you did, does not constitute as rape. And I am also not saying that that was a right thing to do. Its a grey area, and I understand it can be very difficult to control your sexual urge when you are in a situation like that. Also, since your past behavior has been tormenting you for years and you deeply regret it, it shows that you have a conscience. And people with a good conscience are most worthy of living a long and happy life. And I am not just saying this, I truly believe in this statement. So get over the incident my friend. You are a nice person; I don't need any other proof.
  2. These are some things I try to follow to help with my depression: 1) Eat healthy & foods which help with depression, oily fish like salmon . No junk food. 2) Exercise everyday, especially cardio. Even brisk walk is good. 3) Check hormone levels; normal erections for man, regular periods for woman, no unexpected weight loss/gain recently. 4) Get tested for vitamin D and B12 levels. A lot of people are deficient in these, and the deficiency can worsen symptoms if not be the direct cause. Take supplements if required. 5) Get natural sunlight in the morning hours. 6) Have green tea 2 hours after breakfast. Try to start day with 2 glasses of water instead of caffeine
  3. Longfellow. Didn't know that. Thanks
  4. hey resolute. and again, you reply to my topic. keep posting buddy. let me just correct this setting- i posted using my phone... BTW, I have no copyright over this. Mainly because this is copied
  5. I shot an arrow into the air, It fell to earth, I knew not where, For so swiftly it flew, the sight, Could not follow it in its flight. I breathed a song into the air, It fell to earth, I knew not where, For, who has sight so keen and strong, That it can follow the flight of song? Long, long afterward, in an oak, I found the arrow, still unbroke, And the song, from beginning to end, I found again in the heart of a friend.
  6. I have experienced a lot of (adult) bullying. Earlier I used to brood over these incidents for hours/days after they happened. But later I kept a diary, and realized that writing down my thoughts is helpful. I don't know of a sure shot way to stop these incidents... but maybe you could try taking the police's help. There could be some law they are breaking, like stealing/harassment (stealing of crutches). It depends if the officer you approach is sympathetic and understands what you are going through. He may not book them, but maybe give an official warning (which could be helpful).
  7. Money troubles??? Follow these tips on how to pull a bank job: http://i.imgur.com/LabyOUs.png
  8. Thanks for ur replies Dont & Resolute. Thats why I shared
  9. There is some malicious gossip going around in the apartment building I stay in, most or all of it is true. Stuff about my very odd family (I dont want to go into details, but the chances of someone having a family like mine are really very low), and also how in the last 6 months I sometimes shout at my mom, because of the combined effect of her passive aggressiveness towards me sometimes and also my bad mood due to the depression I have. The shouting started 6 months back in the apartment we moved to 3 years back. But even in the 1st year of living here, there were a number of instances (5 or 6) in which some people would ring our door bell and then feign to have accidentally come to the wrong house. This couldnt have been a co incidence if you know your probability. Apparently, people just wanted to take a look at the local Adams family (I would hardly go out of the house back then & its also a very big building, so not everyone had seen everyone else). Few months back there was also an incident in which an older man known to my father as well as me, who was also waiting for the elevator in the lobby with me, feigned no knowledge of the elevators arrival by looking the other way. All because he did not want to be with me in the elevator. And I thought untouchability was long over! But today I was laughed at. There is this other younger guy who most probably knows about my shoutings based on his past behaviour with me. His father expired just 2 days back and he had taken an off day and was chatting with (what I assume to be) his cousin sister in the building compound for very long. I had gone for some shopping when I saw them and they were still there when I came back in my car. Their placement in the compound was such that they could easily see the faces of drivers of all incoming cars. And when the guy could clearly see my face when I came inside the compound, he broke into a ear to ear smile & then mentioned something to the cousin and then she also looked in my direction and broke into a similar smile. I dont know how to react in such situations or cant react aggressively, so I immediately changed the direction of my gaze and pretended I didnt know what had just happened. Needless to say, now she knew my story too. Anyway I am hurt that now people are literally laughing at me. I wish I had the physique to confront them and beat the shit out of the guy. But he is twice my size and atleast five times stronger than me. Like for many other enemies I also entertained the thought that I could hire goons, kidnap this guy and give him such a treatment that he scarred for the rest of his life. But I dont have the resources for that also. I could only brood over this incident over the next few days. So I thought I would upload my story here with the objective of lightening up. Thanks for reading guys.
  10. I think I will go with maligns suggestion and just let my doc do the hardwork of finding out exactly what it is that I have. Thanks for your inputs Victim, resolute & malign
  11. I have mention it to my doc who is not a psychiatrist or psychologist (homeopath actually). Is there really something called broken-heart syndrome. Coz this could be it. I just realized I am such a sucker for the exact medical term
  12. Yeah, probably heartache because you feel it mostly in your heart. But what would the proper medical term for such a condition be? I would like to be more exact when I have to describe it to my doc
  13. Panic attack or anxiety attack is again distinct from this because it is severe anxiety or anxiety at its worst. What I am talking about is what you can even experience while going through your day or while brooding over it later.
  14. What is that feeling called, which you get in your heart (literally) when you are having an exceptionally bad day (emotional stress) while you are clinically depressed? Is it also called anxiety, because I have experienced GAD & I feel that both are distinct?? I need to know because I have to tell my doctor about it.
  15. I hope this helps: http://quotespicture...rasse-tyson.jpg
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