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  1. Thank you for reaching out I did get this notification through my email so thought I would stop in and say Hi. All is well with me, I still have been hospital free in over a year and that is a wonderful thing for me considering my lengthly and numerous hospital stays. I am working in a large hospital in Philadelphia as a Psychotherpaist and Certified Peer Specialist in the Psychaitric units. And what is really great is that I am not triggered by anyone or anything and instead I offer my experience and I offer hope to those who are suffering. I am also on the new recovery steering committee of the hospital with the Chairman of Psychiatry as we forge ahead recovery and wellness within the hospital. Just yesterday I was offered a management postion with a very well know recovery and wellness author and trainer and she wants me to work with her. She is very well known and I am so honored that she has seen something in me that I can bring to recovery. What a very validating feeling. I also went to training to be a WRAP facililitator. Wellness Recovery Action Plan by Mary Ellen Copeland, this plan is what saved my life and made a difference in my ability to manage my mental health challenges. Please google it. So now I am teaching it to others and this plan which each of us individualy create helps me understand who I am and how I react to different things. Self awareness is a powerful tool and each and everyone of us have the ability to make the best choices for ourselves, whatever it may be. My story was so inspirational, powerful and profound that Mary Ellen Copeland will be posting it on her website. Again I am so grateful to be able to take such a terrible time in my life and share it with others so that they can have hope. I hope everyone here who reads this has the ability to reach out to a peer specialist. It is becoming nationally accepted in the psychaitric field and recovery and wellness goes hand in hand with that. So after 27 psychiatric hospitalizations in 5 years, I am still on no psychiatric meds, I suffered significantly with massive lung clots and deal with many autoimmunity diseases, I can actually say I am in recovery and with the help of my supporters including Shanrucas on our PTSD online support group, I will live a happy and healthy life. Life is good again.... I wish the best to everyone and wish you all much luck on your own journeys....
  2. Thank You Cynthia. It is nice to hear from you and I hope you are doing well. The holidays are a tough time for lots of people but I will try and get through as best I can. Please spread the word of wellness and recovery, we all can achieve it!!!
  3. Hi Tmays Thanks so much for asking how I am doing. How are you? I removed my posts because of a few reason was was one of privacy issues with the internet and the other was because some people don't want to read about feeling good and recovering it seems maybe I wasn't meeting my depressed posts quota and sometimes moving on is best. I guess I was lucky to see this in my email box. I am doing great. I had started to feel a shift finally after I started the mental health certified peer program in our state. I was either going to Timber Line Knolls a residential treatment center for women with trauma or I was going to give it a try and see if I could last through the 4 month training program. It actually threw me into a recovery that I had not felt in years. And it started with learning about WRAP by Mary Ellen Copeland. Wellness Recovery Action Program. Please for anyone reading this please google it. It basically saved my life. This self maintained wellness concept helped me understand all my triggers, my wellness tools that I need daily, my crisis signs and what I need to do to help myself and basically it allowed me to shift from feeling helpless and reactive to feeling in control and proactive. It has allowed me to understand what is going on and it allows me to do what I need to do to stay healthy. So during my training classes which are others who are recovering from a mental illness this support helped me to learn and be able to help others. Not only help others but to help advocate for changes to the mental health field at least here in my state of NJ. After living through what is wrong with the psychiatric system, I am advocating for changes and aiding in recovery for all. My advocacy part is women and trauma informed care. I am on a mission to do implement a Womens mental health awareness and recovery campaign and I have been networking so much I have been getting the attention of the people in power in government. Through conferences and workshops I am learning and advocating and the response to me has been wonderful and that in of itself is wonderful in keeping me healthy. I am focusing on the good rather then the bad and that there is nothing wrong with me. Life has its twists and turns and its OK to have taken some detours and with the help of me still not taking any psychiatric medications, my natural level of cycling has finally leveled out. I still cycle about every week and a half but it is so much more manageable because I use my WRAP to help me get through if it does get bad. But it hasn't and that is a wonderful thing for me. Without it I would be dead right now and I hope by anyone reading this there is a message of hope. And, hope is anything you want it to be it is everyone's own definition and it is attainable. I am working in a very large hospital in Philadelphia in the acute care unit and I would have ever thought I would walk near a hospital let alone work in a place that was once a very huge trigger for me. So amazing where my life has gone and I am very thankful for all that I have met in my journey. Do you know what helped me? It was typing yes typing I feel that it was this typing that helped move some of the stuckness I was feeling from the subconsious to the consious. I am continuing this typing with a private PTSD online group that many here on the forum are in and it has helped me tremendousely. I would like to do a study in the hospital and see if 'typing' has a similar reaction to in 'moving' our thoughts as is done with EMDR or sand tray therapy. Lots going on and I look forward to getting up everyday now. I hope many of you who do read this feels a little inspired in what can come of ourselves. WE CAN DO IT!!!!!
  4. Hey Leo, sorry your having such physical difficulties with it. I am sure it is no fun. Are you able to check and see if there really is another Dr in the area who can adjust it? It is hard going to a Dr you dont like. Where did you have it done? Can you call them to see what options you have for another Dr? So besides the physical stuff, has it helped you mentally? I was doing research on it with my Dr because I was out of options with meds and we were looking at other alternatives. There was a study going on at the university hospital and since insurance was not yet covering it so I thought I would investigate it. Went through the process but I was ineligable because I had cycling from bipolar not just depression. If you are concerned about this new Dr I guess you have to out weigh if this is working for you and if it is great and if not then maybe before the Dr retires it can get taken out? I can see this is a very difficult time if adjustments are always being made but I guess you have to figure out the pros and cons of keeping it and having to endure a Dr you dont like. But I would check around more to see if maybe there are other Dr's available even though this Dr says there is none. Do your research Leo..... much luck to you....
  5. Leo how is it working for you???
  6. Hey Leo put yourself in the drivers seat and keep driving and dont ever stop. Take yourself to where ever YOU need to be.... (((Leo)))
  7. so go ahead Allen, get this started????
  8. Jim check out my FB posts this morning. One talks about the "now"....
  9. Sissagwaad, agreed, and I totally get peer recovery but I guess this is exactly what happens that something gets posted like this almost a month ago and no response to the replies. Oh well, life goes on.... literally.....
  10. Hey Shannon I'm just reading this today and Yup your manic side came right? Be productive and try to keep the balance... You know where to find me..... :-))
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