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  1. Well it sounds like you are having some problems. Not good. Trust me, not all "men" are going to treat you this way. People in general may or may not treat you fairly depending on what they are going through personally. I know this oh too well. I am here to help as much as I can. You must clear your own mind of all of the turmoil then you'll come up with a solution to your problem with ease. You are powerful and you must believe that. What they are doing to you is wrong. You must seek a solution. You could ask around and see if there is anyone who could help you with your situation. What do you mean he is trying to take your son away exactly?
  2. Well it sounds like a good idea. Did you enjoy the movies? It must have been long. If you don't want to see him, you could go on a vacation or move or something. Just saying. If that it what you what. Oh my gosh these Smilies are so cute! You should totally see them they are so adorable! Oh wait you can see them! See! Well like I said if you want to totally forget about him, you must get away from him. That is sadly the only way I can think of. Are you guys still friends?
  3. I am definetly going out somewhere. I don't know where though. I'll find a place. I appreciate your suggestion. I love to dance with guys and stuff, well guys that like me, other wise I just dance by myself. I really love comedy shows. I don't like violence though. I love watching shows from the 90's and early 2000's those were cool shows to me. I watch things from all eras, but who doesn't right?
  4. Oh that's sad. Well I am still hoping that both of you will find what you are looking for one day. It is apparent that you and he are not compatible as fate would have it. I hope you enjoy your time as a single person! I am single too, but I am looking for love as well. I am definetly looking for 2 nice people to spend time with forever. One of each gender of course, because I don't want more than one of the same kind, that is not faithful. I really want them to be nice to me though. I sincerly hope that I find the 1 or 2 people out there for me. I'll be happy with one, but it'd be cool if I could get both. So how are you coping with the whole thing. It seems like a sad case.
  5. Flippin AWESOME! (Adventure time) You having good time? I do not wish to be amoungst filth! So it was like messy and stuff huh? Well I feel bad for you. I hope everything works out. You know what would be funny.:cool: If you went into his room or wherever the mess was and laugh and say to him: "That's some funky junk brother!" (Adventure Time) That would be SOO funny. You know I got these "references" from a television show called Adventure Time. It is hilarious!
  6. What's up Stephaine how ya doin' today? (off commercial) Hi Soaring Eagle, I feel so bad. Was he like being sexist and junk? That is so 1920's. Believe it or not sexism is still around, we must fight it as one. I really hope you find the right person one day, I am looking for a relationship myself. So are you okay?:eek: Because if not, I could like try to console you and such. I am having an awesome time, ya KNOW? I mean it is fabulous and awesome, so how are you Soaring Eagle? I need to work on my typing pace!!! I type so slow now you know... Well I'd love to help you with any of the problems you say you have, remember, I may seem different but I am still the enlightenment spirit! Any more QUESTIONS? I will be most happy to oblige in your time of need.
  7. Don't worry there is no such thing as the whole bi polar thing. You know they put it in the same category as pretty much everything else and put it all on the same medicine bottle. Like it actually helps with all of that! I know this from experience, because they told me I had it, which of course is nonesense. You can't believe everything the doctors tell you. I only go now for physical issues such as a broken leg or a cold, and things of that nature. How are you now? I hope everything is working out.
  8. Awesome, see you if you return;)
  9. I really hope everything works out. I am looking forward to updates about how you are doing in the future.
  10. That's the same thing that happened to me when I stopped taking it. I couldn't sleep for more than 3 hours for about 4 days. It was torture. Before you got on seroquel or ANY other medicine, did you have problems sleeping? If not it was the medicine. You need not hold your energy back. If your mind is going as fast as you say it is, that means it is functioning properly. It is up to you to get off that poison and take control of your life by yourself. Trust me, you have the ability to do great things. Just let your intelligence increase and open your mind to your abilities. The energy is who you are. Without it, you are nothing more than society's puppet. I went through the same thing. Jealousy and misunderstanding can lead people to treat you differently, however if you take pride in you you TRULY are, you will enjoy your life a lot more. If you continue to take that poison, you'll NEVER be yourself again. I am not exaggerating to prove a point. I am dead serious. I have been on it. 600 milligrams of it a day. It isn't worth giving up your personality. It might take a while for you to get used to the way things really are intended to be regarding you body,but in time, you'll learn to harness the energy and use it to excel at ANYTHING you desire. It is a gift. If you don't use it, you are only cheating yourself. I am really trying to save you from a lot of pain in your future. Don't let this world destroy you. Let your spirit be free. You do have the power. I did it, and you can too. Once you get rid of that poison, everything should become clear to you. I had no sense at all when I was on it, because it was dulling my brain. It is evident you are intellectually superior to many, and you'll be intellectually superior to many more if you stop dulling your mind and let it grow how it is supposed to. Basically, all you are doing when you take it is hindering any chance you have of succeeding. I don't know why you've got it in your head that there's something wrong with you, because there is NOT. Me and you share a story that the world needs to hear. Liberate yourself from bondage and achieve success. I am here to guide you if you need me. I sought guidance from a higher power. I know you too can achieve the ultimate enlightenment. Please think about what I have said, and read over this more than once if you don't really get it at first. If you need to ask any questions I am here. You will beat this, but you have to have more confidence than you do now, and if you keep taking that poison, you'll never have any confidence. Well, that's what it did to me. Please friend, don't let it happen to you.
  11. Okay well that's cool, sounds like you want your happiness back huh? Sounds like a plan to me. Do whatever it takes to get it back, just don't do anything illegal. You'll do fine, and hey I am here for you, and so is the rest of the community. Hey Malign, did you get my message? I think you did, but I don't remember.
  12. I heard you weren't supposed to drink alcohol when you took medicine. I figured that you'd have problems with that poison. Remember the list idea? Do you drink every day? I asked you something similar to this, but if you do that is a sign of extreme stress. A lot of people drink to try to solve their problems and that never works. There is no way you'll ever be able to excel at anything if you are on seroquel, I just quit the poison. It saps the testosterone from your body. I know first hand. That might be why you are having confidence problems. The seroquel saps energy, confidence and happiness from your body. It also makes your body unnatural. Have you met more people?
  13. Glad you're back:). I know it can be hard, but try not to ignore those people, if you do, they'll just be hurt and that'll make the situation worse, like I am certain you know. Is the coach helping you at all in YOUR opinion? I really hope things get better. Did you try any of the ideas I gave you?
  14. I hope what you're saying isn't true, because if you're going to do that you might as well break up with him, because that means you don't really love him. I hope that isn't true, but if it is, you'll save yourself a lot of trouble by just ending the relationship. I don't want to believe it. I hope things work out, talk to me more about it to keep me updated will you?
  15. Sounds fun! Was the food good?:(
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