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  1. For those who put hope in a positive antibody test or "heard immunity": https://www.vox.com/2020/7/12/21321653/getting-covid-19-twice-reinfection-antibody-herd-immunity
  2. LaLa

    Job fears

    Haha; it seems I might have been too influenced by my own experiences in my new job! But in fact, here, I was thinking about your past bad experiences with coworkers.
  3. LaLa

    Job fears

    Congrats, @Klingsor!!! I'm so happy about this news! You'll have an income, a good addition to your CV, and "something to do without the need to go to a collective of annoying, potentially infected people"!!! I hope this luck you're not used to won't force your subconsciousness to some form of self-sabotage. I believe that you'll cope well. Even if it's not a job that could "make you happy", it's undoubtedly a step forward that allows you to get rid of the dangerous feeling that there's nothing to do (to move on from the dark place you'd been in for some time). And, please, don't have high expectations of yourself, don't think you should be perfect and / or please everyone. I don't know if you have these problems, but if you had, it would explain the attitude and behaviour that I saw in the short video (of the overly anxious man) you posted with the comment that it describes you. And it could cause you unfounded problems in the new job. I hope you'll share your worries, complaints, ... as well as any everyday experiences anytime you'll feel like it. God luck!!
  4. Hi, Dima, The first step I'd recommend would be too google "how to write an application letter university" and read several of the pages that give advise about it. Then (or, perhaps, also before) I would write down (or record - you can "dictate" them to your phone or computer) all those ideas you have about your letter in the messy form they come. Then you can try to sort them, to find "the right" ideas and some logical order. Etc. How much time do you have to write it? I see that it's stressful, but you can break it into many small steps and systematically achieve the final goal. Do you have someone you can trust to check it for you? Someone with good spelling and grammar? BTW, what do you want to study? Good look!
  5. LaLa

    Stress? Anxiety?

    Sorry for not replying sooner. I'm glad to know you're holding on! I'm doing fine, thanks for asking. Good luck and take care!
  6. Hi, Jj, welcome! Sorry for my late reply. I have some questions to get a better picture of the problem. I wonder about what precisely is the problem of his daughter and how much it affects her behaviour. Apart from saying what you quoted, what does she want from her father and how does she behave? Does she insist that you two break up? Is she mean to you? Or is she able to be at least relatively decent during family gatherings? And how much is her approval important and / or even friendship for you and for him? Or you mostly want her decent behaviour on the inevitable occasions when you meet? Take care!
  7. Wow, that sounds great! I'm so glad to see you've reached this kind of freedom. I hope it lasts and you 'use it' well.
  8. LaLa

    Music therapy!

    Don't forget to listen to the lyrics:
  9. LaLa

    Stress? Anxiety?

    Hi and welcome back, @Dima! How are you doing?
  10. The test has been available for public in at least a few countries. (Around two weeks where I live, even longer where I'm from.) So I checked for the US: "Antibody tests for COVID-19 are available through healthcare providers and laboratories. Check with your healthcare provider to see if they offer antibody tests and whether you should get one." https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/testing/serology-overview.html https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/lab/serology-testing.html However, be sure you understand that a negative test result doesn't say much... https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/what-covid-19-antibody-tests-can-and-cannot-tell-us/ https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/19/us/coronavirus-antibody-tests.html
  11. Might be interesting for some: http://ftp.iza.org/dp13319.pdf And: https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/08/health/satellite-pics-coronavirus-spread/index.html
  12. Very nice pictures (in the video)! But the song is sometimes a bit weird: "dark satanic mills"??
  13. And this is how he "defended" it : I've also found this song :
  14. LaLa

    2nd language

    Interesting! Good luck!
  15. LaLa

    2nd language

    Wow!!! I imagine it has to be very hard! How did you choose this language in particular? (Do you know someone from the Philippines or want to visit...? )
  16. Welcome back, Dave!
  17. It has never been safe, in the first place ;). But I know what you mean. I'd say: When there'll be a good treatment, sorry. But many of us can influence the risk we're taking. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid others, like deniers or morons, to behave irresponsibly and infect us despite all the precautions we take. BTW, here's a shocking example of a moron in this regard (there's a short video with a brief intro of the "announcer")
  18. LaLa

    Quotes you like

    Sam Harris: "Mindfulness is about recognizing that you need not be a hostage to your thoughts. In the default state of mind, it’s as though you’ve been kidnapped by the most boring person on earth and forced to listen to a maniac talk at you all day long. Literally, the conversation starts the moment you wake up and doesn’t end until you fall helplessly asleep at night. Mindfulness offers an alternative to this, but it takes some training to acquire this skill. If you can recognize a thought as a thought, if you can step back and just notice thoughts as mere appearances in consciousness, then you’re free."
  19. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/05/13/health/finding-peace-school-of-life-wellness/index.html
  20. For those considering going back to restaurants etc.
  21. OK, but people who aren't clever cannot observe in the same way and draw often totally stupid conclusions; their "logic" (as they would call it) is not logic at all. @pinkocean, how have you been doing in the meantime?
  22. Welcome back, Mark!!! (Now, because before, I wasn't sure if you were back or only posted a bit, for a short time... )
  23. Hi, Mark, good to 'hear' from you, as always! I'm sorry I haven't noticed your new blog post sooner! (How did that happen?!) I wonder that... perhaps you needed to 'abandon' those people and to try to focus on yourself for some time to be able to find out what is better for you. Now you can compare and choose. Does it seem too hard now to 'come back' / to make more place in your life for them again? I somehow don't believe they wouldn't like to welcome you back (have you tried...?). I see that you doubt yourself as a counsellor. You didn't mention why exactly, nor if you seem to know why you might be resisting this studies and / or profession. I'm sure you've been thinking about it a lot, it's just too complicated (and, perhaps, personal) for a blog post or comment. I wonder if you still feel, to some extent, the initial motivation for this change of career. Is it clear what that "Does not meet expectations" meant precisely? (I hope you haven't been interpreting it too broadly, as if it was describing you.) "But it's also true that I never managed to relax into just being in session with someone. What remains unclear is whether I will be able to, in the future." Does this mean the sessions make you nervous? Isn't it a part of the curriculum to learn that it's OK to feel nervous in the beginning of one's practice, even later, in the beginning of each new therapy / counselling? Also, the fact that it's part of the training must bring a lot more 'self-awareness', 'self-observation', 'self-evaluation' etc. that makes it even impossible to fully focus on the session in progress. That's at least how I imagine it. Good luck in everything and take care!!
  24. Great news - now let's just hope it will be widely accessible for everyone who needs it!! https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/05/cancer-drug-dampens-intrusive-thoughts-men-pedophilic-disorder
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