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    LaLa reacted to Klingsor in Nice and/or funny videos on YT   
    Snow leopards, very beautiful
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    LaLa reacted to Klingsor in Nice and/or funny videos on YT   
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    Being a man is a state of mind.   It’s not about penises.  
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    LaLa reacted to Under5 in Hey, New Member need someone to hear me   
    I’m about 4 1/2 long while erect.  I’ve had three long term female betters who were good looking, kind, and fun in bed.  I believe that insecure women who tend to overcompensate really stress big penises.  I’ve had a riot in bed over the years.
    i will say that I’ve always cared much more about other facets of me than my penis. So, my size can bother me a little but I’ve had more sex with a greater variety than most of the men I know,
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    LaLa reacted to Klingsor in Hey, New Member need someone to hear me   
    Yet another curiosity:
    On incel boards, physical characteristics are analyzed to an atomic level. Speaking generally, this is how they put it:
    1. Sexual market value for males is based primarily on the face...in their jargon they say “face >>>> everything” (i.e. facial attractiveness supersedes every other physical characteristic.)
    There are schisms and divergences, however, as short men claim that “height >>>> everything“. But in general all admit a handsome face is critical.
    2. In their annoying jargon, incels are subcategorized into specific types with the addition of a -cel suffix. For example: a baldcel or fatcel. 
    Actions taken to maximize certain characteristics are suffixed with -maxxing. Hence “looksmaxxing” to maximize one’s looks within the limits of one’s own potential. 
    3. Incels who lift weights and bodybuild are called“ogrecels” or “gymcels” (if they had a handsome face they’d be called a “chad” or “gigachad”). Bodybuilding is called “ogremaxxing” or “gymmaxxing”. 
    4. Incels claim bodybuilding is not enough to escape inceldom, that it is not enough BY ITSELF to gain a woman’s sexual attention. 
    5. The topic of penis size is controversial (FAGGOTS BRUH) but typical for a male only club, dick humor crops up constantly. If penis size is considered seriously at all, it’s taken as just one more characteristic included in SMV, not given any particular importance.
    6. Any attempt to raise the importance of penis size to the level of face or height is met with severe criticism because, as the incels themselves say, women do not respond to a dick pic BY ITSELF and would find it disgusting or creepy. “Women don’t see your dick before sex”. In the words of an actual thread I read on the most popular incel board, Incel means a man who can’t OBTAIN women, not men who can’t PLEASE women. 
    7. Yet heterosexual males, when engaging in online hookups, send dick pics if they have anything to show off with complete measurements. To women. And dick pics are the currency of the realm in gay hookup culture.
    From the words of the most misogynistic, woman-detesting community on the planet we reach two conclusions: 
    1. Women are not impressed by big muscles and
    2. Women are not impressed by dick pics. 
    Only a pretty face, pretty skin, pretty symmetry wins the day. A “chad” in other words.
    So the two things that men value above all else,  physical strength and cock size, we are told by institutional misogynists don’t even matter to women.
    This is simply the same stereotype I encountered in college...rich pretty Blonde frat boys buy women with their money to compensate for little peepee’s while non-frat boys, though not as pretty, have what women REALLY want, a big piece of meat, a real man. 
    It’s the age old antagonism between a prettty boy and a “real man”. Furthermore, when you combine this with the fact that incels claim women are inferior, irrational, and don’t know what they want or what is best for them along with an actual scientific study they cite as proof that women orgasm during rape, you are left with the following conclusion:
    Women actually want ugly, muscular men with large cocks to rape them because that’s what gives them real pleasure, not shrimp-dicked pretty boys. 
    Theres nothing new here, it’s the same old he-man, real man bullshit wrapped in a different package and stupid fucking MMORPG chatspeak.
    So there you go @TheDane. Support these groups and you’ll get all the leftover, used-up pussy your heart desires. But secretly these women will be thinking about the ugly, big dicked alphas raping them day and night, wishing they had it again. 
    Im sorry if anyone finds this content offensive, but investigate it and you’ll find I’ve exaggerated nothing. 
    Im tired of trying to make myself understood. Let people drown in their own ignorance. 

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    LaLa got a reaction from Dima in Stress? Anxiety?   
    Sorry for not replying sooner.
    I'm glad to know you're holding on!  
    I'm doing fine, thanks for asking.
    Good luck and take care!
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    LaLa reacted to Dima in Stress? Anxiety?   
    Thank you! I'm holding on! I mostly study during the day. How about you?   
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    LaLa reacted to Victimorthecrime in Beer   
    Thanks @LaLa. I know there will still be ups and downs but this was a notable shift. A change of perspective.  
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    LaLa got a reaction from Victimorthecrime in Beer   
    Wow, that sounds great! I'm so glad to see you've reached this kind of freedom. I hope it lasts and you 'use it' well.  
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    LaLa reacted to Victimorthecrime in Beer   
    Actually purchased Bud Light Orange 🍊 yesterday. What a disaster. It tastes like a rotten, sour orange.  Going to have to buy something different today,  
    Woke up feeling very very down. Was beating myself up for not doing this and not doing that and I got to a point where I said “FUCK IT”. I am no longer going to worry about what I do or don’t do. Seriously. I do what I do and that’s it.  
    It was a mini-revelation. It just freed me up to live my life. You just got to accept that you are who you are and your life is your life and that’s all there is to it and the weight will come off your shoulders.  
    I felt so energized I went out & mowed the lawn.  So I ended up doing something positive after all. 
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    LaLa reacted to Victimorthecrime in New age bionic plaque   
    Hey @IrmaJean good post. Glad things are relatively good.  
    Yes I am still wearing the mask. It is annoying on hot days though.
    As you know I work in behavioral health and we have seen a spike in psychiatric admissions by young people (teens & 20s) who aren’t taking quarantine well.  
    @geronimo - how are you doing?  
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    LaLa reacted to IrmaJean in New age bionic plaque   
    The virus has thankfully slowed down here in NY...for now anyway. That hasn't been the case for some other states, though, unfortunately. I hope there is a safe and effective vaccine soon. So many lives lost..
    I have read a number of studies that have shown the efficacy of mask- wearing to help prevent the spread of the virus. To me it's smart and thoughtful to wear a mask..
    Klingsor, my daughter has been struggling more too because of this, I think. The civil unrest has also been very upsetting. It hasn't been an easy year... Thinking of you. We're in your corner.
    I could get an antibody test, but I strongly suspect it would be negative. I haven't been sick since March 2019 when all of us had the flu.
    I hope everyone has some relaxing moments this weekend.
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    LaLa reacted to Klingsor in New age bionic plaque   
    It is obvious to me that people who say wearing face masks can cause CO2 poisoning have never done anything except sit in an office or on a couch and tweet. Observe any US manufacturing facility and you will see welders, pipe fitters, electricians, mechanics, line operators, etc wearing some type of construction mask and usually a heavy nomex or long sleeve clothing performing manual labor. I was using “PPE” before it ever became a buzzword and I have never once heard of someone suffering CO2 poisoning because of a damn mask.
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    LaLa got a reaction from Dima in Stress? Anxiety?   
    That's great news, I'm very glad for you!  
    Good luck in therapy!
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    LaLa reacted to Victimorthecrime in New age bionic plaque   
    @Klingsor - hang in there friend. We’re pulling for ya.  Good luck w the job. Don’t worry about the move. Do what I do and just thrown shit out. Half of it is junk anyway 😄😁😆
    Me I’ve been all over the map emotionally (certainly not geographically!).  I will feel absolutely great for a bit but then other times really really miserable.  I’ll rant more on my page.  
    @Klingsor - don’t forget to add “Senior member - Small Penis Forum” to your LinkedIn. I’ll be a reference if you need.  
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    LaLa got a reaction from Klingsor in New age bionic plaque   
    The test has been available for public in at least a few countries. (Around two weeks where I live, even longer where I'm from.)
    So I checked for the US:
    "Antibody tests for COVID-19 are available through healthcare providers and laboratories. Check with your healthcare provider to see if they offer antibody tests and whether you should get one." https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/testing/serology-overview.html
    However, be sure you understand that a negative test result doesn't say much...
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    LaLa reacted to Klingsor in New age bionic plaque   
    My anxiety has been really bad from all this shit...Covid, jobs, politics. Trouble sleeping and constantly feeling on edge or sick to my stomach. I may have a promising job prospect but it will require another fucking move. If I could catch coronavirus in place of someone else and die from it I would be relieved and feel like my life accomplished something.
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    LaLa reacted to Klingsor in New age bionic plaque   
    Then there’s this:
    This combined with a possible second-wave covid lockdown means November will be pure chaos.
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    LaLa reacted to Klingsor in New age bionic plaque   
    It’s turned into a political symbol where I live. Unless you’re made to wear it the only people I see ever wearing them are elderly or women. I wore one in Walmart last week and had a guy stare at me and smirk. It’s seen as weakness. I said from the beginning you couldn’t have designed a better instrument for widening the cultural cleft in the US than this virus. I’m already seeing more and more comments, tweets, social media about secession. There’s always a good possibility it’s being “seeded” by people who have an interest in seeing that happen, but it doesn’t matter because it’s the idea that counts. 
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    LaLa reacted to Victimorthecrime in Beer   
    The above post was Saturday and for sure I enjoyed a few but thankfully I dried out on Sunday and headed in June not hungover.  Going to try to make June as dry as possible. It’s not that hard really because after overdoing it I don’t even want a beer.  I like to feel good and plus the reality is I have things to do, even on the weekends.  
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    LaLa reacted to Victimorthecrime in Planning. I'm not good at it.   
    There is wide scale looting and rioting not far from where I live, a 15 minute drive at most.  All stores have closed, curfews are in place. This is not good.  
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    LaLa got a reaction from Victimorthecrime in Beer   
    Cheers!  Enjoy!
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    LaLa reacted to Victimorthecrime in Beer   
    Beginning last week for Memorial Day weekend I had my first beers in quite some time. Bought a couple cases of Modelo Especial a terrific summer beer.  I had fun listening to some music and chatting w people on FB but as always it does slow down my productivity which already not exactly stellar.  But no regrets. I am in hardcore quarantine and frankly going a little nuts ha ha so I need some outlet once in awhile I guess.  
    But we are getting there, things are starting to reopen and even though I will remain cautious I am glad because I am hoping it will alleviate some of these long supermarket lines.  
    Anyway, glad it’s the weekend, nice weather so far. Cheers 🍻 
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    LaLa reacted to Victimorthecrime in New age bionic plaque   
    @LaLa From what I read on the internet there is controversy to this day as to what lyric means.  
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    LaLa got a reaction from Victimorthecrime in New age bionic plaque   
    Very nice pictures (in the video)! But the song is sometimes a bit weird: "dark satanic mills"??    
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