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  1. I have amazing calves. Like i could be a calf model.
  2. I used to hate women then i realized i hate myself. It's liberating to recognize where our hatred comes from. It's nobody's fault but my own that I feel this way.
  3. I don't mean to come at Jessie, but this comment of his really gets at the crux of all our issues. We feel this negative way about ourselves and that is the problem, not anything about the way women feel about us. If we had women who loved us, we'd be happy about ourselves. And we'd be ridiculous to think that this is unique to our situations. There are so many women our there in the world who are lonely (and not just misshapen ugo's) and who would be so happy in life if only they could find a partner who loves them for who they are, despite all their faults(eveyone has faults). The problem is that when we hate ourselves, it's damn near impossible to find someone else who could love us, and its super easy to find, and agree with, anything or anyone who reciprocates our negative feelings about ourselves. It's self-fulfilling, and the only way to break it is to reject the seemingly loud voices who reinforce negative feelings in ourselves, and try to be strong enough to build up our own positive feelings until we can find people who share those feelings about us. I don't think it can be said any better than [Spoilers for a movie from 1997] the Alien at the end of Contact:
  4. Jessie, does it make you feel better to post things here that you know will make us all feel worse? There are litterally billions of people out there, and if you cherry pick all of the negative, juvenile anecdotes from click-bait articles and videos, of fucking course it's all going to be size queens and penis shaming. Reminder to everyone else: there are plenty of women out there who would be perfectly happy with our bodies just the way they are, because being in a happy relationship is way more than about sex.
  5. I know of one type of penis "extender", aka "cock sheath", which fits outside an erect penis that increases the length or the the girth, or both of your member. What you gain in size you lose in sensation, and most models I've seen are effectively strapons that go over your dick and require you to remain hard with minimal sensation. Although I'd imagine that they provide significantly more sensation than a strapon. I think they'd work for a lot of people, because women can enjoy sex with different sized partners, and a singular partner with different sized members, so long as we can check our egos and selflessly care for our partner's pleasure. In this sense I'd say that they work to help loving partners to experiment with what is pleasurable for both people. With regards to some other type of "extender" that increases the actual size of your penis, these are fake and do not work and will only waste your money.
  6. These things are all fake, don't believe their lies, your dick is going to stay the size it is, we all need to learn to better live with ours. -signed.
  7. has your wife ever said or hinted anything about her being unsatisfied? If yes, I suggest you communicate with her to find out what she wants, and if it's really just a bigger dick, you could try "marital aids". 26 years of (presumably) love are worth the hit to your ego. If no, or if she's unsatisfied because the spark is gone(the mind is the biggest sex organ, especially for women), then I think your penis size anxiety is self-fulfilling. Maybe focus on her pleasure more, and communicating better can always help.
  8. I'm likely the most ardent supporter of feminism on this forum, but even I will admit that feminism does have an intersectionality problem when it comes to men's issues. It's not all feminists, or even most, I'd humbly fathom it's somewhere around 30% of women who are feminists purely for self gain and have no consideration for others(at least that many men are similarly self-centered, for reference) and are only intersectionally considerate to other oppressed groups out of guilty obligation. In a patriarchal society, it's easy to forget that the patriarchy hurts women AND men, and that mocking Donald Trump or other loathsome men for having small penises only further cements the patriarchal crap feminism aims to dismantle. Feminism isn't the problem, just like Islam isn't the problem, it's people who use a cause to further their own selfish and destructive bullshit.
  9. Klingsor has stumbled upon some amazing discoveries, it appears that small penises are seen as a joke in popular culture, and that women will look at your crotch in public. I wonder if he can find any other examples of these amazing phenomena?
  10. I've only glanced over the top 5 topics or so, but I don't really see it as that "brutal" for us. Small penis support groups will always have a dearth of possitivity, because the body shame is so pervasive in our culture and so much of our collective energy is put into making people hate themselves, but that doesn't mean we should only look at the the bad stories. Just a collection of what's being discussed. Micropenis: Worthy of its own subreddit. (self.smalldickproblems) -makes the important distinction between micropenises(a medical issue) and small penises(a bell-curve certainty). Did you ever publicly admit to someone you know that your small penis size bothers you?Advice (self.smalldickproblems) -some bad stories, some good ones, I personally appreciated Small dick dating sitesInformation (self.smalldickproblems) -turns out there aren't any real options yet for online dating, but on redditor suggests using regular sites and just being with more women to increase your odds of finding a "unicorn". Personally, I don't think women who will appreciate a loving partner who is below average is quite on the statistical level of a unicorn(something that never existed) but w/e. How do I deal with it when a woman rejects me solely based on my penis size ?Advice (self.smalldickproblems) -This topic creator seems like he'd fit in around here, has a really negative story and an attitude to match. The other users seemed pretty supportive and reminded him that it only takes one woman for a lifetime of sexual pleasure and companionship. Also, if someone rejects you, whether it be for your dick, your height, your looks, your bank account, whatever, it's not your problem, it's theirs. Let them go, if someone doesn't like you, fuck them, don't beat yourself up about someone who doesn't care about you. Short or Long Penis: 11 Nigerians speak on sizes and sexual satisfaction - Actually gives some positive anecdotes from a different culture. I've been gone and a unicorn found me.. (self.smalldickproblems) -this one is really positive, guy with a 4.5 incher found a woman who really enjoyed his body and is really into him. He even feels guilty because he's less into her than she is into him. I've actually experienced this phenomenon with that last woman I hooked up with. I made her orgasm enough times, primarily with my hands and mouth, that she wouldn't stop texting me for a week. So in summation, this subreddit seems like it could be a positive influence for some people like us. It's less focused on mental health and more on matters of sexuality, which is productive IMHO.
  11. I don't quite get it, how is your small penis the result of the wrong things you did too early in life? This doesn't sound factual, maybe you're imagining something because blaming yourself feels better than having nothing to blame?
  12. Yeah, I thought the same thing, if they really said you're not "worthy of being a man" then those women are really messed up. Obviously it's not true, though, penis size does not determine masculinity, and our society is wrong when it tells us otherwise.
  13. I mean, there are sexual techniques to mitigate the effect of a small penis on giving your partner pleasure, that come with refocusing off of PIV and working with her to make her feel more pleasure. But when the problem is feeling worthless and is affecting you outside of the bedroom, as it does with many on this board, the solutions are not so simple. The most basic thing is loving yourself. We have so many reasons in this world to dislike ourselves and hatred is all around us, but it is possible to love yourself and love your body despite it's flaws. The biggest hurdle, I think, when it comes to the relationship/sexual problems that come with being smaller than average is PRIDE, and how our own mental problems of insecurity and self-hatred can impede us from being open to love and affection from others. Humans want to feel love, and there are many instances of women and men overlooking shortcomings and flaws in their partners, because they love them. We'll never be playboy womanizers, probably, because of our concern for what other's think of us, but there is nothing disqualifying a small-penis-haver from the love a woman. Step 1, make her orgasm before you take off your pants, i guess. I don't know.
  14. Thank you for your presence on this forum, your perspective is one that is badly needed among the rampant negativity. Please feel welcomed to provide your opinions on things, women's voices are very helpful in this realm, and thank you for your participation. It also helps because sometimes women who do not think that a small penis is an issue will not typically voice their opinions as much as ones who feels the opposite. I'm very glad that you and your partner have had success, and I hope it continues, for his sake and for yours.
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