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  1. I start to have interest in law and have an online course. Any recommendations? I need knowledge that can help me maneuver well in everything that involve laws.
  2. ba51th


    I helped my father running his bussiness, have chance running my own on the side, but I quit, so I sold my bussiness.
  3. I want to keep everything to myself.. I don't want to share anything with other.. I don't want to outburst on internet and real life.. I just to want to keep quiet... Is there somekind of theraphy/training that I can do myself to shape me that way?
  4. It's about the female that I like online... She was get criticized by particular person... Like a castle that under siege by trebuchets... I don't think it can be called cyber bullying, not yet.. But I have an impression that she is not taking it well... She just stay quite and don't talk much... I scared the wound will leave a scar... I want to see her smile again... I was planning to keep sending her funny memes, but I think I should be precise and delicate with her, I'm afraid of unintended and unwanted side effect... What should I do..?
  5. ba51th


    Got a dream... That I'm promoted to be an admiral... I don't like it because of the responsibility, but my heart say that I should accept the honor and suck it up... Then I walk to a room followed by someone that I think is my second in command.. I get inside the room, there are some people there. I go stand on front with my second in command.. The mc whispered me that I should prepare a speech. I become disconcerted.., I don't know what to speak about... Then I woke up...
  6. ba51th


    Much o b l i i i i i g e d
  7. ba51th


    Awwww.. Don't go laugh at me. I was asking help to correct the quote.. whether there is a saying like that in america or not..
  8. ba51th


    I remember vaguely an american saying, will you help me. "If you are 18 years old and not with democrat, you are an arsehole. If you are 30 years old and not with republican, you are an idiot."
  9. ba51th


    I don't consider them as true friends. There's no such thing as true friends. Only "we are friends because the circumtances support us and allow us to be friends".
  10. ba51th


    Of course not. I rather erase my trace, so no one could find me. I would be so embarassing if they find me in this kind of state.
  11. ba51th


    Boys as friends win in quantity, girls as friends win in quality. Well, you know, boys are about competition, friends to play with, to have fun with, but not good as friends to share with. In the other hand, I'm more comfortable with girls when I want to share, study, have heart to heart talk. They are less intimidating. I feel more safe around them, like a slight of warm and comfort you get from blanket.
  12. ba51th


    Had a dream... The dream is kinda like long daily live, but I will only remember an event, just a short story... I reunited again with my high school friends... most of them are the girls. They bring gifts to exchange, though I have none... Then one of them give me one, she said it's from ***** (a girl I like in high school), and I see her on the back of the crowd, she stare back at me, like confirming that the gift is indeed from her.. I unpack the gift.. there are some goods in there and a letter, so I read it. She need to discuss with me about particular topic/problem or whatever it is...
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