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    ba51th reacted to someone555 in A summary   
    now try saying that with a 2 inch erect penis. your view might change
    a girl can be completely happy in a relationship minus the sexual gratification. but eventually she'll find some side action. just like they find side "emotional" action if their partner is great in bad but a lowsy friend
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    ba51th reacted to johnlucas in Big Dude here   
    matt2003 is either a troll who slipped past the protection controls on this site to rub salt in the wounds...
    ...or matt2003 is REALLY dense enough not to understand the impact of his words.
    Being generous & playing along with option #2, I'll say this.
    All people have a cross to bear.
    But some people wear their cross on their necklace like jewelry while others carry a giant cross on their backs.
    Those annoyances you speak about matt2003 is NOWHERE NEAR the level of pain these guys go through.
    No as it currently stands nobody is "just as equal as everybody else" in this regard.
    Not Even CLOSE.
    There's a big difference between the general relationship drama that you mention & not being able to EVEN HAVE a relationship.
    There's a big difference between having the luxury to deal with emotional turmoil in a relationship & having emotional turmoil that you may never HAVE a relationship.
    And here's some more for you to educate yourself on.
    Sometimes the small-sized guys get a relationship despite all of obstacles...
    ...AND STILL don't feel secure that they can keep it due to the general relationship ups & downs BUT ALSO the gripping fear that a woman may inevitably end the relationship over the penis size issue.
    She thought she could be OK with it but finds out that she's not.
    Not only do they go through the "playing you" "emotions" "drama" that you go through but they ALSO have other concerns unique to themselves that you do NOT have.
    They have to put on a brave face & pretend to be Superman when they're really unsure of themselves.
    They have to somehow hold their fears of rejection back so as not to worry their women while not totally discounting the real possibility of rejections from those women.
    They have to compete with her past mates sexually & worry that they may not inherently have what it takes to compete.
    They have to worry that their workarounds in the sexual act may not be enough to hold their women's interest.
    And if they somehow get past all that unscathed, then they have to worry about sexual connection after pregnancy.
    And pregnancies change women & the sexual relationships between mates in many ways.
    That's not even talking about blocking out the constant din of negative messages spread throughout the culture than whittle away at their self-confidence.
    That's not even talking about the ridicule they have to face if they fight this & try to defend themselves.
    From strangers, friends, & even family.
    There's so much I can go into.
    What you got matt2003 is billionaire's problems.
    And it's like a billionaire telling a homeless man that the billionaire has it about as rough as the homeless man.
    That's nonsense. Absolute nonsense.
    All problems are not equal. They're not even approximate.
    If you're REALLY sincere about learning about this issue, then do what I did for years & just listen & learn from the people who live this everyday.
    You're not helping these people with these comments & it shows your lack of empathy.
    You're rubbing it in their faces & playing a superiority game.
    If that's not your intention, then just simply listen. Ask sincere questions about the depths of these people's pain & put yourself in their shoes.
    The fact that you even have the OPTION to have casual sex & not be turned down means you exist in a bubble.
    It's hard for the advantaged to truly understand the disadvantaged.
    It's hard for the in-crowd to truly understand the outcast.
    Most advantaged from the in-crowd refuse to understand because they are afraid they would lose their status & power in that advantaged bubble.
    The ones who break that bubble & absorb the experiences of a disadvantaged outcast are rare & have developed the needed skill of empathy.
    Americans who complain about the city cutting off the water to work on the pipes live in a bubble that can't recognize the advantage of even HAVING the rarity of clean running water in the first place.
    Americans complaining about traffic jams live in a bubble that can't recognize the advantage of even HAVING an automated machine like a car instead of having to walk everywhere on foot.
    When you're spoiled it's hard to understand the hardscrabble.
    But the hardscrabble exist to keep you in check.
    To recalibrate yourself on what's REALLY important & to appreciate your advantages while wanting to increase the advantages of the hardscrabblers.
    Sometimes that billionaire has to give up his money for a little while & live on those streets so he won't get too comfortable in that bubble.
    If you're serious about learning this issue, recognize that you are the student & these men who live this are the teachers.
    Time to go to school matt2003.
    John Lucas
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    ba51th reacted to ShameOnThem in Big Dude here   
    Ok, I will proceed as if you are not trolling(though I'm still not completely convinced) and were genuine in your sympathy and ignorance.
    So why did I take offense to your post?
    The fact that having a giant penis doesn't magically make life perfect and happy is not one that is particularly useful to sufferers of SPS. If you read the posts here, you'd see that most of us really long to just be average or acceptable sexually to a woman, and we fear most being laughed at for being inadequate sexually. The problems that you describe "..emotions..drama..playing you...chances are they know other big dudes too..." are not specific to your situation, we have these problems PLUS our problems. So please understand if this help you're offering does us absolutely no good, and if your suggesting that men with below average and above average penises are on even ground in looking for long term relationships despite the obvious self-confidence issues we face and women's well documented general preference towards above average size just comes off as a great insult. Thanks, though, for "keeping it real," I had no idea that I should avoid women who only want one night stands because they will react negatively to my body. I'm so glad you are here to save us.
    The problems that come with having a big dick (ie. having so many sexual partners that use you just for sex that it become problematic, having such a large bulge that isn't hidden by your clothes and makes women stare and lust over you, etc.) can actually be very damaging to, and maybe even root causes of, the anxiety and mental issues that we suffer from. Frankly, we don't really want to "read some funny shit." We are on this board to improve our mental health first, and be kind to and enjoy eachother second. Some of the posts on this board are about serious mental health issues caused by our bodies, including suicide, so it's not a laughing matter at all for some of the people here. This idea that a perfect dick =/= a perfect life is clearly not as valuable as you think to someone who hates their dick and hates their life because of it, so maybe googling fictional big dick problem memes isn't the best medicine for someone with actual small dick anxiety, doc.
    this is really irrelevant and when coupled with your general tone just sounds like you are mocking us. Since I'm pretty good at picking up on social queues, I'm going to guess that you included this as a way to imply that you believe you have autism, probably because you are socially awkward, in which case I hope that these reasoned out ways in which you have completely botched empathy are helpful in your personal and professional development.
    Just because guys have a small dick does not mean they are rich, smart, or successful. Just because guys have a big dick doesn't mean that they aren't rich smart or successful(although I have found that being a troll does mean you have a big dick). I gather that you're still in college, so you're already better off than most of the people in the world and, rationally, on this board (because penis size doesn't directly correlate with anything). You say you are broke and barely get by, but you know that if you complete your degree, that you are taking on massive debt to achieve, you are going to have to go through med school which costs a shitload. I'd guess that you're doing this all so that one day you can pay off that debt and then be very well off a medical professional? So maybe it's possible that you really aren't that broke and your struggle is maybe insignificant compared to those who worry about where their child's next meal is coming from, much less where they'll be in 10 years? And I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that "pre-med" is one of the top entries on the "List of Undergraduate Party Panty-Peelers" right in front of "my studio apartment" and right behind "my Dad's yacht." So maybe it's possible that you're not as disadvantaged in your current relationship environment among peers as you might be suggesting? Obviously a lot of this is based off of my assumptions, but this entire post is based off the assumption you are being genuine, so we both may have to take the bad with the good.
    Jesus, dude, I hope you're only writing like this because you are being informal, otherwise your pre-med education is completely failing your grammar. You gotta tone down the ellipsis marks and ratchet up your comma usage. Also, yes we could believe that your dick is quite girthy, but the question remains whether we should. 8.5" is in the ~99% of all men, according to the most recent scientific study on the matter, so you have to understand how your claims could raise skepticism. And I would guess that if you started your last post about how you have an 8.5" penis you were probably flagged and deleted. My first post here went up immediately and had no issues.
    You don't know us. From what I've read here, some of us are not "great dudes." Some of us are so full of self-hatred and misogyny that, going only by what we say here, we want nothing but pain and misery in the world. Obviously, most of the people here are awesome dudes, and the ones who aren't yet have the potential to be if they can find inner peace, but you gotta understand(if only for the sake of your future patients) that this kind of tone comes off as patronizing. Also, having a body image issue or anxiety like SPS isn't even homosexual because it's about your body, and your implication that homosexual = something bad or undesirable is homophobic and offensive. Homophobia isn't cool, and there are some gay men on this board so please don't bring that weak ass shit in our house. If you truly care about helping people, first start by caring about how your words can hurt people.
    Look, I could probably keep going but I've proven my point. I'm a dick and I THINK you were wrong in your posts. I really hope you are genuine in your care for others, because this is the most important and scarce renewable resource on the planet, IMHO. I was purposefully antagonizing in this response because either you're a troll and deserve it or because(and this is the one I'm hoping for) you are genuine in your desire to help others and you need to learn that helping others must come from a selfless position. If you try to help others only because you like doing it, you may not realize that they don't want your help, don't need your help, and/or wouldn't be helped by your help. I think I clearly described why I THINK what you posted was not helpful to any of us who struggle with SPS. I hope that you possess the maturity to take criticism in to your person but not personally. Certainly, you can never expect a certain reaction(like gratitude) when you decide to help someone, especially when they don't request it, so if you're going to be help people professionally you should unfortunately get used to this disdainful tone.
    And if you've made it this far without saying, "fuck these ungrateful small dicked faggots, I'm gonna go sext back those chicks from my writing study group and never come back here again" then I want you to know how much I love you. You are a gem of a person because you care about others and you are willing to learn from others when they tell you they think you are wrong, even if they may be wrong and are definitely being a total douche about it. I hope you stick around if you think you have something to gain from or add to this community, but if you think that is going to begin and end with your big dick and your big dick life experiences than this probably isn't for you. We need understanding and compassion badly, on this board and in society, but the big dick perspective has been hammered into our brains by our culture enough already, so trust me when I say that nobody here needs to google it.
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    ba51th reacted to ShameOnThem in Big Dude here   
    What did you hope to accomplish by sharing this perspective of yours, Matt?
    I'm going to hope that this is just some high level trolling that will get deleted eventually, because no genuine person should be this obliviously insensitive. If you were being serious in your attempt at empathy, or if you want to take your trolling to the next level, I can respond with how you are wrong / take the troll bait, but if this is a joke trying to make us feel more uncomfortable in a space dedicated to our mental healing, well, then fuck you, sir.
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    ba51th reacted to dvnJ22 in A girl here--is that allowed?   
    Women are incapable of loving men like me, and many here.
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    ba51th reacted to dvnJ22 in What if?   
    STFU. Jesus fucking christ it's average. Your mocking everyone here with this.
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    ba51th reacted to Wastedlife in What if?   
    I didn't decide anything. Fate decided for me when it put me in a world where man with large penises get worshiped by women/society and ones with small penises are constant punch lines in small penis jokes, also a reality where you need large penis for best sex...
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    ba51th reacted to Wastedlife in Inspirational stuff   
    You cant transform your life for the better when you got below average penis. You can try compensating for it by excelling in other avenues life has to offer but at the end of the day when you have to look in the mirror naked and you see a pathetic little worm its all useless.
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    ba51th reacted to Wastedlife in Inspirational stuff   
    I don't see how this applies to wanting a big penis and not being able to have sex because of it...sex is not a rational reaction, its a need placed on you by something that you cannot control...if you cant have sex now or in the future then you will worry and its not something you can just brush off like it was fucking yesterdays newspaper...
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    ba51th reacted to Bundy in Why do women compare the two...   
    It's not just women, I hear men with average or bigger penises say the same shit.
    I know a lot of guys who are especially into small breasts, around A or B cup. Even If you look at porn, there is a respectable amount of material of women like that, any decent looking woman with smaller breasts still can get the satisfaction out of the fact that many men are genuinely attracted to her, and it's also not some weird fetish thing. Now let's compare porn with small guys, 90% of which the material is about humiliation and degradation, shit, even the comments under those videos are usually vicious as fuck towards small guys. Also, if a woman REALLY hates her breast so much, that it's ruining her life, she still has the option of breast surgery, which is an extremely well-developed field of cosmetic medicine. Usually people with these kind of problems won't be really much happier either after the operation, just saying that at least the option is there for those who feel really miserable about this, while everything in this field about penises is completely underdeveloped.
    A while ago I kind of developed the problem that I really can't get enjoyment out of these videos, since all guys are massively bigger than me, and I just can't bear wading through a sea of humiliation porn before I get something with a guy around my size. And even then, they are still usually always bigger than me. Again, can't see someone with a decent sized dick able to "understand" what I'm going through.
    This reminds me of this South Park episode; where the moral was than of the main characters, Stan, cannot understand how one of his classmates, Token, feels, when someone drops the N-bomb. Stan tried to understand what a black person feels when he/she hears the word nigger, but he simply can't because he is an average white, american boy. To me, this is the exact same situation. It pisses me off when someone seriously tries to tell me that they know how I'm feeling, because I'm sure they fucking don't. Do you know what it's like to be confronted with the fact that in modern western society, as a guy with a small penis, you are nothing more than a joke on a nearly constant basis, day for day, constantly thinking about finally putting an end to your miserable existence or going on a killing spree and making all these motherfuckers pay who turned you into a psychotic and enraged misanthrope.
    The only kind of women that I think understands this situation are genuinely ugly women, because I would assume they know what it feels like when society constantly shits on them.
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    ba51th reacted to dvnJ22 in I have suicidal thoughts because of a small penis   
    yeah that's not true lol
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    ba51th reacted to dvnJ22 in "What should be done about us?" A heartfelt question.   
    Delusions of grandeur.
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    ba51th reacted to Wastedlife in Does it really matter in the long run?   
    Well I mean I love to be part of this great talking point you guys present and I hope it works out for you...If you can have small penis, be alone but somehow fulfilled in life by doing things that don’t involve sex or relationships then more power to you. I really wish you all the best.
    But for me only time I’m really happy is when I’m having sex with a girl I like, and I know if I had a girl that I love and loves me back (this must include good sex)my motivation in life to achieve things would be 1000% higher then it is now. I will never find a girl that i'm attracted to that will accept this small penis and that's were it all ends. Talking and wishful thinking is meaningless in my world because i see what i see and base my conclusions of facts not make believe.
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    ba51th reacted to dvnJ22 in Having Nothing to live for, committing suicide in December for my miniature penis   
    Who cares if it isn't helpful
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    ba51th reacted to dvnJ22 in Having Nothing to live for, committing suicide in December for my miniature penis   
    They don't like to tell the truth here.
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    ba51th reacted to littleonehiding in Having Nothing to live for, committing suicide in December for my miniature penis   
    Trust me its easier to say for anyone who doesn't have a micro mini mi penis. Less than a damn mini snickers bar. It's not something that you can just say it will get better, it will get better. Reality is, its not going to and to brush it off is not really helping. This is a huge physical defect FIRST that affects you psychologically second. I have already mentioned people laughing at me from my shorts, my shorts and my pants! Even from a lady who has like 7 kids with 2 being adopted!!! Are you freaking kidding me! I was going to wreck my car and die that day on the side of the road. I am here to speak the truth in reality as it goes on until I vanish my soul off of the face of the earth this December. It's unlucky I didn't live in the past where my mini mi micro penis would have been a non issue or in the year 2100 where you can have cells to grow a good penis. It's unfortunate and I have been unfortunate all of my life. Even if I try to forget about it, it won't last more than a couple of days because mini mi is always with me and reminds me now of a greater hope, like going to heaven, a better life that I can have in my afterlife. I have been coping and trying to deal with this for too too long most of my life for 2 decades now two! It's time I give my self hope and the only thing that will give me any bright light is picturing my self in heaven in the afterlife.
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    ba51th reacted to littleonehiding in Having Nothing to live for, committing suicide in December for my miniature penis   
    Irma, I am not necessarily blaming women, just how society has come to be today in an oversexed world that's not going to get better but worse from the exposure of more and more sex. I along with others who truly have a miniature penis are the ones that have been paying the price, shamed, ridiculed, embarrassed, you name it. I am only talking because sex is a NECESSARY part of life. If I can't have sex because of the society today in order for me to function and live properly as a human being then what's the point in living knowing you will ALWAYS be rejected. I have a better chance at winning the lottery than finding a woman who can accept what I have and marry me and the chances of finding the right women only decrease. 1 in a million today will be 1 in 10 million in a couple of years.Finding a woman today that's grown up from exposure to society's ways today is impossible, it's not like finding a needle in a haystack, it's like chasing a dream, an illusion, something that doesn't exist, if you were trying to find the needle in a haystack more and more hay is being stacked on everyday. Talking about me going to other side after I die, has started to give me a greater peace of mind knowing all I have through and my suffering on a daily bases will come to an end. At least I have hope in the afterlife that I will never have here on earth as I have experienced it.
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