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  1. Small victory

    @lostboy1 It's probably best you start up a new thread on Small Penis vs Small Penis Syndrome & we can discuss things there. I read some of the journal article & i find it very dubious as to how the findings were summarised. I don't have much more to add on the topic without getting technical & esoteric.
  2. Small victory

    Thank you for clarifying my position here. I wasn't offended by the thread or series of posts. I just found the brief exchange the OP shared with Griz warranted a decisive response & as usual i had to be the bad guy. i do understand that the desire for a larger penis can be persistent in some normal sized guys & it warrants attention. They have every right to air their troubles regarding it. Since most of the normal sized guys on here have taken the trouble to admit they are normal sized I simply wanted to return the favor & remind them that by doing this what they suffer from is not a 1) medical condition 2) a belief or 3) a delusion. It is in more shallow waters than that. I have no doubt that they are bothered by their size. I am not claiming otherwise. But i feel that in an attempt to welcome our counterparts with open arms we have muddied the well needed lines between us which add add perspective to our so called victories & defeats in everyday life. I remember years ago sps was frequently compared to anorexia by one particular member. That none of the sufferers were ever fat beyond following a certain poundage of weight loss. But because they believed they were fat, it fuelled a whole host of delusions which caused more erratic & continuous starvation than in normal obese women. This its in the mind not the body narrative was subsequently pushed here. However, a fundamental & obligatory requirement to anorexia or any body dismorphic disorder is a firm unwavering belief in that they are physically inadequate (regardless of the nominal range in which they fit). Therapy is acutely aimed to challenge this belief & this can take years, with poor success rates & high relapse rates. But the difference between the good people of this sub-forum & legitimate BDD sufferers is that in most cases they don't even believe they have a small penis, since they declare this matter occasionally. With no belief of a physical shortcoming how can there be a meaningful delusion? There can't. And with no delusion we are left with weak & fragmented notions that they just need to be bigger. Now, for anyone who does suffer from that, you have a home here. Clearly you can't be likened to people who are dandy with their genital formation. Anyway lostboy1, I hope I haven't waffled on here. I was just trying to stand up for you. I know you weren't being picked on but i did sense some frustration on your part which stems from this "equal misery" notion which is bullshit in my opinion. I am dearly sorry for hijacking the thread. Well done to the OP for feeling adequate with his wife.
  3. Small victory

    @lostboy1 If people with normal sized penises have a right to complain about their size complexes, you have a right to distinguish between an actual small penis and what is essentially a mental impairment on their part. I hope my comments aren't recieved harshly, but when I consider that the former group (just like the OP) candidly state they're not actually small - I'm sure I'm not pointing out anything unusual. People like you (& myself) have actual physical impairments and this is why normal sized sps sufferers will never, ever, under any circumstance experience what we do. It is apples & oranges. We are not in the same boat we're not even in the same lake. So you have every right to draw this distinction. Not to beat this to death but imagine a an average looking girl who feels ugly. It would be one thing if she truly believed it, but if she's able to candidly admit she's average looking then it isn't even a belief! & compare her to a genuinely ugly girl. Their lives & limitations would be completely different. They don't even have the same disorder. One's grievance is born of a genuine physical shortcoming whilst the other is probably displacing something else or wants to be "very" pretty. When you consider that she's actually able to admit she's "average looking" then it's curious as to how deeply rooted & widely spread her mental/emotional grief is. I'll give you a clue - not very. Again - I am not trying to say that even the average guys couldn't benefit from a little bit more cockage, but once they admit they are normal sized then I find it difficult to sympathise. That by definition isn't a delusion. It's not a belief. So it isn't deeply rooted. Thus it can't be widespread (mentally/emotionally). It's just a guy who wants more.
  4. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Good to see you're hanging in there.
  5. My so called life

    Reads? Whoa. This here be the flicks section. Book stand down the hall to your right.
  6. me....

    Isn't that closer to reality than the opposite?
  7. me....

    That isn't a bad thing for adults. There's nothing wrong with being toughened up.
  8. My so called life

    I saw this too I liked it. Something similar I liked was The big short (2015). More outdoorsy but also based on the '08 recession. Strong cast too.
  9. My so called life

    @YOTH Thanks for the response. Yeah idk - well I fucked myself up a little bit & it was a real nightmare. It's like I was driving along some shaky road on the cliffside and out of nowhere I fall off the edge. The car is tumbling down the side - fucking me up a little every time is smashes into some protruding rock and ... I'm loving it. I don't know up from down or left from right, but somehow I need to land somewhere safetly. I don't know.
  10. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    @Klingsor I know how you feel - I wouldn't expect you to feel any other way actually & you know what I think about buttered up shit. I hope things somehow improve for you.
  11. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    I always feel drained & lethargic. My every waking moment I am tired & this does not change with exercise, rest or meals. Late to this topic.
  12. Screeching Baby

    @YOTH Leg it lol. It sounds intense. I hope the screeching stage passes. Have you tried exchanging him for a new one? Or tried downloading non - screech - patches?
  13. My so called life

    Self Harm Update So, I've been desperately trying to address my self harming addiction & there have been developments. 2 weeks ago the penny dropped & I was forced to confront my mental state - and how it pertains to my life. I've been lucky enough to make some changes as they relate to my driving forces towards self harm. Since putting them into practice I have not self harmed, and my drive or addiction seems to be more controllable. I don't know what the future holds & i understand that the prognosis is never good in regard to relapse. But i'm serious about addressing these issues because the progression of my addiction, since it's onset, was aggressive. I was blindsided and was consumed by it immediately. I'm not pretending to have the answers because I don't. I'm just trying to slow done my plunge into darkness. Self harming is truly a dark place because it symbolizes a conscious instinct to self destruct. My world is still dark and glum but that's nothing new.
  14. My so called life

    @YOTH Did you watch the ufc card? I watched 3 of the fights. It was meh. LLooking forward to next month - Khabib vs Ferguson. Dana said that Conor will be stripped "when the first punch in thrown". That is so stupid. They should strip him during fight week - make a whole production out of it.