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  1. Not sure why I can’t stand my mum

    Hi Jess I read your post & to begin with I'd like to reiterate what @Victimorthecrime said. It seems as though your mum is coming on in age so it might be best that you don't let her know this resentment that you harbour. She might hold it in & it would be awfully difficult to take back. I'm no expert so take what i say mildly. To me it seems that your dislike of her stems from the fact that you outgrew her so quickly. And by this you feel as though you have outdone her. This alone wouldn't create your frustration towards her. I think there's something holding you back in life, which also held her back too. It's this similarity i believe, that causes you to resent her because it reminds you that no matter how much you outgrow her, you will be equally as limited as her in at least one, but essential department. On some level you associate this attribute with her subdued/submissive behavior, and so it pisses you off that your zest for life carries you no further than her (in this department) despite her disinterest in life. In reality, you're angry at yourself & more particularly that this attribute remains unchanged despite your efforts to be productive. She is a clear mirror to the characteristic/s that cause this anger. Do you look like her? If you adress these issues your anger with her might subside. Just my thoughts. Tc
  2. will I ever get better?

    Hi Gobey. I love cats ♡
  3. I'm sorry to hijack the thread @johnlucas You've made some interesting observations. I read your posts eagerly & appreciated the content. @lostboy1 I agree with your notion that sps runs deeply, and is rooted in all sorts of areas of our psyches & lives. I suppose the BDD would interact with sps which could make aggressive sexual assertions counterproductive & potentially disastrous! @YOTH As above mate @InLuvWspsMAN Hope it's going reasonably well!
  4. So how would one fix stupidity?

    @Obsolete Sometimes i feel like the same. Talk to me about math, physics, engineering & you'll let back uhms & ahs. I suppose we all have a subject or situation in which we are within our elements too. I have a neighbour who's son is autistic & attends a "special" school. Many years ago he took to swimming & he has been winning national tournaments. I believe he will be participating in the Olympics. I'm not saying we're all world beaters, but i think we're all good at something. Put this kid in the classroom & he's quiet. Put him in a pool & he's a poet.
  5. @johnlucas You clearly put a lot of effort into your post
  6. Diet/Gym/Health/Sanity

    Yeah I don't do drugs. Smoked pot twice & felt like Pablo Escobar.
  7. @InLuvWspsMAN I'm no relationship expert but if he's worth it to you maybe try to be patient? Men & women are fundamentally different, accepting that might be a good first step. The self love mantra is lovely, but ultimately it seems to be more of a feminine philosophy than a masculine. Maybe tell him the ultimate white lie - that his size is a perfect fit for you. Good luck!
  8. My so called life

    @Smallbeans0 I have heard about the deep fried mars bars but have never tried them. Maybe I need to give one a go with that sort of review? Yeah the new years is probably the best time for a change so profound. Plus your hours sound brutal. Is it a long commute? You remind me of my brother a little actually. He does similar hours & loves running.
  9. My so called life

    @Smallbeans It's a cruel affliction and I've been enduring it for as long as memory serves. My hamartia is chip shop food. Running is a great workout. So you have that going for you. I hope your diet goes well for you when you start it mate. Best wishes & keep us posted!
  10. My so called life

    It's going well so far thanks. I managed to visit an alternative medicine store to get help with my appetite issues before I got started. Basically I am normally always hungry Once I felt my appetite was under control I started my diet. Since then, I have been eating less without having to feel hungry. That's important to me. I probably eat close to a half of my initial calorie consumption on a normal day while having maybe 2/3rds on a bad day. I'm losing the belly fat - it looks like I'm approximately half way there, give or take. Have you managed to start your diet? I think the most important thing is feeling comfortable/happy. If a diet is a part of that then great. If not, it's better to be a few pounds overweight and be happy than to be starving & miserable.
  11. My so called life

    Thanks but this is so embarrassing to read back!
  12. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    3 sounds like a good number. I currently have 1, but as you pointed out i find friends to be a distraction (in person). Quite a burden to go out & spend money when I'd rather be at home. But they are a blessing too.
  13. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    How many friends you got?!