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  1. Hi Branje, My experience is just not giving a fak about anyone or anything and drinking/taking drugs to forget everything, but that's not the best way to handle the situation I guess. I've told my girlfriend about my problems, which she couldn't really understand because she didn't feel that way about me. I think it's really important to talk about your problems with people you trust, they will most likely try to help you the best way they can and it will probably be a major relieve for you to not feel so 'alone with your thoughts' anymore. You're still quite young, so I guess the sooner you talk about it with somebody, the sooner you maybe come to a solution for, or a way to handle your problems. Good luck mate!
  2. "We don't even ask happiness, just a little less pain."
  3. "By the Power and Authority Vested In Me As A Statistically Average Penis" Whether you have a normal small, a very small or a microscopical small penis, people will indeed fuck you up when they get the change. But there is certainly something to say for wanting a normal small instead of a microscopical small one. I also worked in health care and I think what you refer to as normal small is actually just normal, so yeah, I would go for normal small. Little story to lift the spirits: I had an old guy with a very small penis as a patient once. He was in his eighties and diagnosed with cancer. After nursing him for two weeks you could see he was nearing his end. I've never seen a more friendly and joyful guy in my life. He had his wife and two beautiful daughters at his side the moment he died. Never once did he seem to care that he had a small penis, even though he was being nursed by some females as well. I guess what I want to say is that there is still hope for us and that maybe, with a bit of luck, we will find our soulmates and we will die happy thoughts. And we will drink some more beer and we will sob ourselves to sleep. Je te dis adieu!
  4. Pretty dumb if you ask me. Stupid video. Yesterday I saw a program about vaginismus. Same story, different gender. Try finding a girl who's got that as a condition.
  5. retsuud

    lost and miserable

    Hi adej. Do you still use drugs? Why do you think you became full of self-hatred? Only because your boss called you a schizophrenic, or are there other reasons?
  6. retsuud


    Don't really know. People do things all the time; stupid things, friendly things, things out of anger, things out of fear, things with or without a purpose, meaningful things, meaningless things, joyful things, hurting things etc. etc., but let's just say you felt like doing it. It remains a thing that you did. Now let's take the fact that I put this poem on this thread. The poem itself doesn't represent anything other than written words, and of course the true meaning behind it by the original writer (that to this point remains a mystery to me so i'll forget that part for the ease of it). Only reading the poem gives it a purpose for one's self. Spreading it gives it a purpose on itself. The poem becomes a goal and get's a meaning. What that meaning is, only I can say for I was the one putting the poem online. The meaning I wanted to give it could be anything, but it's totally unimportant. What's way more interesting is the reaction the poem creates. It could be three things. A person reacts to the purpose of the poem, a person reacts to the meaning given to the poem or a person reacts in a more random way, not exactly clear whether it's on either one of them. All three are reactions and all three have equal meanings.. good, bad or whatever. But, let me stop the gibberish and make this very clear. I like all those reactions, as they give me a voice. They prove my words go to ones ears, or in this case, to ones eyes. They make me feel like I myself have some sort of a meaning. And I want to thank you guys for that. So, I don't really know what the meaning was for me putting it online (maybe the simplicity, maybe the complexity or maybe both), but hey, that's a meaning in itself don't you agree?
  7. retsuud


    Nannies were lining up for him, but no matter how hard the little billy tried, he entered nada.
  8. retsuud


    That goat will forever be in my memory. But I ask myself, would the goat be any happier knowing there are still people thinking about him and that little junk in his trunk?
  9. retsuud


    The Secret don’t worry, nobody has the beautiful lady, not really, and nobody has the strange and hidden power, nobody is exceptional or wonderful or magic, they only seem to be it’s all a trick, an in, a con, don’t buy it, don’t believe it. the world is packed with billions of people whose lives and deaths are useless and when one of these jumps up and the light of history shines upon them, forget it, it’s not what it seems, it’s just another act to fool the fools again. there are no strong men, there are no beautiful women. at least, you can die knowing this and you will have the only possible victory. Charles Bukowski
  10. Hi resolute, I did leave the forum for a while indeed. Not doing so well lately. There are many feelings shivering through my body and lately I'm doing the wrong things to suppress them. How are you doing?
  11. Welcome To Society. Welcome to society, We hope you enjoy your stay, And please feel free to be yourself, As long as it's in the right way, Make sure you love your body, Not too much or we'll tear you down, We'll bully you for smiling, And then wonder why you frown, We'll tell you that you're worthless, That you shouldn't make a sound, And then cry with all the others, As you're buried in the ground, You can fall in love with anyone, As long as it's who we choose, And we'll let you have your opinions, But please shape them to our views, Welcome to society, We promise that we won't deceive, And one more rule now that you're here, There's no way you can leave. Eric Hanson
  12. You are right, we don't deserve so much ridiculing. But in my opinion, doing the exact same thing that has caused you so much pain to somebody else doesn't get you anywhere. It's just fucked up. I'm sad to the bone. Maybe there isn't any solution to anyone of us. Maybe we really don't have a place on this earth. I have so much trouble speaking out about my problems. And I really have the feeling that there are people that care about me, that want to know what the hell is going on with me, but I just can't answer their questions. I've become this person that I really didn't want to become, but it just happened. So what should I do? I know for a fact that some people around me care about me, so ending my life seems pretty unfair. Also, I don't want to end my life because I think it can be beautiful. But stress, anger and sadness push me in all kinds of directions so that I don't see some bright future anymore. Do I have to tell somebody? Do I really need to go through all the shaming just so that I can tell somebody about my problems? Ending a life seems way more easier.
  13. And what do you find most offending then; the song by itself or the fact that is has a view rate of over 2mln? I think the woman is being honest. She's one of those that doesn't care about size at all. She dated aguy with a small one for a long time. This says it all, right? When it isn't a problem for her (and she really believes so), it's quite logic that she can't understand why it would be a problem for you (I see now how it could even be insulting to partners in a really weird way). I don't think you can blame people for their ignorance, jokes will be made about everything and everyone.
  14. I think it has more to do with searching for validation to why you always feel bad for yourself. I think some of you guys need those comments to feel alive. How can you read such an article and be angry about it? How can you not see through the shallowness, the bullshit, the whatnot etc.? - Owning a mustang.. - Being mean to animals.. - A man with a small penis lets his vehicle serve as his penis.. - If a man is constantly having drama with his friends, or bitching to you about the stresses of his everyday life.. (sounds like my typical working friends) This is some high class fucking bullshit. But then again, so is that whole site and the people commenting underneath.
  15. I see you're part of the commenting crew as well?
  16. Why? Because I don't always agree with what's said here? Written words are just as much words as spoken ones. Otherwise, why is there always discussion about something some unknown person says on the webz? Generalization is fucked up.
  17. Just like this part of the community should be avoided by women.
  18. No, a lolly will suit you better.
  19. Or maybe a nice cold beer?
  20. Ok, good for you! You want to have a lolly with that?
  21. Can you please quit the stupid lines? It's messing up my beautiful topic about having phantom limb sensations. You're familiar with the subject?
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