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  1. My son and ex has moved in with the man "big enough to satisfy her" it's only till the court case for parental rights is In court. Anyway he has two kids that are bullying my son. They are the same age one younger. They caught him doing a wee and according to my son got themselves hard and showed off. Yeah teenagers gross. Anyway he said the boy told him he's 5 1/4 inches erect (average adult) and he told them he's size which they had seen flaccid. They have been bullying my son for he's penis size. They worse thing is my wife's partner dead beat partner joins in and so does my ex wife who said "just like his dad". So anyway has anyone ever faced such bullying and Know any comebacks. For my son Sorry haven't been on here lot of divorce stuff.
  2. For anyone that has kids you would know how many things make you worry for them. After my life that has gone down the drain in the last couple of months I happen to be worrying for my son who is smaller than me. He's 16 but nearly 17 he has finished puberty and I am worried about whether he will be able to hold down a relationship and have a nice quality of life. On the internet the hate is so bad I am worried for his rights. In the future will their be some sort of small penis law for men under 4.5 inches no reproduction, warning badge or even imprisonment. The hatred is getting nearer and nearer to this obviously it won't be in any of our lifetimes but possible my son or grandsons.
  3. I think my penis only became a problem after she started seeing the partner.
  4. I will not be living in an apartment As I rent off my parents who own a number of properties my wife however is a different story
  5. Again I would like to thank you all so much for your support. I wish I would have come here sooner rather than later. I came here when my life hit an all time low (this week).
  6. This is my latest thread from the last one I made please post here
  7. Asked my wife whether she had cheated on me with her ex partner who has a 5.25 inch erect penis and she told me outright "what did you expect me to do just fake my organism with you pathetic miniature penis" I have decided I am going to divorce her after 20 years of marriage. The last 3 months she has been proud to humiliate me and my penis. Insults during sex "is it in" she has been having sex with her ex partner for the last 4 months. I asked her what do you expect from a man she said a "average 5-5.5 inch penis" I then asked her what more do you want she said a non anorexic man (I am quite skinny). To be honest I glad Im getting her out of my life she is just a toxic person. She has been so mean in the last months insulting me all the time well I'm glad I'm leaving her. My second paragraph is on my friends my life has been made worse by these so called friends. All my friends are 5inches to 5.5 inches and they have been sending me abuse about my penis after my wife told one of them my size at a dinner party. Although they have almost stopped now. Thirdly I'm pissed off at the internet. I have been reading forums and all the girls are like under 4.5 is *** *** ****** and then countless under 4.5 is this and that. Fourthly I'm pissed off at mums forums like netmums and mumsnet the same as the other forums just you expect better for mothers. Lastly I'm worried for my son he is 16 and done puberty (looks like a man) he is small like me. He heard my wife and me arguing. Now I looked at the search history and he was searching up about penis size. I talked to him cause he has not been himself and he is small (same size as me half an inch smaller) I explained 5-5.5 is average and I said "never let anyone put you down because they can only do that if you let them". A Roosevelt said that (not sure which one) he said he knew he had a small penis etc . However I'm worried for him in the future what are they going to do in the future stop him reproducing or even worse. Finally I would like to thank you guys and the people that stand up for people like us. No one should be picked on no matter what. Ps message me if you want to know what the girl said its not swear or anything but I just think is really offensive.
  8. I love my wife very much but are relationship seems to be going downhill quite quickly she is acting quite funny for some reason I don't know why. She has been saying things like "I need someone to clean out the gutters" she asked me yesterday if I would be okay with her having sex with an ex partner why I asked her furiously she said because he's man unlike you the partner I was talking about has a 5.25 inch average sized penis, How can I compete with that. Anyway my wife is not talking to me I'm paranoid that she has already cheated on me with this guy. She said a month ago she had the best sex she ever had with him. She then said out of every man I have had sex with the largest as 5.75. I asked her about him and she said it was a tad too big as it hurt her. Then I asked her who was the smallest she said outright you. The wife I have had in the last couple of months is not the one I know and love. She is becoming a real bitch to me. My life has been hitting and all time low I have been constantly on the net. I would just like to thank you for your support and time. I am going to ask my wife is she has cheated on me tonight will let you guys know.
  9. My wife says I'm unsatisfying but I haven't told her about my friends they sort of stopped it now. It's amazing how if it was any other issue they would have not laughed but with penises it's okay to laugh.
  10. no my Son got his genes from my side of the family if you get what I mean but your right about genes but what will they do to my son and other men below 4.5 inches in the future stop them reproducing believe me the way some people talk it would not surprise me if they go that way
  11. After reading this I Am worried for my son he is small like me under 4 inches. I honestly believe they will not let men under 4.5 inches to reproduce or even worse.
  12. Have to say never heard the 6 inches one always been 5 inches. But you are right, I think one of the biggest problem is not women it's the guys above 5inches that spread the most hate. Particularly the guys in average 5-6 range they seem to make the most small penis jokes and hate. As for the woman the majority "say size doesn't matter but.. If he's not at least 4.5 inches than I would laugh it's all just not needed. I have actually found the extremely big 7 inches plus don't spread much hate. At the moment I'm scared for my son he is going to small like me he's 16 and is about 1.25 inches flaccid (accidentally walked in the bathroom) he's going to have so many problems when he's gets older unless attitudes change to small men. Of the females 90% say anything under 5 is unsatisfying 5% say under 4.5 is unsatisfying and the are the ones who truly say size doesn't matter. The majority of the girls on online forums say that. You get the crazy ones that say under 7 i think they were lied to by their previous partner who claimed to be 7 but was 5. And they didn't measure. But small penis hate is growing I was looking online one girl said men with 5-6 inches should get a badge with good written on it. She said that men with 6 inches plus should get a badge saying excellent. She then said 5-4.5 inchers should get a badge with okay on and below 4.5 should get a badge saying "unsatisfying" . Every one on here would get unsatisfying including me. I worry for my son what will the law be then all men below 4.5 can not reproduce. I believe they way small penis hate is going we will end up like this.
  13. True but average is somewhere between 5-5.5 so anyone their is lucky
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