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  1. dvnJ22, leaving an open-minded woman like that would be horrible advice. I've posted this before: having a little penis is a big problem, but having a rigid, uncreative view of happiness is almost as bad.
  2. I've given this question a lot of thought, and I've also thought more generally about the question of "surplus males". What I mean by that term is men who, for whatever reason, aren't viewed by women as sexually desirable. Now that women have more say in who their partners are, it really does seem that a small proportion of men are doing most of the fucking. They're the rich, handsome, well-hung, etc. This is not sustainable; the rest of us end up pretty miserable. Indeed, the surplus male community is the source of virtually all the "lone gunman" types who are causing so much trouble in the USA right now. I had a woman flat-out tell me that most men should be castrated like horses or dogs. I've had multiple women tell me that they've aborted a nascent "one night stand" when their potential partner revealed his subpar penis. It's hard to imagine anything more demoralizing, but it was all good fun for my girlfriends. All of these women would have been horrified if I'd disparaged an ethnic group, or homosexuals. Somehow, sexual inadequacy is one of the last remaining frontiers where mockery of someone based on something uncontrollable and genetic is OK. So what can be done? Well, I actually wouldn't dismiss the castration thing. Eunuchs are a part of our cultural heritage. Transexuals are becoming a part of it. For those surplus males who do remain intact, I think the best approach is to accept one's role in the sexual landscape. It takes three participants of three very different sorts to make a cuckold humiliation video. People on this forum seem to dismiss that sort of thing as disgusting, or at least to dismiss the pleasure that the cuckolded third of the sex act experiences. I don't think that's right. In fact, I regularly see posts on this forum coming from men who are actively trying to fight their own cuckold / size humiliation fantasies. What is the point of that? If you're built for a role genetically, and deep down it excites you, why fight it? Just look at it as an opportunity to share a pleasurable experience with a beautiful blonde woman and a sexy, well-hung black man. Sounds like a fun time to me... and the humiliation and derision aren't real hatred. It's just a game. And think about this: the blonde housewife and the black dude railing her are just as typecast and stereotyped as you are. What if black dude really wants to be cuckolded and humiliated? Being the stud all the time gets old, too. Trust me on that.
  3. Soy products are known to feminize men, so that would probably help. Depending on your body type, you might end up with some rockin' man boobs too.
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