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  1. I certainly hope that no did himself in. Talk here!!!!!! Men these das have been brainwashed by both the media and porn industry to believe that penis size, rather than character, is he truest gauge of manhood All of you smaller guys are okay! Trust me, you are. Hang on.
  2. I don't know if this applies to anyone here, but the amount of weight a man carries can also have a big visual impact on the penis. Specifically, a thick fat pad surrounding the penis can either create an "innie" or cause an inch or more to be buried,
  3. I am gay with a foot in both worlds, (gay and straight) and I feel that your take on this sensitive issue depends on the angle you come at it. In other words, I’ve talked to many average straight and gay men and it seems that both sides (GENERALLY speaking) love sex, and are not usually looking for a committed, loving relationship. No, they want raw, kinky, highly stimulating and gratifying sex with no strings attached. Men are men! Many, (on both sides) sometimes refer to "ltr," which I used to interpret in old-fashioned terms as meaning "Longterm committed, loving relationship," but I soon found out it generally means "some sexual arrangement of several weeks or more". So there are 2 relationship worlds: One based almost solely on sex parts and kinkyness; the other on Love. For those subscribing to the former, your penis will be treated like an object; graded on length, girth etc.. If it doesn’t measure up, you will…coldly be rejected. On the other hand, when a guy/gal or guy/guy come at it from a love and commitment perspective, the penis attributes are irrelevant. No kidding!
  4. I feel that the media's representation of men has a lot to do with the extreme loathing some men have acquired about their penises. In my estimation 3", 4", 6" are nt bad sizes. And so...any partner who thinks less of you becase of size is deinitely not in it for love. Oh sre, guys with big ones attract more sexual partners, bu that's about it.
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