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  1. I don't think I could ever be at ease mentally. I'll always have doubts, at least that's what I anticipate. Especially if it's from someone who I'm emotionally involved with, there's the bias of their love to make me question their encouraging words. Looking at the big picture in regards to a relationship, I know it's silly. But idk, even overall, I don't feel that I meet anyone's standards
  2. Hate having a 4" erect penis

    Well this is an old post lol, been a while since I posted here. But reading your experience of just the mechanics of sex, makes me me think about how my experience will go. I'm also 5'5", maybe a quarter of an inch more, penis is 5inches. I really need to consider how things will go, you say you have no room for back and forth motion, I can't imagine I will have much luck either in that regard.
  3. Exactly what I think when women say "it's his you use it". I mean, if you're indeed able to wiggle around and hit at different angles, is that necessarily a good thing? Meanwhile a bigger guy can get every spot with basic in and out penetration.
  4. the awful caveat

    I fear for my future sons (assuming I have any). I don't want them to deal with this feeling. A life with your masculinity and sexual self worth constantly being doubted, questioned, and ridiculed, is one I don't wish upon anyone. ... except my worst enemies of course, because it's indeed that fuckin bad.
  5. Exactly. Funny when this is discussed, girls always say "I'd rather have a skilled average/smaller one, than a big one who can't fuck" So the big fella has to be awful for me to be the preference huh? Well that's encouraging.... Whenever they come to the defense of smaller guys, it's always the big guy who is assumed to lack skill in the hypothetical scenario
  6. Big Penis is no big deal!

    The tone of that passage is too up beat to be legit. Because outside of some embarrassment for being dependent on your lady, you seem to be having a grand ol' time. But, whether you're real or a troll. Your words are appreciated, at least momentarily.
  7. Oficial Measure

    I was not aware that. Thanks for the enlightenment
  8. Oficial Measure

    For length, I've only measured how much I think goes in during sex, so I think BP is irrelevant. For girth, I've always just measured the thickest part.
  9. sex drive?

    I'm with you on that. If I could just not care about sex, that would be fantastic. Luckily, I'm really into playing basketball,watching sports, and sports video games. When I'm playing basketball, watching basketball, or just keeping up with the stats on the app, for those moments, my sps doesn't exist (along with the many negative thoughts and insecurities I have). Hell, for those moments, I might as well not even have a penis. The happiness, passion, energy, and pure joy I get out of watching and playing sports, will most likely be better than anything I will ever experience sexually. And if that's the case, then I'm completely fine with it.
  10. Womens' Porn

    As far as I know it is. Or was.
  11. Womens' Porn

    I've seen enough porn to know that this is only partially true. Depending on the male talents they are able to cast, they will go for the handsome stud with a size that leans a bit towards average, over the less attractive guy with a larger one. But if they can get an actor with both, they sign him up in a heart beat. I noticed this during my streak of watching porn made by "Passion hd". The guy would either be handsome with a large penis, or handsome with what appeared to be an inch or two above average (6-7 inches) They may have incorporated some things to appeal to male audience since I last watched. But I'm sure there's plenty of scenes to be found that follow this trend
  12. bipolar small penis syndrome

    I'd be too embarrassed to bring it up to a therapist.
  13. What Size Penis Would You Like?

    I'd love to be 9.5x6.5 Seems like a bit much, but if I'm able to choose only once, I'm leaving no room for regret.
  14. What do you guys think about this?

    I've read about positions to help get the most out of a smaller size. Haven't tested any, but I'm skeptical. One thing they never really touch on, is how they work with women of different sizes. For example- I doubt that laying flat position would be an option if the girl is bigger in the butt and thighs. I've heard doggy can also possibly be ineffective with a chunkier gal.