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  1. I am a female who prefers a smaller size penis . Smaller equals more fun and excitement for me. I dread the thought of pain. My husband is not small but i wish he was. If he were smaller, i would enjoy sex more and would have it more frequently. My ex had a small size. He would not let me see it, because he was so shy. But he was my "fit". If you have a small penis, dont let it bother you. Every girl is different and we all like different things. Love and appreciate yourself. Nothing is wrong with having a small penis. You just have to find the right girl for you. I hope if you are a guy who have a small penis, you will understand that there are women out there who would appreciate you. Sex is special and it should be with someone special. When i have a son, i will encourage him to save his virginity for the "right one"--- for marriage.
  2. I once dated a shy handsome guy too for 4 years. He would never let me see him naked. I was very much attracted to him and did not care about his size, but he did. To be honest, i prefer smaller size. I cant identify with the women who prefer larger sizes. Every girl is different. I know there are women out there, like me, who prefer smaller sizes too. I dread the thought of having sex with a guy who is large. I prefer 3 inches 3.5 inches or average. The smaller the better, and the more pleasure and more fun----- for me.
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