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  1. Not all posts from women are fake. I try to take people at face value absent evidence pointing otherwise. Regardless of his penis size situation, if he has not had a long-term relationship before, he lacks experience in starting and sustaining one. He is terrified of being humiliated and rejected. If penis size is a factor, and it probably is, I don't know what to advise you about approaching it.
  2. No idea. I only found this yesterday.
  3. A health care provider I know received a promotional mailing about this. No idea how legitimate this is, but I thought it was interesting. Here's a quote from the web site (you can find it by searching on "genital mismatch").
  4. She moved to the Atlanta area. No idea what she's doing now.
  5. True story: One woman wanted to see my penis before agreeing to have intercourse. She didn't say that, but that's what she was doing. The first time we went to bed together, I had to promise we wouldn't fuck. She had a very tight, narrow vagina, and she wanted to be sure I was small enough to fit. I was. With larger guys, she had tried to have sex, and they had been completely unable to get inside. Months later, I ended up breaking up with her for unrelated reasons.
  6. Math. Depending what you mean by "rare". If you live in a typical American neighborhood, there are probably several within a few blocks of you. That's assuming they are evenly distributed across the country. I wouldn't say "most" women have. But I think many have.
  7. There are about one million guys in the U.S. with micropenis -- apparently that counts as a "rare" condition! Depending how you define "small", that would be probably 20-30 million more men.
  8. From another forum. This man was promiscuous earlier, and is happily married now.
  9. I think you can be happy. Don't give up just yet. You can always choose suicide later on.
  10. I took it for granted that Glenn had to post a larger number in order to get access and investigate that site. I would do the same.
  11. I'm married. Most men on this forum don't currently have a wife or girlfriend.
  12. Oh, God, I don't. Menstrual cycle? Childbirth? Hot flashes? Too dangerous to leave the house at night in most cities? No thanks. Admittedly, my life as a man is better than what most of you have to deal with.
  13. Oh, geez, there's more than one? I thought you meant this one: http://www.7orbetter.com
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