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  1. I think you're about right there in some cases at least.
  2. I think the penis is part of sexual identify as it;s the primary expression of our sexual selves and that is a big part of our personality. Perhaps those with smaller ones not only feel inferior sexually and doubt their ability to perform but perhaps more importantly feel less of a man so their identity feels under threat by other men and women too. Who knows...
  3. I think I like big cocks because playing with them or getting fucked by them is like some proxy possession. They are there and having fun so I feel no judgement at that moment, a sense of equality and normality. Alas it does not last and some people have said to my face afterwards that they only like guys with big ones. I find it confusing why a hung top cares how hung the bottom is but maybe it all comes from the same place. Something within most of us somehow causes this inequality and and perpetuates the feelings of inadequacy even as we actively reinforce the culture by own own behaviour. It's strange, a bit like capitalism I guess.
  4. Thanks, I did end up getting back with him and we stayed together another two years but again it ended. At least time I can be thankful for the time I had,
  5. Most gay guys are size queens, it's a big part of the whole casual sex scene which itself is a big part of being gay but not all are. Also being gay you have other sexual options such as being submissive/bottom. If you keep slim & fit then you will get sex as a bottom with little difficulty and maybe find someone to spend your life with. It's shit being gay and smaller when talking about cocks seems to be such a big part of the lifestyle but it's not the end of the world. If you don't have a great dick then work on getting as great ass/body. XE P.s. Even ifyou're chubby and small you will get some action because guys are so slutty but it's a bit of a disadvantage. Personally I would 'have fun' with a smaller guy (I'm only 4.5-5 myself) if he was cute.
  6. Hey don't stress too much about std's they're best avoided but hardly a death sentence. Did you enjoy the sex, did it help at all? Go get tested.
  7. Yeah it is a pisser for sure, setting up a self fulfilling prophesy. Sometimes we really can be our own worst enemy. I was feeling really down about this despite the probability that the whole thing was doomed from the outset if for no other reason than the age difference. When I wrote the first post I had that gaping wound in my chest which took my breath away a wound I've only had a few times before; well that's what heartbreak feels like to me anyway... I don't really in believe in going back; once things are broken it's very hard to fix unless significant time has passed but I thought he deserved to know the truth anyway so took your advice and spoke to him (perhaps with a secret desire for him to throw himself into my arms lol). We both cried and hugged a great deal, he said he had thought I didn't love him that I didn't give him hope for the future (so my defences did help kill it), that he had loved me once and it's nothing to do with the dick (he'd prefer larger but it was fine) but continued to say that his feelings had died and shifted and that he no longer loved me in that way. The last part of the sentence was a relief, finally honesty and closure with lessons learned for the importance of communication in any future endeavours. At least now I know I did push him away and he knows that I did love him but I'm too damned insecure to show it so really this whole thing wasn't his fault at all. I think we will remain friends both without any illusion that it will ever be anything more.
  8. My reply isn't really a reply at all, I just wanted to write stuff down somewhere. I'm have and have been a relationship over the last few months.... Mostly I'm a catcher (bottom) rather than a pitcher (top) as I have a relatively small dick (about 5 inches) and generally in my experience gay guys are more obsessed with cock size than anyone so I find it hard to catch a break. On Valentines day last year I hooked up with this younger guy who was adamant that he's a catcher (bottom) so I have to be pitcher (top) and we had some fun but I felt, as usual, quite lacking in my performance. I didn't really expect a repeat as it so rarely happens for me but to my surprise there were multiple repeats and we were developing a decent relationship largely due to the fact we got on so well and could always make each other laugh. There's always a doubt in my mind that they will want and will look for a bigger penis so to some extent I am cautious when it comes to relationships and remain guarded enough to expect the worst. I started to feel comfortable enough to laugh with him if he made reference to my small dick; he wasn't being mean I just don't think normal people really think it might be a painful subject and really liked him. I think I was/am in love with him. The part about me being guarded always meant I was always kinda negative when it came to talking about our hopes for the future, I think at some point he thought we did have one but events and possibly me were not encouraging. Anyway, one day he asked if I would describe ourselves as boyfriends, I said kinda, or really good friends with benefits. In retrospect that was a mistake. So fast forward and we have sex less often then he starts chatting to some other guy on facebook and told me last week that the previous evening he had made out with this guy at a party, that he really liked him, and that he had an 8 inch dick and that we couldn't sleep together anymore but he hoped we would remain friends. Maybe it would have happened anyway but I can't help but feel that my lack of confidence int he relationship (stemming from SPS) and/or actually not being big enough have killed another chance for me to find happiness. Funnily enough the SPS is much diminished in a relationship for me but it a;ways stays there. I wish it wasn't so hard to find someone who genuinely doesn't mind the smaller dick so I can be rid of this. Anyway a thoroughly miserable Christmas, largely by my own hand. I hate feeling sad but I am at least grateful for the few months of happiness I've had but 2016 can fuck right off.
  9. I'm sorry I hijacked your post and you're having a tough time dude.
  10. I get ya, but there are times those comments seem insignificant because I know he enjoys it sometimes. Let's just say he might want steak but gets a maccies cheesburger, it's not what he wanted but he still liked it ygm.
  11. Me either but it's understandably an unpopular view here.
  12. That sucks bro... I said to my kinda BF recently who had said something pretty funny: "You make me laugh.." and he says "Your dick makes me laugh.." We both laughed, then i punched him in the leg then he says "I'm only joking... although it would be better if it was bigger..." It's kinda hurtful but I just say it is what is it and I've got to like it so whatever. I think he appreciates that attitude if he doesn't appreciate the d... He doesn't know how much it stings to hear that kind of joke but I'm not gonna show it.... I soon forgot it and we carried on laughing about something else but it stay sin the back of my mind...
  13. I know plenty of guys with big penis who are unhappy but because of other things, things which are by and large easily more fixable than a small dick.
  14. Guys suicide isn't the answer, you don't have to conform, be like everyone else, fuck around, be studs, be valued only by what you can put on your dick. As humans we are worth more than that. Still it can be sad and lonely sometimes but you can still have friends and lovers if you so desire and if you don't maybe it's not your dick holding you back. Please remember that this is both a psychical and psychological affliction and while we can do little about the physical we can think differently. These rotting carcases may define us on the outside to others but they do not have to define us to ourselves, we are not our bodies but our minds.
  15. I have to agree, it says more about the posters views of penis than anything else. This SPS things sucks but it's not a reason to not try to be good at other things and be successful in other fields. I take pride in being good at my job, being a nice guy and the love of my pets. If humans don't find me sexually attractive or interesting enough to be in a relationship with then so be it. Perhaps it's easy for me to say seeing as I'm convinced I've loved and lost the love of my life but I'm pretty zen about being single (although I still wish I had a bigger penis just for sex laughs).
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