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  1. Some people get a kick out of humiliation, small penis, dirty talk, or other types of control and degradation but I don't get it and I don't think many ppl will as it's a very niche fetish although I do quite like to be the one doing the humiliating esp pissing on guys but that's another story.
  2. That sucks man, I'm sorry people were so mean to you and that you were bullied and abused in that way. Hopefully you can get back in shape to boost you confidence and find a nice girl who appreciates you for who you are as you seem nice and genuine person. Stick with you counselling to help you with your self esteem issues and try to put yourself in social situations with good friends if possible. Best of luck.
  3. SPS can be difficult to deal with I understand why you got into bottoming but those guys using g and tina etc are slags who sleep with loads of ppl bareback so you need to be careful about HIV and other SIT's. Perhaps if you are going to continue with that life try to get on prep but in all honesty avoid the chem scene. it is a dark path that is easy to walk down and not so easy to walk back. You and others here are not gonna live the playboy/pornstar life that the big dick guys have but you had a gf and things worked for a time so do not give up hope. It is a challenge and can feel unfai
  4. Exactly, it is kind of dysmorphia might be helped with CBT or SSRI but in reality, given the very real and constant reminder, will it ever go away? Idk. It really affects everything in my life, relationships, and even general motivation. As for whether you should still treatment then why not.
  5. Hi, I've asked a similar question before and think it is part of my issue and more besides, it's like I want to be a man but I don't feel like one because of the dick being insufficient. It's somewhat unhealthily perhaps but I have identified being a man with being hung abs I just can't get past it. I am a man trapped in the body of a man I don't want to be. Oddly this experience (at least the inability to reassign my gender to the one I already have) makes me somewhat unsympathetic and perhaps even jealous of transsexuals. Maybe I'm not really saying what I mean clearly but it's very very fru
  6. I think you're about right there in some cases at least.
  7. I think the penis is part of sexual identify as it;s the primary expression of our sexual selves and that is a big part of our personality. Perhaps those with smaller ones not only feel inferior sexually and doubt their ability to perform but perhaps more importantly feel less of a man so their identity feels under threat by other men and women too. Who knows...
  8. I think I like big cocks because playing with them or getting fucked by them is like some proxy possession. They are there and having fun so I feel no judgement at that moment, a sense of equality and normality. Alas it does not last and some people have said to my face afterwards that they only like guys with big ones. I find it confusing why a hung top cares how hung the bottom is but maybe it all comes from the same place. Something within most of us somehow causes this inequality and and perpetuates the feelings of inadequacy even as we actively reinforce the culture by own own behaviour.
  9. Thanks, I did end up getting back with him and we stayed together another two years but again it ended. At least time I can be thankful for the time I had,
  10. Most gay guys are size queens, it's a big part of the whole casual sex scene which itself is a big part of being gay but not all are. Also being gay you have other sexual options such as being submissive/bottom. If you keep slim & fit then you will get sex as a bottom with little difficulty and maybe find someone to spend your life with. It's shit being gay and smaller when talking about cocks seems to be such a big part of the lifestyle but it's not the end of the world. If you don't have a great dick then work on getting as great ass/body. XE P.s. Even ifyou're chubby and small you
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