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  1. ive been meaning to post for a long time with a little update for those who were around when I posted frequently (last year some time). As some of you may of known I was deeply depressed by my size (amongst other stuff but mainly that) and since I stopped posting I ended up losing 40lbs in two months due to the state I got myself in with not eating and being upset. Thats when I sort of decided who cares. I didn't want to sit there obsessed by my size and wishing my life away over something which was never going to change. I decided to engage in a relationship with a long term friend I've mentioned on here and things have been going well since. Yes I still get conscious about it all and there are times during sex I wish I was bigger but on the whole I can't complain. the whole point of this is to plead with those who have given up hope that things can get better. I was in the worst state imaginable over my size but with a little self belief you can start to battle your thinking towards it and possibly see things from a different outlook.
  2. Yep get them a lot and they're fun whilst they last but waking up sucks
  3. I think if the problem carries on then I'll go to the doctors as I've been about other penis issues in the past which led to a circumcision. In regards to depression, I have suffered with it in the past and it runs in the family. Anti-depressants helped but I hear the can cause erectile dysfunction which is something that's making me depressed lol. I don't want to bore you guys which my issues and im not looking for sympathy, I just want to vent and maybe get some advice
  4. I get aroused by them but only if I 'touch myself' whilst watching and fantasising. I rarely get full erections whilst just thinking about something if I don't act upon it (masturbate). The feeling is still as good when I do it but I'm not sure if im just bored of fantasising over the same old things, as I barely watch porn, or if there is a genuine problem. Not really sure what to do at this moment, I've only really discovered the problem within the last couple of days
  5. Yep It is pretty much impossible for me to gain any erection without physical contact on it. Not sure if it any different in the presence of a girl as im not aroused over fantasy or porn anymore. Thank you, I hope it does or I'm basically doomed lol
  6. Your advice correlates to what I've researched online. I have masturbated daily for a while now and it's only recently I've realised that I don't actually gain a full and maintain erection unless I have my hand on it as it does nearly straight away after i remove my hand. Its got worse ever since I found out I'm not able to have frequent natural erections although I put that down to my stress (over size and day to day things) and being used to masturbation/fantasy. I used be able to get one of demand but I have recently been forcing myself to get an erection (using masturbation),even when I'm not aroused, just for the sake of it. Doing that has meant It would be almost impossible for me to get one and maintain it without my own stimulation! So I'm gonna try laying off it for a while and see if that helps *fingers crossed*
  7. Well I'm sure the studies on NBP sizes would dispute that but yeah I guess I have a small dick
  8. (Posted same thing twice)
  9. Yeah we have dude. I'm just a bit embarrassed about going to the doctors about the sort of problem. Not sure how else to get hold of them apart from that. Trust me to have that sort of problem at my age, like I don't have enough already lol
  10. I think most of my fears would be eradicated if I could maintain a rock hard erection. Which I do get every now and then but I sort of have to hold my hand on it to maintain that. My fears are possibly a factor but I masturbate a lot so I'm wondering if that effects erection quality? Also, maybe a silly question but do you guys think you get more hard when you're actually in the act of having sex as apposed to just using your imagination?
  11. Yeah I completely accept im not going to have advantage of being 8" and being able to do every position going but I am concerned that I won't be able to do basic ones. There's also a concern for inexperienced people such as myself of not being able to get it up or gain a strong erection but being in the presence of a naked women im sure would be more arousing than my own hand and imagination!
  12. Isn't Jonah Falcon 13.5 inches and he's the biggest in the world? I would rather be 5 inches than anything over 10 lol
  13. I'm sure there are ways to get around things like that I.e grinding more than bouncing. Missionary and doggy would be more of a concern for me popping out as we're the ones that have to do the thrusting. Any of those been a problem for you (or anyone reading this)?
  14. I know something like this has been put up before but i just want to re ask in my own way I guess. (Completely forget about the women's pleasure when answering) what has the sex been like for you? I know being under average will mean more extravagent positions are out of the window but have the basic ones like 'missionary' and 'cowgirl' be doable and pleasurable for yourself? I just want your opinion on it from a selfish point of view if anyone's willing to share:) I'm just concerned that due to being slightly overweight (nothing major) and having my size might hinder me from doing basic positions such as me on top without slipping out or having major problems with it
  15. Ahh I see. I never know if people are referring to BP or NBP when they talk about size lol
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