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    He's experienced about as much pain and suffering as anyone I've encountered, give or take... and he still has hell to look forward to.

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  1. lifelongvirgin

    Common denominators

    Yes Are you generally smart? Are you white? Are you overweight? Are you introverted? Are you intimidated by girls? Did you lose your virginity after age 18, or are still a virgin now? Is your penis smaller than average, but NOT a micropenis? Are you a grower rather than a shower? No Are you generally successful? Do you tend to cum quickly? Are you less than 5'11"? Are you scrawny? Do you think your penis is thin for its length? Was your mother highly stressed or overbearing? Were you born premature? Did you go through puberty late? (pubes >age 13) Were you bullied in school? Were you a bedwetter past age 6 or 7? Were you cheated on by an early girlfriend? Were you an only child or younger child? If you have siblings, are they mostly sisters? Did your parents have you at a later age (parents over age 30 when you were born)? Is your index finger longer than your ring finger?
  2. lifelongvirgin

    Your typical vent about penis size

    Why? if any woman can't handle an average, perfectly normal penis then she has something wrong with her.
  3. lifelongvirgin

    Your typical vent about penis size

    No. Average is between 5 and 7 inches (12.7cm to 17.78cm) so you are well within average size like most men in this world. If women have a problem with your penis it's their problem not yours. Also your girth is above average and that is what makes more of a difference to most women.
  4. lifelongvirgin

    It's That Time of Year...

    My New Years resolution for 2019 is to only have sex with beautiful women.
  5. lifelongvirgin

    Happy New Year

    I seriously doubt it will be happy for me. Zero chance of getting any pussy. I doubt I'll even get to talk to a woman apart from the medical types on a professional basis. Still the best to the rest of you. Check out the girl at 10:40 in this video. The kind of girl I wish I had met when I was younger. Very cute. Don't watch the rest of the video though. It will ruin your day.
  6. lifelongvirgin

    Acceptance and Craigslist is our hope( lol)

    I've often wondered this myself. Trouble is there isn't any sure way of knowing how many guys kill themselves because of this. Unless the person committing suicide either tells somebody or leaves a note saying that it's because of his small penis then most people will assume it's something else. I'm sure most guys wouldn't want the stigma to follow them after they are gone. Most "normal" people think the idea of someone killing themselves because of the size of their penis is ridiculous. They have no idea. We live in different worlds.
  7. lifelongvirgin

    Acceptance and Craigslist is our hope( lol)

    You can't post personal ads on Craigslist anymore. How's that for positive? lol
  8. lifelongvirgin

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    When you say 1.5" or 2" of thickness are you talking circumference or width?
  9. lifelongvirgin

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    Mike Reid?
  10. lifelongvirgin


    Yeah unfortunately this doesn't work. The few people who understand how much this effects guys already know and so you are not telling them anything new and those that don't know really don't give a shit. If you say anything about small penis comments, jokes or ridicule you are met with either "oh you must have a small dick" or "stop being such a whining crybaby" So you end up achieving nothing.
  11. lifelongvirgin


    Are you going to explain what you mean? an awareness video about what?
  12. lifelongvirgin

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    While this is true you can be assured that all three groups would "prefer" to avoid guys with small ones.
  13. lifelongvirgin

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    There must be a LOT of disappointed women out there. I don't know any guy that fits that description.
  14. lifelongvirgin


    I'm not sure what you mean.
  15. lifelongvirgin

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    I read stories like yours and then I read some other guy say I have a small penis and I've been with many women and only a couple have ever said anything. So I'm not sure how to explain it. Maybe it's location. Maybe the women where you live have a different attitude than women in another state or country. I don't know. The only choices seems to be to (as you said) put yourself through the rejection and humiliation over and over till you find one that truly doesn't care or do what I did and live a life of hell alone and frustrated until you die.