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  1. Hello, I've been diagnosed with social anxiety and a dysthymic disorder a while ago. I'm getting help for everything, but it's very complicated. I've been through the worst things at such a young age. So I have a long and dramatic past, but I don't want to have all of my private information online, so I'm not gonna talk about that. But lately I've been having these weird thoughts about everything I think people can read my mind (I'm 99% sure about this) and I think all of my friends are lying to me or secretly hate me. And everyone is looking very weird at me lately. I don't even look different or act different. And I always have this feeling like I'm being watched. I also feel like my friends secretly hate me. Does this have to do with my anxiety? I hope you guys can help me. P.S: I tried to post this in another forum, it doesn't work though so idk if it's posted like 3 times right now lol
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