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  1. Yes, it was. I just can't feel sorry for someone who cannot appreciate when someone is being kind to them and treating them well. Just sets up a vicious circle where nice people can't enjoy being nice, following their true personality.
  2. jazz

    Week after bday

    Your birthday is St. David's Day, perfect for a Dave ☺️
  3. I really like people who are nice, not a problem of having to 'tolerate' them for me ☺️
  4. jazz

    Special Birthday post

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow @Daveuk 🎂
  5. jazz

    “Finally, A New Emoji...”

    One of his forum friends broke the news.
  6. jazz

    “Finally, A New Emoji...”

    Very sadly yes.
  7. jazz

    “Finally, A New Emoji...”

    It really saddens me that Resolute did what he did because of the way he thought he wasn't a success. A bit political but maybe if there had been a more robust financial safety net available to him he'd still be here.
  8. jazz

    “Finally, A New Emoji...”

    @YOTH well done for setting up a WhatsApp group 👍
  9. jazz

    Still Struggling

    It's up to you, but may be time to get selective, both within the group and about which invites you choose to accept. Somehow I think they will all soon get the message. Could be worth trying. Your 3am caller friend sounds like gold dust.
  10. jazz

    “Finally, A New Emoji...”

    Gotta say I am concerned that @Klingsor has not replied ☹️
  11. jazz

    Still Struggling

    Hi mook, welcome, just wondered do all the friends in this circle act the same or are some different/potentially more supportive? Good you found someone special who knows it's no one else's business.
  12. jazz

    “Finally, A New Emoji...”

    Yes, they could have written a different/positive piece about some other new emojis, there are lots of different ones - even of wheelchairs, don't know what people with wheelchairs would make of them.
  13. jazz

    “Finally, A New Emoji...”

    I know every day must be a struggle but please try and keep going, don't let some silly emoji get to you either x
  14. jazz

    “Finally, A New Emoji...”

    No it isn't, wonder which twit thought that up 😝
  15. jazz

    When others know

    Sorry you are suffering so badly