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  1. The Bathmate Diaries

    Who's Robin?
  2. Can Depression Itself be a Terminal Illness?

    Life with depression can feel pointless...and there is a lot of emotional pain to struggle with. Is the new job causing stress, Klingsor? Wishing you better times and some self indulgence....
  3. Can Depression Itself be a Terminal Illness?

    Two spaces tell a thousand words, Klingsor...... Depression is so awful, sort of a combination of all of these... but worse...
  4. Back again with a whole new set of issues.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to preserve the best bits of a culture, doesn't seem racist to me, it's your tribe and you care about it. Harmony is one of the most important things though, sometimes other cultures can influence in an interesting/good way, sometimes not - this applies to Western culture and it's influence as well - but life features change and change takes time to get used to.
  5. whining thread

    I think that there is way more that leads someone to take a final step like that than what one person says, or even doesn't say, to them. Also you tried to offer practical help. You are dealing with two losses KC and that is not easy - and that is not blowing sunshine, this is...
  6. It's been a long time.

    Hello kiki Welcome back.
  7. whining thread

    I don't think it's irrelevant either KC. It dramatically showed what you meant and how important good health is as well. I miss Resolute.
  8. Back again with a whole new set of issues.

    It could be that the message you are sending out is attracting women who are not really interested in anything long term. Or it could be the randomness of chemistry when you meet in person. There was a research study in the newspaper the other day that found that when couples who matched up on dating apps based on their profiles met for the first time speed dating, there was zero correlation between the match and whether they would 'click' in real life.
  9. Back again with a whole new set of issues.

    Getting attention is not necessarily the same as finding a relationship (if that is what you want) though. The other guys you see may be offering something different, different qualities are attractive to different women. I do think that luck/fate/timing have a role to play as well, you just have to keep trying to put yourself in a range of situations where you could meet someone not just online.
  10. Back again with a whole new set of issues.

    Hello Powerhouse8000. I'm no expert but you seem obsessed with your own body. Maybe you need to work on your self esteem a bit in other ways so you don't crave approval all the time. Re. your dream woman, it's difficult for anyone outside to say if she is struggling with her personal life only, or trying to let you down gently - so giving her personal space would be a good idea, plus not getting too infatuated before you really know her. If you were more assured, you may have recognised straight away that the first girlfriend would have made a better friend only, since you had many shared interests - and saved yourself/her a lot of trouble.
  11. whining thread

    Yes Vic - with some funny one liner, or impish comment, or carefully crafted opinion. Am so sad about this.
  12. whining thread

  13. whining thread

    Words are not enough Res
  14. Job recommendations

    I could post a list but instead Kc.
  15. I did something foolish yesterday

    I think that often when someone looks back on a relationship they see it as a whole - the good times and the bad. Otherwise why would so many couples who broke up years before find each other and get back together? Hope you won't be too tough on yourself, TO4T.