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  1. jazz


    @Endlessnight I didn't know how that worked either, now I do 😉
  2. jazz

    Hell hath no fury...

    I just assumed it was meant as an insult, rather than a description.
  3. jazz

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Thanks Vic, in that case I will just comment that Klingsor's 'colleagues' are the ones that sound like 'weak losers'
  4. jazz

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Yeah, can see how it's a 'toxic' culture. I want to say get right out of there, but know it's not that easy :-(
  5. jazz

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Well said, Vic. It amazes me that Klingsor's co-workers have nothing better to do than discuss such a load of tripe. They sound like complete idiots.
  6. jazz


    Hello Daddio and welcome. I am also not fond of labels. Hope you find the forum helpful.
  7. jazz

    My so called life

    Small, I understand what you are saying. If it's a ramble, it's a very eloquent one. There were plenty of storms here as well. If they reflect how you feel inside, wishing you a calm after the storm.
  8. jazz

    Hello--need some advice

    Good advice TO4T 👍
  9. jazz

    Hello--need some advice

    Hello Bella, just thinking everything could change for your son when he goes to college, but in the meantime is there any activity he could be interested in outside of school that could lead to new friends? Also, do you think a quiet word to your partner about being a bit more easy going around your son may help? You may have tried this already, you are clearly doing your best.
  10. jazz

    My announcement

    Hiya smallstar - sorry you have got so many struggles. I know somewhere you said that there weren't many comments on addictions here, noticed another forum that may be some support as well - hope you don't think I'm saying go to another place, I am not You may have seen it already? https://www.soberrecovery.com/forums/
  11. jazz

    My so called life

    Sounds a very painful situation, small. Try not to isolate yourself from people who care, this is when you need support even if you are bothered about worrying them. Sorry you are grieving I hope you can find some love for yourself in amongst all the unhappiness, I think that is one difference between doing something drastic and not. The mind can trick us into thinking everything is our fault when it is not, it's the misery prism.
  12. jazz

    My so called life

    Do you think some professional career counselling could help you identify some different options? Just a thought.
  13. jazz

    My so called life

    What's up? As 'misery needs company', I'm the company tonight 😉
  14. jazz

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    It was a beautiful event and day, the bride looked very elegant - apart from the tiara Ms Markle avoided the sparkle on her dress tho 😉 An interesting new Anglo US alliance!