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  1. Maybe, I can't know what your friendship is really like - but I do know friendship is a 2 way street, something that should make both parties happy.
  2. Alabaster, I see what you are saying re. friend, but as you were both involved and she probably has more than an inkling how you feel I don't think it is 'completely legitimate' for her say it's going well with the other guy. Say you'd rather not hear if you want, test her sensitivity - because if she is a close friend she'd understand. This is cheeky but why not ask her if she has any cool female friends you could double date with! Also, when crunch time arrives with a girl, I'll bet that you will know instinctively what to do, especially if she is the right one 😉
  3. jazz

    Top news from UK

    Don't blame you for not watching them 😆
  4. Hi Alabaster and welcome. Just 2 things I wanted to add - try to put yourself in situations where women go to improve the odds of meeting someone - who knows, you could meet the woman of your dreams at a yoga class 😉 Also, about your friend - I can understand how that is a painful situation, don't endure torment if it is too much to be friends with her - think about distancing or at the very least boundaries about topics you don't want to hear about.
  5. jazz

    Top news from UK

    Looked up the Maury show and does seem like the Jeremy Kyle one. Love Island is a dating show, contestants seem as if they would not have a care in the world but a lot of parading, ridicule and rejection goes on. It's like that show The Bachelor too, lots of misguided girls getting rejected trying to chase a "bighead", wanting to get famous.
  6. jazz

    Top news from UK

    Media types chasing ratings do a good enough job!
  7. jazz

    Top news from UK

    Also, who is to say the lie detector result is the truth/accurate? Just watching a discussion where they are talking about how 2 other reality show participants on a show called Love Island took their own lives too, some time after appearing on it.
  8. Just passing by...🍰

  9. jazz

    Top news from UK

    No, Jeremy Kyle hosted a controversial show where people came on to confront partners, friends, family members - lie detector tests to 'find out' if people were lying about affairs, that kind of thing. A UK Jerry Springer. The Archie tweet was from a radio presenter called Danny Baker.
  10. jazz

    Friday to Monday

    Glad you managed to find a Saintsbury's 😉
  11. jazz

    Quiz 4 mixed bag

    1. ?? 2. Charmed 3. The Bunny 4. Meat 5. ? 6. Flower names 7. Ross 8. Buffy + friends 9. Kinder 10. Bank Holiday
  12. jazz

    Quiz 3 film Quiz

    Skip to - 6. The Social Network 7. Love Actually 9. The Italian Job 10. Tomb Raider ?
  13. 1. Cadbury creme 2. Twix 3. maltesers 4. m&ms 5. double decker 6. mars bar 7. snickers 8. ? 9. lion bars 10. skittles
  14. jazz

    Week starting 15th - 19th

    1. Pascha 2. Good Friday 3. ? 4. Sunday 5. The Hoppit 6. To pig out on chocolate 7. Palm Sunday 8. Because Death passed over the Hebrew houses 9. It's Jesus, but also preceded by pagan festivals. 10. Buttons, Dairy Milk, Maltesers, Twirl, Crunchie
  15. Yippee 🙂 Another chance for some v random guesses
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