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  1. jazz

    Dear uncle Vic

    Dave, are you fishing for compliments? ☺️
  2. jazz

    Dear uncle Vic

    Dear Uncle Vic, What is your favourite piece of life advice? I could do with some. 🎁 Thanks, Desperado.
  3. Oh yes, group dares...😝
  4. I have a feeling I wouldn't like Vietnamese karaoke much either πŸ˜„
  5. Things I've done as part of a group that I actually don't like but agreed to include - Ice Skating A hike in the pouring rain and cold More than one night in a club like a black cave with a sticky floor and music I didn't like Films that 'someone else' liked Groups can be fun but they can also be unbelievably annoying 😁 It's all a compromise half the time.
  6. I would like to read a 'Dear Uncle Vic' thread πŸ’¬ 😊
  7. Sound advice from Uncle Vic 😎 Just thought you could invite them to K Pop or English karaoke, your favourites, make sure they know they will have to pay their share - everyone would probably enjoy that and who knows, they may get the message πŸ˜ƒ The thing about groups is that there is a group mentality - everyone ends up going along even if some of them secretly can't stand Vietnamese karaoke, just to fit in with the herd. You just drew the short straw because you really could not fully understand the language, Alvin. Upsettingly, it ruined your special day - don't let it ruin this special summer.
  8. Hello Alvin, sorry you didn't enjoy your birthday. There seems to be two parts to this - the actual day and the general behaviour of your friends. About the day/choice of Vietnamese karaoke, it's difficult because they arranged it and said they were paying - though it was your present and they should have tried to find something that you could have enjoyed a lot too - but you have learned from it, if they suggest sorting out a treat for you like that ever again say 'ok, thanks, can I choose where?' As to them being 'fake friends', I would say try and do new things and meet new people - so you are not reliant on this group, because a true friend, although they can be like gold dust, really would be there for you through the tough times. I think your upset is perfectly understandable - you don't need to see a psychiatrist IMO. Also a birthday cake would not have been unreasonable, I'm a big fan of birthday cakes with candles myself...πŸŽ‚ so here's a belated one for you!
  9. jazz

    Junes nearly over

    Well, we are having a nice couple of days - June weather has been quite cool - I don't mind really, roses look lovely 🌹
  10. jazz

    Junes nearly over

    Where? lol
  11. jazz

    Junes nearly over

    Sounds like a line from a song, Vic πŸ’¬ Almost every year the Met Office (weather) predict it will be a BBQ summer. Weeks of rain follow...πŸ˜†
  12. jazz

    Junes nearly over

    Yeah, can't believe it's almost July - glad you are getting along ok, Dave.
  13. Social control - maybe, certainly a way to make pots of cash for some. Could potential 'baddies' who wanted that sort of control be organised and efficient enough to manage it? Nah, they'd stuff up, make loads of mistakes and get exposed in the end.
  14. If you have no particular ties to where you are, do you think planning for a move to somewhere cooler and different would be a realistic option or not? I saw a clip on TV a while back where a sports star confronted unsuspecting internet trolls after inviting them to a fake press conference - of course they behaved completely differently in person and were highly embarrassed. The anonymity of the net leads to people behaving like jerks.
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