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  1. jazz

    My so called life

    Sounds a very painful situation, small. Try not to isolate yourself from people who care, this is when you need support even if you are bothered about worrying them. Sorry you are grieving I hope you can find some love for yourself in amongst all the unhappiness, I think that is one difference between doing something drastic and not. The mind can trick us into thinking everything is our fault when it is not, it's the misery prism.
  2. jazz

    My so called life

    Do you think some professional career counselling could help you identify some different options? Just a thought.
  3. jazz

    My so called life

    What's up? As 'misery needs company', I'm the company tonight 😉
  4. jazz

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    It was a beautiful event and day, the bride looked very elegant - apart from the tiara Ms Markle avoided the sparkle on her dress tho 😉 An interesting new Anglo US alliance!
  5. Hi Isue, Re. meds, there are many different ones as LaLa says, I'd also suggest going back to the psychiatrist for another recommendation that doesn't involve such regular bloodwork. I don't know what therapy your son is having, it can take time to work, but there is a therapy called CBT for psychosis which could be a possibility if it is available in your area. Technology can be a real fear, when I had psychosis I turned it all off, just a thought but could your son be persuaded to keep in touch with his son by regular letters/cards for example, just in the short term? It is all about trying to reduce the fears, I found art therapy (drawing what made me feel safe) and peer support really useful too. I think you sound very supportive Isue, just listening is important.
  6. jazz

    My so called life

    Good for you with the skating, small. I can't skate at all
  7. jazz


    Hello precious. 'Doing' rather than thinking may help? When I had anxiety that was the way I coped, activities like walking, very simple creative stuff, joining a mental health support group, trying to read self help books. It's really difficult I know, but may help change your thoughts even if only for a little while at first. Interesting that you feel bad about yourself, but chose the forum name 'precious', because of course you are, even if you don't think so right now.
  8. jazz

    What to do

    I'd suggest casually asking her out, because if you have developed stronger feelings for her the friendship has already changed - and if she starts going out with someone else you'd probably be upset. She may say no, she may say yes, either way she'll surely be flattered. Be prepared for each option, but at least you won't be suffering in silence anymore.
  9. jazz

    My so called life

    Is it a self portrait?
  10. jazz

    My so called life

    Just passing by with a Klingsor.
  11. jazz

    Adult Imaginary Friend

    Just wanted to comment always remember you are in charge re. Ben. The 'protective factor' should be light and reassuring. Plus no one deserves the lesson of rape.
  12. jazz


    Yes, I agree Small, I noticed him straight away when I joined, though MSC is interesting in that I think it has more than one heartbeat
  13. jazz


    Thanks for this Obsolete. It's good to talk about Resolute, there was something special about him.
  14. jazz

    A Big Step for Me Today

    Hi Bella. I don't agree with personal insults at all and am not excusing that, but just feel that I have to mention a couple of things. The first is that you did comment about when the person you blocked viewed your profile, even though you didn't tag or mention them by name. The second is that even though I have not followed all your posts, I noticed early on that you suggested at one point that those who had sps on the forum may want to 'man up'. It is such a sensitive subject. What I am trying to say is that people make mistakes.
  15. jazz

    Adult Imaginary Friend

    Hi MDeCa. A really difficult situation for you and it seems to be getting worse, it does sound like time to ask for professional help. I've had psychosis and though I'm not saying that's what you have, one thing you can do in the meantime is mentally challenge Ben if he mentions something negative and get into a habit of doing that, assert yourself, after all if a real friend told you do something unacceptable that's what you'd do. The truth is treatment can involve medication - though there are in some places psychological therapies, they are not very common. Don't let it put you off if you are at risk of hurting yourself/someone else - just make it clear you'd like to try a psychological approach if that is available at the outset. Best wishes.