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  1. Hi Tobi. Like the cat, what an expression 😊
  2. I can't believe how many people there are who claim to be a friend but cannot/will not keep information they have been trusted with quiet. Sorry this happened to you.
  3. Life can be very tough for men - and for women. Plus there are things can happen, both happy and sad to people regardless of their gender. Hope things improve for you, Powerhouse 🌻
  4. That is a very lovely pic, Klingsor 🌈
  5. Thought you wrote 'it would be more honey', Vic πŸ˜„
  6. I dunno, reads to me like men who have no economic hope becoming cruel to the women they meet, seemingly because they hate their situation and feel powerless about it.
  7. Yes, there is also the idea about decision making that Susan Jeffers wrote about in her book 'Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway' = "Don't protect, correct." It's just knowing when to correct and getting on with it that can be difficult! http://greystoneglobal.com/dont-protect-correct-your-strategic-planning/
  8. jazz

    Early entry

    Good Luck, Dave. Hope it's a friendly new place.
  9. jazz


    Hello NewHere 🌺
  10. I have some books on psychology e.g. tips from happiness research, I like the wellbeing and psychology section in a bookshop. Also read Psychology Today, yes. Some interesting articles but some subjects do crop up on there over and over - like how to deal with narcissists (surely there can't be that many narcissists in the world!) There is a writer on there called Marty Nemko - I like his writing style and practical advice. He writes about careers but also life tips/observations from years helping clients.
  11. OK. Are you pleased to be moving?
  12. I quite like reading the latest research in positive psychology. Balance seems key to me - a lot of what gets worried about never happens. Also doing stuff that is enjoyable can be v helpful rather than 'just' saying lots of cheerful mantras.
  13. Dave, does that mean you won't have the internet at all in your new place - or just no wifi?
  14. Dave, hope it all goes well 🌈
  15. Reminds of learning piano as a child - my teacher would say "don't worry about any mistakes when performing, just keep going." Life is often like that, keep going and hope for the best.
  16. jazz

    Dear uncle Vic

    Dear Uncle Vic, Does appearance matter? Regards, Boris
  17. jazz

    Dear uncle Vic

    I would like to make some houmous, that's another one of my favourites.
  18. jazz

    Dear uncle Vic

    Ok, how's that potato salad going?? πŸ˜„
  19. jazz

    Dear uncle Vic

    With family we tend to agree overall, probably because we have the same background and experiences. With friends it is different - I do tread a bit more carefully - because their views are shaped by different circumstances and I want to try to keep an open mind. Yes, it is possible I could be wrong...I have one friend who I thought was not in the least bit interested, but even she sent me a political retweet she liked today - that's the climate we are in here I think, people are taking more notice of what is going on. Sometimes a good debate with a friend is enjoyable even if there is no chance of agreement too. Followed by a change of subject...😁
  20. I do like potato salad πŸ₯”
  21. They look a bit strange - like leggings for men. But I think the masked thug is wearing shorts, KS? Still, it's the tyranny of fashion.
  22. jazz

    Dear uncle Vic

    Dear Uncle Vic, Is it a good idea to talk politics with friends or not? Thanks, Mrs May
  23. Yes - and they both seem to go to the same hairdresser ☺️
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