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  1. jazz

    Quiz 4 mixed bag

    1. ?? 2. Charmed 3. The Bunny 4. Meat 5. ? 6. Flower names 7. Ross 8. Buffy + friends 9. Kinder 10. Bank Holiday
  2. jazz

    Quiz 3 film Quiz

    Skip to - 6. The Social Network 7. Love Actually 9. The Italian Job 10. Tomb Raider ?
  3. 1. Cadbury creme 2. Twix 3. maltesers 4. m&ms 5. double decker 6. mars bar 7. snickers 8. ? 9. lion bars 10. skittles
  4. jazz

    Week starting 15th - 19th

    1. Pascha 2. Good Friday 3. ? 4. Sunday 5. The Hoppit 6. To pig out on chocolate 7. Palm Sunday 8. Because Death passed over the Hebrew houses 9. It's Jesus, but also preceded by pagan festivals. 10. Buttons, Dairy Milk, Maltesers, Twirl, Crunchie
  5. Yippee 🙂 Another chance for some v random guesses
  6. A relevant article from yesterday about the situation in Japan - it cites socioeconomic reasons; https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/japan-virgins-40-year-old-study-sexuality-research-a8858971.html
  7. jazz

    I do see what you mean nlh , it's just sometimes the head goes into overdrive - part of it is what the media creates in people's head's as well, endless stories of do this, be that and images to go with it.
  8. I don't particularly agree with this, having met a range of women - not only is it a bit of an insult to any wife, level of attractiveness hasn't imo been related to how nice/pleasant women have been. It's more trying to judge how selfish/self absorbed/mean individuals are. Doesn't mean someone couldn't appreciate attractive qualities as much as appearance though.
  9. jazz

    I hope you'll kling on, you're a peach 🍑
  10. I've read many of your supportive comments on this forum, now you really need the support yourself because this is how depression is, it makes someone feel awful and completely self critical. When I was depressed it was unbelievable how many negative thoughts revolved around my head, it's a misery prism.
  11. Sorry you are having a tough time Obsolete and feel this way. The world needs you ⭐
  12. @smallguy No, he never asks her out, too caught up in the fantasy of how wonderful he thinks she is. He does buy some barbecue charcoal from her though (that he doesn't need!) Too busy adoring to worry about blaming himself.
  13. jazz

    A Year Gap

    Actually going through all the therapy yourself to resolve issues when training to become a therapist must be quite a challenge.
  14. @LaLa that is a funny vid ☺️ I suppose the slight difficulty is really getting to know them and all their faults/good points because it is unrequited, much harder work to try and imagine someone's faults.
  15. @Victimorthecrime hope you find a repairman ok 💛
  16. Yes, it was. I just can't feel sorry for someone who cannot appreciate when someone is being kind to them and treating them well. Just sets up a vicious circle where nice people can't enjoy being nice, following their true personality.
  17. jazz

    Week after bday

    Your birthday is St. David's Day, perfect for a Dave ☺️
  18. I really like people who are nice, not a problem of having to 'tolerate' them for me ☺️
  19. Happy Birthday for tomorrow @Daveuk 🎂
  20. One of his forum friends broke the news.
  21. It really saddens me that Resolute did what he did because of the way he thought he wasn't a success. A bit political but maybe if there had been a more robust financial safety net available to him he'd still be here.
  22. @YOTH well done for setting up a WhatsApp group 👍
  23. It's up to you, but may be time to get selective, both within the group and about which invites you choose to accept. Somehow I think they will all soon get the message. Could be worth trying. Your 3am caller friend sounds like gold dust.
  24. Gotta say I am concerned that @Klingsor has not replied ☹️
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