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  1. and then he moves on to someone with an average penis needs (or average vagina) You get my point?
  2. I'm sorry to hear that, but that has nothing to do with your erect length, it has more to do with uninformed people. It's a fact what @lifelongvirgin said. The bigger the flaccid, the bigger the chances of being big, but that's not an absolute and there is a huge % of exceptions. The same way erect size is a bell shaped curve, flaccid / erect ratio it's the same. Most people grows around 1.5" - 2" from flaccid to erect but there are people that grows almost nothing and people that grows more than 4". The only way to tell for sure one penis erect size is to measure it, you can't draw conclusions from locker rooms. By the way, lifestyle was bone pressed: You probably are an extreme grower and your experiences because your small flaccid biased your perception about your real size. There are many more like you on this forum, me included. It's hard to believe you are average erect when you look so tiny flaccid in comparision with everybody, but that's nature, you are in the middle of the bell curve for size but in the very upper part for the flaccid / erect ratio, many guys with bigger flaccid penises are smaller than you, that's the trick.
  3. My personal experience is contrary to that. I've talked honestly to many women in my life about penis size and I can distribute them in 3 groups: - The ones that care A LOT about size and less than well above average won't be enough for them - The ones that care about size, but they will work with what they have and it's not the most important thing for them - The ones that doesn't care about size All of them are right, all of them have the right to have their preferences, and no one lies, because there is not an universal answer for this. But what I've seen, even with girls of the first group, is to break-up with very well endowed guys for other reasons, even if they said sex was awesome, and I've seen it many times. When some girls say "size matters" we always understand "size the is most important thing for me". Also "size matters" sentence has a lot of grays. For some is "the bigger the better" but for many others is "between this and that", and that's usually around average. But there are also a lot of "no more than this".
  4. @Victimorthecrime I get your point, but the effects of it are also debateable You can claim, in general professional community does, that size (and specially small size changes like 1") doesn't have any physical effect on pleasure. You can agree or disagree, but is debateable, no data supports that size matters either appart from a % on women's oppinion. Same thing goes for b). It's debateable whether you have the sensibility inside your body to perceive such size change. There are more factors than size, that's why not all girls care or like same sizes. Maths are maths, and 25% increase it's 25% increase. But what that means in intercourse is not maths.
  5. Well, in %, as this are (in general, not talking about penises) small figures, yes, it's a pretty big increase. But if you think about it in inches or cm, it's almost nothing, many people won't be able to tell if an object is closer to 4" or 5"
  6. Hi. I don't want to question your experience and what you suffered, because if it happened, it happened. But, are you 4 inches BP or NBP? I'm always perplexed at how 5" is ok for most woman and 4" ruins your life, how can that be?
  7. This I agree, because it's something irrational and deep in our culture. The rest it doesn't correlate at all with women I know, they are way more empathetic than men. I must be very lucky then. Then there are some misconceptions in what feminism is, but I won't go into that.
  8. Well, I was exagerating to make a point What I meant is we all desire not to satisfy, but in some way to impress.
  9. We have to accept that this is mostly not about pleasure but about power. When having a good sex life, a satisfied partner, a decent performance in bed (with our without workarounds to make it work) is not enough... something is wrong. I think it's mostly because of us, men. True many women care about size and speak about it, but the overall importance it has for them it's way less than for us, that's why they are so "cruel" sometimes, because they think they are talking about something with minor importance. But for men, I don't know if because of porn or what, sex has a strong component of dominance and even violence. Many of us want the girl to be shocked and afraid when she see our penis, terrified in some way, to say "It's too big I can't take that", to put it in and feel she's struggling to take it and even feeling pain, and then "surrendering" to that huge tool destroying her pussy and having a brutal orgasm and so on... well, what we mostly see on porn. That's what we really want in sex, and that's why size is never enough. That's why porn is full of big dicks when the logic says it should be full of average - small ones so the consumer feels good about his size, that's why there is fisting and extreme penetrations... It also works between us, penis size is an indicator about the capacity of each one to submit a female... or another males if you are gay, a "bottom" has that submisive role anyway. Shows who's an alfa, a fucker, and who's not. It's sad, but I think it's purely like this. The farther you are from this vision of sex, less problems you will have on this size department.
  10. It happens to me, the "innie" thing... You have a big girth!
  11. Do you realize you are average on length and above average on girth?
  12. But why are you so sure you had a problem? Maybe the problem was you realized one day you were not big?
  13. You aren't small. That of course doesn't mean you can't have SPS.
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