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  1. Man I love your bluntness. I think you're very intelligent based on how you express yourself here. Hope the weekend is a good one mate.
  2. @LaLaThanks for the reading and viewing material I will be sure to check it all out.
  3. More than anything I wanted to be a father and husband. That dream began at a very early age. Career wise I was never really clear on what I wanted. All I knew was I wanted a small family and do whatever it took to maintain a happy home. That dream is all but dead now. I guess intelligence is just one of those things that are better to have than not. It's no fun walking around feeling like an idiot and it makes for better job and mate prospects. I noticed at a very early age that women place high value on intelligence when it comes to choosing a long term mate. I was aware even then that I was not particularly very bright compared to my peers. I struggled academically and socially so I began distancing myself with the idea that I would work on my intelligence, and once comfortable with my cognitive abilities, return to mingle again. I never got to the point of being comfortable with my thinking abilities and so over time I've concluded that I'm simply not suitable for a mate. I don't want to burden anyone with my foolishness. What woman wants a dumb man to marry and start a family with, and what child would be proud to have a dull father? It's best and fair that I remove myself from the mating game. •Lack of intelligence. •Lack of education. •No charm. •Small penis and I'm a short man. I really appreciate that. It's ok. I don't mind the questions. It's just that you're so kind and positive I wish I had better/more positive responses. I appreciate your efforts.
  4. Vic mate I hope all is well with you. Yeah life can get rough but nobody said it would be easy. Some people manage to make it work despite the worst of situations. I don't know Mate, Perhaps this world is just not for me.
  5. This genuinly made me smile. Thanks. I don't believe the world needs me at all but your comment put a smile on my face.
  6. Hi Lala. I don't share much when I write because I struggle to formulate my thoughts into words perhaps because I have a weak command of the English language so I usually just keep it simple. How do I feel? Useless to be honest. I've failed at this thing called life and I simply do not see myself getting out of the mess I find myself in. I'm an idiot, not educated, incapable of critical/deep thought. I have no confidence whatsoever. You know, that manly presence. That self assuredness now called big dick energy, I don't have it. It doesn't help that I'm not packing down there either. I have no friends, no love life, have lost interest in everything I ever cared about. I have no purpose at all and as much as this may have me sounding like a teenager, I hate my life, I hate myself, I hate that I exist. So no I genuinly cannot think of a single reason to remain alive. I do have family (parents and a sibling) but I've never thought of that as a hindrance. I'm a dissapointmen to them anyway. Sure a tear or two may be shed but life goes on eventually. I have no wife o children of my own so no worries there. I have not tried therapy as I regard it as useless. No offence to anyone currently in therapy, knows someone who is in therapy or is a therapist themself, but I don't get why anyone would pay money just to talk to someone, it just doesn't make sense to me. Perhaps a silly sentiment to have given the situation I find myself in but it's honestly the way I feel about it. I have tried self improvement. I've worked on my weight. I've even purchased books on picking up women but it just ends up seeming futile to me. I end up feeling like I've missed the boat. I'm not young anymore and so any efforts feel useless. I'll stop here because I'm starting to feel like a whinny little teenager. I appreciate your comment Lala. Take great care. I'm sorry if you feel your attempt at helping is wasted as I shared nothing positive in my reply. All I can say is thank you for trying to help.
  7. I've lived this long and life hasn't gotten better. Might as well put myself out of my own misery, if only I could just get over my fear of hell.
  8. Good to see you gentlemen and ladies still looking out for each other. Hope you're all doing well. Kling, take care of yourself mate.
  9. It would simply be ridiculed. Men don't give a shit, women don't give a fuck.
  10. Bad experiences can exacerbate an already bad situation. Take some time to process your thoughts before you go through with anything. If you go ahead and end it all though, then I really hope it brings you the peace you seek. The only thing keeping me here is I believe death would be a lot worse than suffering here. Take care mate.
  11. I wish I could join you. I've been toying around with the same idea. I'm starting to think the penis was never really the issue. The real problem is that I'm just not cut out for this shit called life.
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