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  1. Resolute.

    I'll start by saying that if any of you, especially those of you that were really close to him feel that this post should be removed for whatever reason, let me know, I'll take it down as soon as possible. Res, you and I were not best buds. I don't even claim to know you well. I didn't. So why am I making a post of You? Because the little interaction I had with you on here, you were very kind to me. You made me feel welcome, you responded to my posts in a considerate and humorous manner. That's the you I knew. The little interraction I had with you meant a lot. I hope you have finally found peace mate.
  2. A Big Step for Me Today

  3. A Big Step for Me Today

    Meh! Everyone else doesπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  4. A Big Step for Me Today

    Good luck.
  5. Happy New Year Gentlemen.

    Here's to focusing on making 2018 special πŸ₯ƒπŸΎπŸΊπŸ»
  6. Happy New Year Gentlemen.

    Take care of yourself mate.
  7. Happy New Year Gentlemen.

    Thank you Vic. Hope you had a great start to the year.
  8. Happy New Year Gentlemen.

    I'll start praying for you to win mate✌😎
  9. Small penis stigma video

    Damn. Can't believe Res is no longer with us.
  10. Wishing you wellness and happiness in 2018. πŸ˜‰ Enjoy.
  11. 4.2 inches here. There was a time it truly killed me inside but over time it's consumed me less and less. By that I mean I no longer feel like ending my life because of it, but it still bothers me. The question that keeps popping in my head is why me? Why so short? Looking at my hard on in the mirror is torture, so too is masturbating. It feels so fucking tiny in my hands. I used to get so annoyed with my lack of size that I'd tug on it pretty hard out of frustration. Im going off on my own soon, leaving my parents house. My mother keeps talking about "when you start a family, when you start a family.." meanwhile I don't even entertain approaching women anymore. The pain has caused far too much damage.
  12. So how would one fix stupidity?

    I love your writing mate. You're hilarious. Thanks for the kind words. Yeah I do get plenty of sleep but I wake up feeling tired still, as though I hadn't slept a wink. I still think l genuinely have a very low iq. I never really felt smart even as a kid.
  13. So how would one fix stupidity?

    Yeah I guess i do a lot better outside of the classroom. I prefer doing things practically.
  14. So how would one fix stupidity?

    Hi Vic. I'm mostly very busy trying go get my life on track. School keeps me very busy, I'm still working on moving out, I've been going strong in no fap, and reduced my porn usage. The weight is proving to be very challenging though. How are things your side?
  15. So how would one fix stupidity?

    I don't know. Most times I feel a have an iq of 20 if I'm lucky. I'm slow and it takes me eons to figure out simple things. I can't connect with people on a deep level. I cant express myself in a meanungful way. I'm just dumb, a literal airhead.