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  1. @LaLa Speaking for myself, opening up about the problem would only make me feel worse. It would be like taking off my clothes in public - exposure, not freedom. It's very difficult for men to make themselves vulnerable, even to their own thoughts. I would say that as a man, I would think opening up about the problem would lower my attractiveness in the woman's eyes. It's like an admission of inferiority or losing and is an implicit comparison with my competitors - 99.9% of psychologically and hormonally healthy men would rather die than do this. As Klingsor, my confidence is non-existent and my self-image was destroyed years ago so I have no problems admitting it, at least anonymously. I have mentioned in the past how my personality tends to make the relationship toxic because I go into it feeling contempt for the woman, my thought is basically this: "if you are a woman worth having, why hasn't a capable man snapped you up? Why are you with me? There must be something wrong with you." So it's doomed from the start. A "stable" relationship for me would likely be some form of cuckoldry, but I know that psychologically I wouldn't be able to handle that. Does that make any sense?
  2. I've had this reaction too. I've since learned that women expect the man to be ravenous for them, completely uninhibited with a raging hard-on 24-7 so they can then either brag to their girlfriends how good you are or call you a pig with a little dick. They categorize men into 3 groups: the good, the bad, and the gay. Anything else is incomprehensible to the majority of them (about male sexuality).
  3. @IrmaJean Don't you like Michael Buble? Or is Josh Groban? I can never remember. Anyway I sang this at karaoke many years ago and got applause! It was drunk clapping but still I got some compliments! And yes @YOTH I managed to hit the note at the end or come damn close, despite my monotone
  4. ♪ "I found out how good it fee-ee-eeels...to have your love, o-oh, o-oh" ♫
  5. The porn market can tell you a lot. Videos with Asian women and white men are popular in the same way that white women paired with black men are popular...white men are portrayed as more virile than the Asian men in the same way black men are portrayed as more virile than whites. You can find a lot of Asian cuckoldry videos with white men acting as the "bull" and "BWC" (Big White Cock). The Asian girls I knew in college loved white guys, specifically the Anglo or Nordic varieties. I look like afterbirth and prob radiate small penis vibes plus I have brown eyes which aren't exotic/purebred enough for them anyway. Again, the Incel communities discuss this in great and accurate detail...they regard East Asian (especially Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, etc) and Indian (including all of the peoples of the Indian sub-continent) males as holding the lowest sexual market value (SMV) of all ethnic groups.
  6. Just go to SEA, bro! Just get an Asian wife, bro! Just get a mail order bride, bro! Asian women are all about family, bro! 5 inches is BIG in Asia, bro!
  7. What? Down on all fours suckin' them dicks, huh? Ok, so long as they ask me nicely and extend me some fucking courtesy.
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