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  1. There are 3 sizes: hung, small, and micro. Hung guys are desired for no strings attached (nsa) fucking of every variety. Everyone else is left to deal with emotional drama.
  2. Explicit photos are not allowed on the forum...it’s only a matter of time before a moderator gets involved. But before it’s deleted, that’s an average/normal dick for “relationships”. It’s normal for a sexual beta. It’s normal for a “provider”. It’s normal for making babies. It’s small for the hookup scene and casual sex encounters.
  3. There are some important distinctions to unpack in this which I’m not comfortable discussing openly for privacy reasons and also because it generates a lot of emotional discussion. I promised the moderators a few years ago I wouldn’t cause any more problems here. If this has any interest to you or you have questions PM me, otherwise I’m probably going to take a hiatus from here. Take care.
  4. @divorced for the most part I am indifferent to politics. I’m too jaded and cynical to believe any of it makes much difference. I don’t really care who’s running the carnival as long as I have personal access to quiet and solitude. When I was younger, I was full of a lot of rage, and I was a firm advocate of eugenics and euthanasia centers like in soylent green. To an extent I still am, not so much out of anger, but out of mercy for people like me who are destined for nothing but loserdom in the world. Some people don’t belong in this life and it’s apparent from grade school. It would be a mercy to kill them in the womb. However, this brings up another point I’ve spoken about, which is namely the necessity of losers for the winners. The two compliment each other and the polarity requires both terms. You see this on display with “conservatives” who will scream about abortion then ridicule and relentlessly make fun of the less fortunate.
  5. Yes I have and that’s a good way of putting it. I don’t know. Economics is second only to team sports in the list of things I find excruciatingly boring. Socialism only interests me to the extent of questions regarding private property and individual rights because I generally can’t stand people or dealing with the public. Marxism-Leninism is a hydra that employs dialectical thinking so a straightforward analysis is difficult in any event and impossible in an online forum discussion. I didn’t intend to open this line of conversation although I probably should have foreseen it. I merely made the comment as hyperbole to make a point.
  6. Yes ^^^. It’s why a prostitute would be unfulfilling to me. I’ve discussed this with others in the past. The fact that I would have to pay to get it destroys any urge to have sex. It’s a validation that you can’t get sex normally so you have to pay for it.
  7. I’m sorry that happened to you. I’m not a jock and was never part of the culture but I was forced to be in PE class and then saw it on full display in college. So what did you think of that status system in the context of your experiences? Also, how did the “big shot” come to be established that way? For many men like myself this status system is an ineradicable source of inferiority and self hatred that never goes away even years beyond high school.
  8. Yes! That is the entire point! Where is the disconnect in the discussion?? Did you read that article I linked in the independent? What is so impossibly difficult to understand about this? How can it birth this much discussion over something so fundamentally simple. That is what puzzles me to this day.
  9. It’s ok. I’m weary of discussing this. It’s endless repetitive talk talk talk that changes nothing.
  10. In that case everyone who’s ever posted or visited this forum is simply suffering from megalomania.
  11. To my knowledge Marxism itself makes no mention of sexual relations in explicit terms. Communism is not a liberal system. In actual practice, it resembles Puritanism more than anything, at least regarding social morals. It claimed to be a reaction against Bourgeois decadence, which included sexual liberation and feminism. Prostitution was in theory banned in the Soviet Union after the revolution; social problems like drugs, prostitution, crime, etc were attributed to capitalism and the bourgeoisie. People falling into these categories, including homosexuals and the mentally ill, were arrested and sent to camps as “anti-social elements”. Contrary to popular belief, Puritanism did not condemn sexuality as such, only deviant sexuality. In fact the celebration of sexuality had historical roots from the Reformation as something given to humans by god, in contrast to what had been taught until that time by the church portraying sex as something evil (as well as priestly celibacy). Children were encouraged and expected from all healthy adults - exactly the same as communism. Also contrary to popular belief, it was Protestants and later puritans who effected laws basically absolving women of any obligations of the marriage vow if the man was impotent or could not perform. Impotence was seen as shameful and a disgrace, abnormal, even an indication of homosexuality. I honestly don’t know much beyond these connections. I do know the communists were as invested in a “Superman” as much as the Nazis were, they called it the “New Man” or something similar, and the propaganda posters always showed something identical to the Nazi ubermensch...big muscular arms, strong jawline, big chest, etc. I doubt penis size was discussed very much...but the theoretical equality of men and women, a similar view of male impotence, and the ease of obtaining a divorce in the system ensured woman’s ability to find sexually satisfactory men. I would assume.
  12. Lol @divorced I knew it. Out of everything I wrote last night that’s the one that caught your attention. Because it would mean in practice women would not have access to big cock anymore. Just little pencil dicks like me. Equality and fairness and justice...my goodness all that stuff is just great and noble until it touches on sexuality then it’s complete social Darwinism survival of the fittest. After all, if you can’t pick up women or satisfy them sexually you’re just a creep. You’ve been marked by the gods, you’re evil, defective, the most diabolical of all creatures - dare one say it - an incel.
  13. The fact he was successful in business does not make him an “alpha”. Oprah Winfrey is a billionaire too. Is she an “alpha” male? There are a million definitions to fit that label and every guy you meet has their own. Incels and beta males will claim it’s “hard work” or “integrity” or a dozen other equally bland abstractions that have nothing to do with sexuality.
  14. Yes you are right. Completely. Money certainly does make all the difference in the world. It obviously gave this man a great sense of proportion. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6777961/Billionaire-diamond-trader-65-dies-penis-enlargement-surgery.html
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