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  1. The fact he was successful in business does not make him an “alpha”. Oprah Winfrey is a billionaire too. Is she an “alpha” male? There are a million definitions to fit that label and every guy you meet has their own. Incels and beta males will claim it’s “hard work” or “integrity” or a dozen other equally bland abstractions that have nothing to do with sexuality.
  2. Yes you are right. Completely. Money certainly does make all the difference in the world. It obviously gave this man a great sense of proportion. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6777961/Billionaire-diamond-trader-65-dies-penis-enlargement-surgery.html
  3. People have accused me of being misogynist when I’m the least misogynist man here. I place the blame where it squarely belongs - big penis men and their “bros”. That’s my crime. I’ve provoked some massive flame wars in the past by stating this. It drives some men into a rage, those who believe in some imaginary pile of horseshit like the “bro code”. If there weren’t any men with big penises, SPS wouldn’t be an issue. In that sense, I’m a sexual Marxist. Down with the cocktocracy. ✊
  4. What is your point? That’s exactly what I said. Who has ever said anything in here about marriage? What male in here complaining about his dick cares about marriage or children?
  5. In my humble opinion, this is the reason, the basis, the root of all SPS: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/penis-size-does-matter-in-the-locker-room-at-least-9202855.html I have been posting articles like that for 5 years and the guys here do one of two things - ignore it or fly into a rage. The whole phenomena begins and ends with well hung males, who, as the article points out, are “outed” to women by their friends. The crime that I’m indicted for is the fact that I’m envious. As a small dick man you better accept your fucking place in the “cocktocracy” and give your superiors proper respect. Women are intently observant of the social hierarchy among a group of males and can instantly spot who the leader is, strictly by the behavior of the other males in the group. By laughing and constantly bringing up a “mate’s” big dick, it’s signaling a social cue to any women who may be watching that the well hung guy is desirable in some way, and inevitably they associate a big dick with alpha status. After a long enough time, a big dick is genuinely required to grab attention. There also seems to be an extremely fine line between what straight males would consider as “gay” and what they would consider as jovial locker room banter, and sexual prowess or sexual activity seems to be a strong determinant of that. As for me, I could never joke or be around another hung guy. It makes me just want to smash their face in. To answer your question divorced, it’s competition. It’s an attack on the core of a man’s identity and self worth. It’s the equivalent of accusing a woman of being a shitty mother who’s only fit to produce average or below average/sickly children.
  6. To conclude the example above, (and the reason I chose to spread the population across 10 largest cities, not the entire geographical extent of the country) considering any one of those 348,453 women to be on an app like tinder browsing within the Dallas radius, and recalling that the overall population of females to males in the USA is roughly 1:1, we can assume that the woman would only have to “swipe left” 20 times for her cherries to line up and hit the jackpot. Conversely, that one guy has access to (theoretically) over a quarter million potential women for casual sex. It stretches credulity to say it’s impossible in 2019 for one well hung confident young guy to service hundreds of women. Smartphones and hookup apps have transformed sex relations fundamentally. Parenthetically, most women and even some men have no trouble admitting this Pareto principle when the shoe is on the other foot, in which case it’s characterized as medieval, oppressive, cruel. I don’t really give a shit in any case since men like me lose out no matter what...whether the “alpha” is conceived as a savage chest-beating gorilla patriarch with his harem of females or a horse-hung pot-smoking “Netflix and chill” free-love gigolo. In both cases, women are the prize, for which they have to do absolutely nothing except exist.
  7. “There simply aren’t enough to go around.” Let’s take the population of the United States as a basis using the 2018 national census (CIA Factbook). In November of 2018 the population of males aged 15-54 was 86,742,625 while females aged 15-54 numbered 85,472,325. Ratio of males to females is almost 1:1. If we take the Ansell condom company average penis size numbers as a reference since these numbers were obtained from a random sampling of nightclub attendees in Cancun Mexico (assume sexually active men), this means 5% of men will have an erect penis greater than 7.52” (avg=5.877, SD=0.852). Applying this to the total pop of men in the us aged 15-54, it means 4,337,131 men will have a penis larger than 7.52”. If we further take the 2017 pop estimates of the 10 largest cities in the us and calculate the city pop as a percentage of the total pop, we can then take that percentage and calculate a breakdown of men with penises > 7.52” and the total female pop of each city, assuming they are spread proportionally to the total city percentage. This breaks down to approximately 1 male to 20 females. Taking Dallas for instance, it means there are 17,682 males with penises > 7.52” available to service 348,453 women. That is not unreasonable and I’ve personalky known men who have had hundreds of casual sexual partners. The “evolutionary” argument is often cited as proof this isn’t happening because it commits a massive error: animals do not possess rationality or contraceptives. Humans do. That’s the entire point of sexual education and pro-choice. The patterns of thought that are activated when evaluating a mate for child rearing are entirely different from those evaluating a casual hookup partner.
  8. First off, thank you for being honest. This is the essence of SPS and it’s the reason I think why many women have such a difficult time understanding it. No man, if he’s honest with himself, ever wants to hear this. And I think it’s as hard for most men to wrap their heads around what you’ve just said as it is for women understanding SPS. Even cuckoldry itself, and even if the man enjoys it, is based in the competitive, sportive aspect of sexuality with the woman’s reactions being the discriminator. It’s a direct, visceral confirmation of a man’s sense of self worth. And it applies, possibly even more so, to the gay and transsexual communities where small penis avoidance and ridicule is brutal.
  9. So again, I ask you: what is your advice for small penis men?
  10. So RuthAnn what is your advice? Let’s assume for the moment that your husband decided to be open with you about his small penis insecurities instead of allowing it to fester and matastisize like a brain tumor until the obsession drove him to suck huge dicks. Let’s assume he came to you with the idea of trying new sex positions to compensate for a small dick, with the sole motivation of pleasing YOU, of improving YOUR sexual experience, and your response is, “honey, I’m sorry but you’re stuck with either giving me oral sex or throwing my legs over my head which is uncomfortable sometimes. Only men bigger than you can do normal sex positions successfully.” What are the man’s options at this point? Cuckoldry or sexual repression which normally manifests in men as either homosexuality or resentment/anger. All because of a physical characteristic that he has absolutely no control over and that only inhibits his ability to satisfy YOU sexually.
  11. I’m so sorry, I remember you shared a photograph of him in your blog and he looked like a very kind, decent man. I’m sorry if I caused any problems in here around that time that added to your stress. I can’t remember but if I did I apologize. That’s wonderful about getting a new place. If I was close I’d help you fix up your house, I like doing that type of work. I go through an internal dialogue almost on a daily basis of reasons to quit or stay at my job. The only reason I stay is to buy my own house for the same reasons you mention. I work to escape work. Seems like a broken formula written out. Well I wish you success on everything and hope everyone in your family is ok.
  12. So how’s your life going @IrmaJean? Haven’t spoken to you in a while.
  13. Thanks jazzy 💋 Life is the theater of the absurd Sorry for repelling more members from the forum
  14. @LaLa just delete the thread please if it’s not too much trouble. I’ve causef another ruckus for the 9,000,000,000th time.
  15. Bye guys. Keep your peckers up.
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