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  1. My so called life

  2. My so called life

    Sorry you're feeling down man. I had made some New Years resolutions but they fizzled out. So that has depressed me. Plus no work holidays except Presidents' Day for like another 5 months. Like starving rats, clawing and climbing over each other for a bigger crumb of cheese.
  3. My so called life

    Happy birthday small!
  4. My so called life

    That's great small. I think you will enjoy them
  5. My so called life

    I was just teasing...I figured my stupidity was at the root of the problem, it normally is.
  6. My so called life

    I can't find the blog, are we no longer friends?
  7. Small Penis Sexual Experience Poll

    Pdx - from the photographs you posted of yourself I don't see any reason why you can't have a fun, fulfilling relationship with this girl. If I met you and her walking along the sidewalk it would inspire envy in me. It would not be accurate to compare my story to the majority of men, I represent a limit that few reach.
  8. Small Penis Sexual Experience Poll

    I'm an insecure and inferior person so they ended in failures. That story is a dead horse beaten beyond recognition and doesn't apply to anyone but me so I don't want to discuss it again. Thanks for asking though. Take care.
  9. Small Penis Sexual Experience Poll

    She looks like a nice person Pdx, congratulations. Having a girlfriend can really make a guy feel like a million bucks and change his outlook on a lot of things. At least it did for me. Take care.
  10. My so called life

    Small, I'm familiar with the poem, but I confess the music has become so adulterated that I prefer the poem. It does express the nature of fate quite well. Yoth, I used to skype with small and resolute fairly regularly. We did voice calls, no video chats. I'm kind of awkward in phone calls and hate my voice, so just be aware of that. But yeah, we could skype sometime maybe.
  11. My so called life

    I appreciate everyone who takes the time to talk with me on here. I actually check this site every morning when I wake up and throughout the day as I can during work. I do not speak with any other human beings regularly outside of work except for this place. I had a horrible virus of some kind last week, and I honestly prayed it was something terminal. That sounds horrible I guess but I did. I just want to sleep and never have to wake up. Every single day is such a goddamn fight with myself.
  12. My so called life

    Yoth - I might do that. I'm a very paranoid person so I'd probably get a post office box in another town in my state. Packages delivered to a residence really just depend on the service and particular delivery person. Some drivers are assholes and don't care where they leave it while some try to do a good job. I'm not a big candy eater, I'd prefer something like crackers (biscuits) or English mustard...something on those lines if we actually did that. American food is processed shit in plastic containers and bags so I could send you some homemade jams or something.
  13. My so called life

    The problem is that everything is politicized now. There are no longer differences of opinion, but differences of reality. Us versus them. I knew phrasing the comment the way I did was going to create some feisty dialogue, but I didn't think it would create a shitstorm. I don't know what to think anymore. I'm not a happy person and my life sucks. Pretending otherwise only pisses me off. Starvation is the only thing that separates me from the conventionally downtrodden, but it comes at the cost of spiritual, mental, and emotional nourishment, and even physical nourishment in a way because I'm too exhausted to improve my health, if it were even possible considering my existing issues. I apologize for starting the whole mess. I don't think anyone here has an issue with you personally - I'm usually considered as the dark presence who brings out the worst in people. I've been accused of that irl, haha. But I can't help what I am. Again it's illustrative of what led to discussions about such diverse things as determinism on the forum with resolute. Everything is integral and connected. Am I a broken, scrawny piece of shit because I'm a piece of shit? Moralism. Social contracts. Childhood seems like a million years ago. My existence was much simpler then and a much smaller part of a much bigger world.
  14. My so called life

    What can I say? I'm cough syrup living in a cotton candy world. I've said for years I was going to leave the community and never return, but I always do. I don't know why. I only use my dick these days to urinate. Just trying to have some fun but as usual I'm the monster under the bed. If it makes you feel any better, I'm not in good health and my life is a social and financial void.
  15. A Big Step for Me Today

    I completely agree.