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  1. Klingsor

    Let's do a new game

    I asked Beth to delete it because it wouldn’t accomplish anything except to drive people into a rage because “Trump”. Besides, Jessie has already discussed this: So yes. I voted for Trump, Hitler, Mussolini, Napoleon and every other “literally Hitler” throughout history because I have a small penis. Because I’m evil. Because I have a small penis. No one who doesn’t have SPS genuinely cares about this problem or even acknowledges it’s a problem unless it’s to use as an insult. Anyway, my point missed it’s mark. It was dumb of me to even try. If anyone just has a bizarre, burning desire to talk to me you can reach me through the messaging feature. Apologies if anything I said offended or triggered anyone.
  2. Klingsor

    Let's do a new game

  3. Klingsor

    WhatsApp (Edit: Not Zoom)

    One idea that’s been mulling around in my mind is working together as a group to make money. If you can’t have a big cock, wealth is the next best thing for getting respect on this spinning rock. If that’s too vain for you and puts you off, well consider this: with money you can afford to do things you actually enjoy to take your mind off SPS and possibly make your livelihood into something that is healthy for you instead of cubicle or office hell with a bunch of adolescent twats who never grew up. I’ve had a couple ideas that I’d share in a private setting with verified community members. Maybe this doesn’t resonate with anyone, but just like sex, money - if you never had any and don’t get any now - becomes that shining star always out of reach that everybody else seems to be able to touch, at least occasionally.
  4. Klingsor

    WhatsApp (Edit: Not Zoom)

    I ageee. Hearing a voice makes the dialogue more than an abstraction. I’m not a good conversationalist as Yoth will probably attest, especially 1 on 1, but I’m also available if anyone needs support. I listen well and don’t judge.
  5. Klingsor

    Small penii in media

    So do I. Nobody laughs at you. You aren’t a lunatic. And what you said earlier about me or small of resolute or whoever being above you, well I’m an autistic, borderline, manic depressive, neurotic, misanthropic, barely functioning, probably bisexual, obsessive compulsive, scrawny piece of shit with a small penis and no life. I originally joined to rage. I’m an angry person and a frustrated person and I came here to impotently rage. But that’s selfish and doesn’t do anything. I’m genuinely remorseful over the fact that my posts over the years probably made people leave. I see now that it’s me and my inability to trust other people and even like other people. But at the root it’s self hatred. I can’t rememvet who but someone once said that all hatred is really self hatred at the root. You’ve helped people and people like you Yoth, you make an effort to be friendly. That’s a defect in my prssonalitu, probably because of how I was brought up where every motherucking goddamn thing is a contest, a pissing match, and dick measuring contest. It’s so pervasive that people don’t even realize it anymore. DRK once asked me if my mind was “so corrupted” by porn and bullshit that I couldn’t find joy in anything. He’s probably correct. I’m a fucking wreck.
  6. Klingsor

    "Outed" at Work/School: Coping

    I basically got caught up in a conversation about hookup culture, how kids in middle school are sending dick and pussy pics to one another in the fifth grade or earlier. I got aggravated because I couldn’t get away and had to listen to this bullshit for an hour. So I cracked and made some comments that I otherwise wouldn’t have made. I work with people whose maturity stopped at 16 and it gets on my nerves.
  7. Klingsor

    Let's do a new game

  8. Klingsor

    Let's do a new game

  9. Klingsor

    "Outed" at Work/School: Coping

    I'll PM you. If I go into details it would ID me for sure if any coworkers go on this site (extremely unlikely).
  10. Klingsor

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    That sounds miserable Yoth. I drink sometimes but I like pills more than anything.
  11. Klingsor

    "Outed" at Work/School: Coping

    Irma it's a combination of the culture, the industry, and just the general environment. I'm looking at cities in other parts of the country where I might like to live. I would be wholeheartedly behind a UBI program for the USA if it could be made sustainable.
  12. Klingsor

    "Outed" at Work/School: Coping

    Here's the catch-22 with all this stuff: the kind of people we're discussing are like adolescents, the kind of humor they engage in centers on bodily functions and sex. But if you focus on dick size to an excessive extent or make too much of it, you'll be accused of being gay, since "only fags care about that". Yet they constantly joke about it and make comments and any one of them will brag if they have a big one. From my perspective, the best advice I can give a young man is to do everything possible to become physically strong and learn how to fight within the limits of your genetics. It's the only way you'll ever be respected, especially if you're forced to work in a male dominated workplace. Usually those environments will be "rough" by default just because it attracts men, and it's usually the most stupid and adolescent. All they respect is force. Intellect and sensitivity are considered weakness. These are the types of people who search for "SHARK VS. LION: WATCH WHAT HAPPENS" type shit on YouTube. They live for confrontation.
  13. Klingsor

    "Outed" at Work/School: Coping

    Hey Yoth - thanks for sharing that story about prison. That's one reason why I never tried out for any sports or hung around other guys a lot. I was terrified of the locker/shower room because of the torment I'd taken there in school. The only live chat I've ever used is Skype, it's a microsoft product that's kind of shitty. If you have other recommendations that are anonymous please let me know. P.S. I'm not suicidal right now or anything, at least no more so than normal. I hope it didn't come across that way, I just thought this thread needed to be created based on past experiences.
  14. Klingsor

    "Outed" at Work/School: Coping

    That's the overwhelming picture one forms of the situation. You are dealing constantly with adolescents.