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  1. It’s all in your head. You obviously misinterpreted something.
  2. 🍾 Merry Christmas, Small 🎄 ~ Klingsor the Putrid, the Lugubrious, Lord of the Seven Bowls, Guardian of the Hidden Fruits of Erised, Deepest Throat of the Five Kingdoms, Beacon of the Fleshly Parapets, etc. et al
  3. Thanks Vic. I do try believe it or not. But after so much the will atrophies. Like a chained dog.
  4. If I sit down on the toilet to piss and it’s cold so that my nuts are retracted, I have to physically push my dick down toward the bowl to keep from pissing all over the seat and onto the floor. Like a fucking child. Next door to me they are remodeling a vacant house. I watched three different workers take a piss behind the garage the other day and realized none of them will ever spend one second dealing with this bullshit. No matter what turn their health takes or what drama unfolds in their life, they will never know this kind of continual humiliation and insecurity as a man. Even the phrase “whip your dick out” is a joke to me. I have nothing to whip out, it just pokes. These young guys looked like they were reeling out a fucking fire hose the way they were moving and reaching. It used to make me punch walls and destroy things. Now I’m just ready to check the fuck out.
  5. An interesting clip with the animator Chuck Jones thought I'd share. Might provide motivation for somebody. The way he describes himself at the beginning is exactly me...middle of the road failure. I've just never been able to assume his frame of mind at the end. How lucky he was the career he chose.
  6. @Victimorthecrime job bullshit isn't solely because of SPS but that's one of the biggest contributors. I'm just a total failure at every fucking thing. I don't blame the old buzzard for making the joke, he was just trying to be friendly in his way. Telling a joke like that is a common thing for men to do around here to break the ice with other men they don't know. Or hell maybe he did feel my small dick vibrations. Who the fuck knows.
  7. Today I was outside doing yardwork. I've lived at this location for 2 years and never met my neighbors. One of my neighbors saw me outside and ambled over to introduce himself; retired, middle-class, mid-60's I would guess. We shake hands, small talk....blah blah bullshit bullshit....until he finally gets around to asking what he wants to know, "Yeah I used to see you coming and going every day but then the last couple months I thought maybe you went to nights or something." Explain I'm between jobs. Ok. Of course it turns out that this fellow is connected by blood with the management at a client** I used to work with 6 years ago at a previous job, asks for my resume. Ostensibly to help. Then he has to tell me about his successful son, son-in-law, grandsons, etc. I don't know why these old retired bastards feel the need to do this. Bear in mind that my horrid work history is directly related to all the shit I post about on here...confidence, small dick, masculine identity. So we're standing next to the road, and another guy stops beside us in his vehicle. He's another local man who knows the neighbor. Probably early-70's, blue-collar, owns a local blue-collar business. So the three of us stand there and shoot the shit for a while (mainly they talk and I just stand there with a rake in my hand like a fucking moron because that's how these interactions go with me). Well the old guy who stopped gets ready to leave, but as he's leaving he tells a similar version of this joke: A young couple left their wedding reception, arriving at the hotel for the first night of their honeymoon. They cracked the champagne and began undressing. When the bridegroom removed his socks, his new wife said, "Your toes look all mangled and funny." " I had tolio as a child," the husband replied. "You mean polio? " she asked. "No, the disease only affected my toes." The bride was satisfied with this, and they continued undressing. When the groom took off his pants, his bride exclaimed, "What's wrong with your knees? They're all lumpy and deformed!" "As a child, I also had kneasles," he explained. "You mean measles?" she asked. " No, kneasles. It was a strange illness that only affected my knees." The new bride was satisfied with this answer. As the undressing continued,her husband removed his undies. "Let me guess, " the wife said. "Smallcox?" Now let me make this clear for anyone who can't read - I have never met or clapped eyes on these men before today. This is the obligatory dirty joke male bonding thing. It could've been one about fat women, whores, etc. But it had to be this one. No I am not saying that I think the guy knew I had a small cock. I'm simply stating another fact in support of what I've argued here for years. Sure it's funny, but what do you do when your entire life is fucked up because you are literally the punchline of this joke? I don't really give a fuck if anyone believes this or not. I won't delete this because it illustrates perfectly the vicious circle I have tried to describe between male dominated work environments, confidence, marriage, success at a career, and cock size and how it's all interconnected and one vicious circle. Maybe it's a cultural thing. I don't know. I live in oil country and this is the petrochemical industry I'm talking about. But I think the "it's just culture" argument is horseshit. How can I relate so well to this scene written by an Italian from Queens if it's cultural? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAReS2JnJ18 ** This guy is related to an individual I was forced to go golfing with at the local country club one time. During this golf trip, I was teamed up with this individual and two others, all middle-upper managers at a large manufacturing firm. I don't remember the full context of the conversation now, but I distinctly and clearly remember two of them at one point discussing some guy who worked at the country club and one described him in these exact words, "oh yeah the stud with the little pecker". I took that to mean he had a ripped physique to compensate for a small dick. I chugged bourbon and pretended I didn't hear it, although I was mortified. That was right around the time I joined this forum. Of course, I'll be told that I'm taking it all too seriously, that none of this matters as long as a woman wasn't saying it. Which doesn't make one iota of fucking sense to me whatsoever. And yes, I know these feminist harpies can be vicious as hell. But they are one half of the same coin. If you are weak male with no confidence, on social skills, no ability to get laid you will never succeed at any type of meaningful career. No matter how smart you are. You will never make the "bro" connections that are essential for getting ahead. Anyway, people are free to dissect it any way they want or laugh and belittle it. I don't give a fuck. But I won't delete it. It never fucking ends.
  8. Yes, two years ago last August. He didn't have SPS, but like many others Lady Fortune decided to take a massive shit on him anyway. Don't ask me anymore about it; his content is available for your perusal.
  9. Does it genuinely get easier to deal with? I’m in my early thirties now. Being around 18-20 year olds fills me with a mix of strong emotions. I don’t like being around them or seeing them. This is actually what killed resolute...aging, regret. It was the thing that pushed him over the edge. I think he would have been around 36/37 now if he were still alive. I never really thought about it before...it never used to bother me, but within the last two years it hit me hard and abruptly.
  10. Great, thanks for saving me the time LB. I’d bet the Crown Jewels I don’t either. Take care.
  11. That’s great and you’re certainly entitled to do so, but reality couldn’t care less whether you do or you don’t. No need to apologize to me, I realize this is meant to be a support group and that I don’t share the same mentality as everyone else here regarding what that specifically means. And I’m happy for those who can weave perception in such a way that life becomes a great gift, I really am. But unfortunately for me, in order to survive (which seems to be accepted as the most important priority of all human beings), I have to participate in the rat race and be immersed in the booger-picking, fart-smelling, nutsack-grabbing hoi polloi who would find these discussions ludicrous and comical, and who evaluate worth on a biological determinist basis. I do not have a pedigree of high IQ and socio-economic elites, the social connections of upper crust suburbia, professional respect and recognition, athletic abilities, investment portfolios, and all the other compensatory materials that form the foundation for this “wall of rainbows”. But I understand now that I’m unique in that respect and that most men do have that luxury to some degree. Sorry for being a wet turd everyone. I will DESIST now lol and confine my investigations to ThundersPlace and similar sites (where this bullshit isn’t debated) and maybe gain an extra inch of confidence.
  12. This is what I’ve never understood. Guys come here and inevitably make some variation of this statement, yet anywhere outside this forum this stuff is taken for granted. Debating/discussing it in analytical detail would seem ludicrous. As for hierarchical fluidity, that happens all the time in nature...at some point the alpha male is challenged and overtaken by a younger, stronger, better usurper. It doesn’t change for humans, just becomes more complex. In developing nations and economically distressed places, all a man has is his body. That’s his only socio-economic capital. Portfolios and investments protected by a mountain of abstract legalisms wielded by an army of attorneys means zero. Nothing.
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