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  1. Klingsor

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    You're exactly right victim. The only thing I'll say about the current "culture war" is that I sincerely hope every rich fat pig and limousine liberal who went to private school and never had to hold a real job and deal with the endless daily bullshit or mix with the proles gets strung up by their balls and shot. The Middle Ages provided monasteries as a refuge for people like me, losers who couldn't deal with the world or succeed. Now you MUST be part of the world so that the rest of society can get its ego boost and provide context for fucking and eating and being merry like hogs.
  2. Klingsor

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Has anyone else realized that homosexuality as a political fulcrum functions the same way as the abortion/suicide debate? If a guy is unable to attract women, his only purpose in life is to act as a benchmark for all the "normal dudes" and be a punchline. Same as losers in life who would be much happier aborted or euthanized. So we scream for right to life and make "God hates fags" posters postulating homosexuality as the root of all destruction. All so we can laugh at the mentally retarded, the socially awkward, the involuntary celibate, the gay guy who finds women unattractive for whatever reason. It isn't enough to simply have their cake, they have to eat it too and make unlucky people feel like complete shit. I listened to 4 MALE coworkers make jokes for 10 minutes yesterday about penis size. Not women, men. It was a sausage party and all they discussed were sausages. All married, all fathers. Except me. I have to stand there and just smile and pretend. But being gay is not an option. You have to be straight so we can feel like real men because you can't get pussy because my dick is bigger than yours. Just like you have to be born so we can laugh and say, "I'm glad I'm not *THAT* guy, HAHAHA. Mm, abortion -- VERY BAD. EVIL." There's no point posting about this in the SPS forum. I'll be given a hundred reasons why I'm wrong or that I should ignore it.
  3. Big penises are desirable to women, wives, straight men, gay men, athletes, etc, etc. No man with a big one would voluntarily trade it for a smaller one, even if it were possible. One can either accept the reality of a small dick and live life as best as possible (or total avoidance if they are financially independent), or one can live in rage and hate and envy and eventually go mad and/or self destruct. The day a non-invasive, medically approved enhancement method is invented will be the day everyone's problems are solved because it will be the age of free energy, creatio ex nihilo. It will imply a paradigm shift in biology and medicine. MrsA has demonstrated that men with big penises will always possess more sexual capital than the rest of us no matter how hard we work at it...so what's the point. It's unfair, but that's life. Everything about life is unfair, and it's sure as fuck not a gift.
  4. Here's penis size set to music. I think it probably starts out about 4.5" and needle thin like mine and ends with a massive 10x7 college stoner athlete dude's dick.
  5. Klingsor

    Job fears

    There was a time when I enjoyed what I nominally do. I was young and extremely naive and starry eyed. I started work and quickly realized any individual with the slightest particle of drive to do a good job, to innovate, or genuinely live up to their job description is simply chewed up and spat back out once burnout has set in. The bean counters and management have destroyed all incentive to innovate. It's all about turf protection. The highest paid professionals in an organization now (besides sales) are those hired to eliminate "waste" and implement "lean operations", I.e. Hatchet men. All this means is that companies are paying shit loads of money to figure out ways to distribute a greater number of tasks to a smaller number of people. All this bullshit about "integration" and "breaking down barriers" to increase productivity is corporate double-speak that just means fewer employees will each share a greater burden of work for the same amount of pay.
  6. Klingsor

    Job fears

    "I have my own theory about why the decline happens at companies like IBM or Microsoft. The company does a great job, innovates and becomes a monopoly or close to it in some field, and then the quality of the product becomes less important. The company starts valuing the great salesmen, because they're the ones who can move the needle on revenues, not the product engineers and designers. So the salespeople end up running the company." - Steve Jobs, 1995 Love him or hate him, this is exactly why Jobs earned his place as a visionary. This is so true. And it's exactly what makes working in modern corporate structures so hellish. Sycophantic middle managers and palm greasing, smooth talking sociopathic salespeople run everything. It's all a massive social network that has nothing to do with race, gender, nationality...the successful ones are as flexible as snakes - morally, intellectually, and ideologically.
  7. Klingsor

    My announcement

    I understand what this feels like. I'm feeling it right now. It's what led me to post in this community in the first place, a need to express my anger and frustration. I can only speak for myself, but I often don't know what to say or I'm just too exhausted to compose anything of substance or I simply find no point to posting a comment. I know IrmaJean stays busy and works a lot plus this is not a huge web community which is why I like it and feel moderately comfortable posting here. Regarding job shit, I've had to deal with seeing a girl I really liked fucking another coworker in an empty office. Sex is ubiquitous in Western society like death and taxes. It's the sixth basic food group.
  8. Klingsor

    Job fears

    I shouldn't have hijacked small's thread. I'm better today now I have a long weekend. I plan to blog about my work this weekend and other things to tie the strands of thought together and the environment I constantly deal with. Plus it's already in the 90's here and forecasted to be f***ing triple digits next week already and it's not even June. I absolutely loathe this time of the year. I hate hot weather and everything about it. It puts me in an even more irritable mood than usual.
  9. Klingsor

    My so called life

    It comes down to figuring out how to support myself because I'm probably going to be fired or put in a situation where I'm forced to quit. By this point I'm ready to just pack it all up, take a handful of sleeping pills and starve to death somewhere. I'm incapable of functioning with other people.
  10. Klingsor

    My so called life

    I'm miserable too.
  11. Klingsor


    My problems with SPS and pornography and depression have had the same consequences for me. I'm 31 and what you describe is exactly my life. I'm dead for all practical purposes now. If I had access to anything that could make me feel worth living I'd take it. Sorry you're having a bad time. I'll be your friend for whatever that's worth. I'll stop commenting now, I just strongly identify with how you describe your life. Take care
  12. Klingsor


    Small star there is no one living who is not selfish with their feelings. People may be selfless in act and possessions but no one wants to constantly all the time feel like shit...depressed, inferior, hopeless, lonely... whatever. Libraries are overflowing with self help literature on precisely that - making us feel good about ourselves. That's not selfish it's self preservation and sanity. I don't do narcotics but am so mired in fantasy and pornography that its become habitual.