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  1. Beth it wouldn’t help and I wouldn’t know how. I have extreme social anxiety. I’m 32 and the textbook definition of failure. The only people I’d be comfortable around are other failures, and if that’s the glue of friendship I don’t see how it can provide anything but negative validation. I’m dead flesh that reacts to an electric prod. There is nothing inside to express. Anyone that has achieved any form of self actualization or success I envy and don’t like being around them because it’s just a negative affirmation.
  2. Yes Jazz you are right. I’ve come to the conclusion that the internet is an immense, labyrinthine social control and social engineering construct. A vast psychological operation. Controlled and managed by scattered gatekeepers. I truly think this was the purpose of some recent internet recruitment operations utilizing puzzles (cicada) - recruit suitable acolytes for initiation as these gatekeepers. One intended consequence is to drive vulnerable people insane and even to violence if possible. These trolls remind me of certain boys I went to school with who were always going to the website rotten.com and loved South Park. They don’t fit contemporary political labels and believe in nothing except their unbelief. Bots come into play to a greater sophistication than we’re led to believe I think.
  3. The problem Beth is that I have no real life human contact outside of work. Therefore I spend an unhealthy amount of time on the internet. Internet culture is the worst of human nature on full display. Being hypersensitive, I can’t deal with it. It’s just another swing of the pendulum. If I can survive summer it’ll swing back and another year will pass and I’ll be one year older and staring at the same flat ocean in the same cramped boat complaint about the same things. Until the kraken finally catches up and eats me since I’m too lily livered to just jump as I e proven to myself.
  4. Nothing makes sense to me. Every day is a waking neurotic nightmare.
  5. There are 3 sizes: hung, small, and micro. Hung guys are desired for no strings attached (nsa) fucking of every variety. Everyone else is left to deal with emotional drama.
  6. Explicit photos are not allowed on the forum...it’s only a matter of time before a moderator gets involved. But before it’s deleted, that’s an average/normal dick for “relationships”. It’s normal for a sexual beta. It’s normal for a “provider”. It’s normal for making babies. It’s small for the hookup scene and casual sex encounters.
  7. There are some important distinctions to unpack in this which I’m not comfortable discussing openly for privacy reasons and also because it generates a lot of emotional discussion. I promised the moderators a few years ago I wouldn’t cause any more problems here. If this has any interest to you or you have questions PM me, otherwise I’m probably going to take a hiatus from here. Take care.
  8. @divorced for the most part I am indifferent to politics. I’m too jaded and cynical to believe any of it makes much difference. I don’t really care who’s running the carnival as long as I have personal access to quiet and solitude. When I was younger, I was full of a lot of rage, and I was a firm advocate of eugenics and euthanasia centers like in soylent green. To an extent I still am, not so much out of anger, but out of mercy for people like me who are destined for nothing but loserdom in the world. Some people don’t belong in this life and it’s apparent from grade school. It would be a mercy to kill them in the womb. However, this brings up another point I’ve spoken about, which is namely the necessity of losers for the winners. The two compliment each other and the polarity requires both terms. You see this on display with “conservatives” who will scream about abortion then ridicule and relentlessly make fun of the less fortunate.
  9. Yes I have and that’s a good way of putting it. I don’t know. Economics is second only to team sports in the list of things I find excruciatingly boring. Socialism only interests me to the extent of questions regarding private property and individual rights because I generally can’t stand people or dealing with the public. Marxism-Leninism is a hydra that employs dialectical thinking so a straightforward analysis is difficult in any event and impossible in an online forum discussion. I didn’t intend to open this line of conversation although I probably should have foreseen it. I merely made the comment as hyperbole to make a point.
  10. Yes ^^^. It’s why a prostitute would be unfulfilling to me. I’ve discussed this with others in the past. The fact that I would have to pay to get it destroys any urge to have sex. It’s a validation that you can’t get sex normally so you have to pay for it.
  11. I’m sorry that happened to you. I’m not a jock and was never part of the culture but I was forced to be in PE class and then saw it on full display in college. So what did you think of that status system in the context of your experiences? Also, how did the “big shot” come to be established that way? For many men like myself this status system is an ineradicable source of inferiority and self hatred that never goes away even years beyond high school.
  12. Yes! That is the entire point! Where is the disconnect in the discussion?? Did you read that article I linked in the independent? What is so impossibly difficult to understand about this? How can it birth this much discussion over something so fundamentally simple. That is what puzzles me to this day.
  13. It’s ok. I’m weary of discussing this. It’s endless repetitive talk talk talk that changes nothing.
  14. In that case everyone who’s ever posted or visited this forum is simply suffering from megalomania.
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