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  1. Klingsor

    Tom...a real person

    That right there makes me so sad. I had a bunch of shit written out but it didn't make much sense. I'm tired and mentally drained. It basically said I completely agree with needing a support group, and I would go a step further and say we need activism.
  2. Klingsor

    Tom...a real person

    Yoth -- my condolences. I remember he wanted to get a face-face group going for mutual support. It infuriates me beyond comprehension that his coworkers will suffer zero consquences from this.
  3. Klingsor

    My so called life

    Hey Jazz, while its not quite the same thing, I get where you're coming from. I usually avoid movies that have a lot of overt sexuality or sex as a major theme in the movie.
  4. Klingsor

    My so called life

    The matrix trilogy is one of my favorites too.
  5. Klingsor

    My so called life

    Thanks, jazz. I'll see if the library has that series and check it out, looks really interesting.
  6. Klingsor

    My so called life

    Sorry for droning on, nobody likes the the things I do where I live. I love films and theater.
  7. Klingsor

    My so called life

    Do you have any good "foreign film" suggestions, by foreign I just mean films produced somewhere else than the US?
  8. Klingsor

    My so called life

    Yes that's one of my favorites, I've referenced it before on the forum. It's about self-actualization and identity. Great movie..."they called me Mr. Glass". I watched the Aronofsky movie The black swan this weekend. It was good, but I found the sexuality triggering at times.
  9. Klingsor

    The one about your penis defining you

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/report-kimberly-guilfoyle-left-fox-news-accused-sexual-misconduct-115302551.html Ms. Guilfoyle certainly seems to be under the misapprehension that men connect some level of their being to their penis. But that can't be true, men aren't defined by a piece of meat (unless you're a Republican running for political office, then it's paramount that you prove "there's nothing wrong. Trust me..." so the red-blooded plebs will respect you as an alpha male.) Why then did she engage in this type of behavior? Was she giving female co-workers visual advice on which male might provide the best sex? That can't be true either because I was told penis size doesn't matter in sex. The whole thing is very puzzling. I wonder how the left-wing, man-hating rabid feminists would spin this...technically this woman worked for Fox news, so she's a traitor, a feminist version of an Uncle Tom, but on the other hand, she's objectifying men sexually and thus dealing recompense for the centuries of objectification women had to endure. One thing of which we can all be absolutely certain -- some 22 year old sound engineer or producer reeking of marijuana and Axe body spray with a 10" dick is grinning from ear to ear right now. Honestly, I think the only way to unite the polarized political parties in the US is to find a mixed-race man with an enormous penis. Male sexual prowess seems to be the only thing on which all parties can agree is absolutely essential. P.S. For all of you fortunate enough to live in a bubble or not have to present yourself at these playgrounds of Hell called a JAY OHH BEE, I can assure you this type of shit routinely happens on a daily basis.
  10. Klingsor

    If you can't change your circumstance

    I've been drinking and I miss resolute. He was the only genuine friend other than small I ever thought I had I my life.
  11. Klingsor

    Hell hath no fury...

  12. Klingsor

    Hell hath no fury...

    You are right.
  13. Klingsor

    Hell hath no fury...

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/former-olympian-used-pig-apos-144449175.html "Camberwell Magistrates' Court heard Purbrick used a garden sprayer and several litres of pig's blood to cover the walls with phrases such as whore, lady slut and big d--- lord on May 9." It must be quite a feeling for this smirking Tory lord to be able to drive women this insane at 63 years old. I couldn't make women want me at 23. All it takes is that big ole dick apparently to drive them mad with jealousy. Wonder how many more women will want to have sex with the "Big Dick Lord" now.
  14. Klingsor

    My so called life

    Yeah me too. I'm all rust and no brilliance...hee hee, ha ha, hahaha, AAAHHHAHAHAHA, ah ha ha, hee...hmm. 😐
  15. Klingsor

    My so called life

    I haven't seen that yet but I probably will because I like biopics.