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  1. Embarrased in Front of My Wife

    That's the standard lifecycle of every SPS thread
  2. Embarrased in Front of My Wife

    I hear you. This was discussed some years ago, the alleged distinction between a clitoral and vaginal orgasm. I think you're missing my point - the physiological reaction to the different sizes is subordinate to and preceded by the psychological stimulation provoked. In such a scenario, you are correct, the small dick won't satisfy. But it's possible for a woman to orgasm with nothing more than the palm of her hand. What I'm saying is that the mechanics of the thing are subordinated to the psychological arousal provoked by the idea of a big dick (aesthetics, appearance, conception). It would be edifying to know the sizes of dildos purchased exclusively by women, their own preferences.
  3. Peni in Movies (Does it reinforce SPS?)

    I don't know that it's a conspiracy or deliberate so much as it is simply an expression of the zeitgeist. It's television so by definition it's meant for mass consumption. Sex sells.
  4. Peni in Movies (Does it reinforce SPS?)

    I undertook an image search of those and the Siegel dude doesn't look any bigger than most guys I've seen in a change room. I would say that's average. Ben Afflecks looks like a monster from the angle I could see in the image. I never knew he had a monster. He was in some movie where he played a dude from Boston or other heavily Irish area and he and Matt Damon were in a bar and one of the bar whores he had been dating made a reference to his "Irish curse" or something like that, implicating he had a small dick. I guess the whole movie set got a chuckle out of that and his willingness to play that part.
  5. I would like 9x7, thick at the base uncircumcised. Really my ideal life would be as a gigolo. I saw a young homeless man a few weeks ago at an intersection holding a sign that read, "Seeking donations or a sugar mama". I thought how wonderful it must be to just literally live off the tit, servicing desperate suburban women and getting paid for it. Basically the opposite of a traditional harem. I suppose if I do have problems, it is that I really want to be objectified by women as a sex object. I have no interest in relationships. I just want to be in high demand sexually. That's the answer to my existence: I want to be a man whore, but can't. I guess I need help. Or killed, exterminated like a rodent.
  6. Embarrased in Front of My Wife

    Exactly. It's a male fantasy. Obsession with dick size is a male thing. I've said this for years. It started in the bathhouses and later locker room culture with athletics. Homosexuals made it mainstream. Feminist women naturally picked up on this and realized it could be used as a particularly cruel "pro choice" manifestation of their sexuality. Again, perception shapes the reality...the idea that huge cocks are the best has become so ingrained now in the popular imagination that some women probably truly require one to feel pleasured or satisfied. It is entirely psychological. But cuckoldry, by and large, is a male fantasy.
  7. Embarrased in Front of My Wife

    It's not my intention to make anyone feel like shit. I feel like shit all the time, so I don't know what it's like to live tolerably or what I should or shouldn't post. I'm just trying to get the point across. I honestly don't know how you can draw any sort of equivalency between "big dick problems" and SPS. It's ridiculous. My conclusions on the penis issue are as follows: the brain is the most important sexual organ we have. Perception is reality - knowledge is essentially relational, and although the object is the same in every case, perspective determines the relation. Therefore I think the idea or aesthetic of a large penis matters more than the actual size itself. It's appearances. In the past, it may have been different because large penises were portrayed as comical or animalistic. But today that's no longer the case because modern life is so materialistic, and the idea of bigger is better is so entrenched, the overriding importance attached to appearances. All I know is that not a week goes by that I don't hear some joking reference to penis size at work. Corporate politics is irrelevant - if it's a heavily feminist environment you get the women discussing sexuality openly, if it's a "good ole boy" frat house atmosphere (the kind I'm most familiar with) you get more of the same locker room "heh heh heh, so-so's got a small dick" bullshit. Whats important to remember is that perception is not spontaneous, it's manufactured. The homosexuals made big dick obsession mainstream back in the 60's and 70's. There may have been outliers, but on the whole I don't think it was carried to the extreme it is now, not even among the hoi polloi.
  8. Embarrased in Front of My Wife

    This is from a hookup site for a guy advertising for couples at a large city in Texas, USA. I won't link to the actual ad because he has pics, but he's not lying about the size. The ad could be fake, the pics are not. It begs the question, if it is fake, what would motivate someone to post it? Moreover, although this guy is much more eloquent than most, it's not unique - I masochistically look at these ads all the time, and it's always the same more or less..."hey, horse dick here for your wife's ecstasy..." So here's the text of the ad: **TRIGGER WARNING** **TRIGGER WARNING** age: 32 <q><b>Me: 32, intelligent, educated, handsome, bearded, fit, hung (10 inches and very thick) with stamina and talent to match. I have more than a decade of experience as a bull for cuck couples. I'm seeking a cuckold couple for an ongoing relationship, and I'm very open to training newbies. You: Attractive wife/girlfriend, or Cuckold husband/boyfriend. Let's face it, cuckolding is quickly becoming the standard relationship dynamic of our time. The reason is simple, it is a woman's biological need to be fucked by a superior man. Her body's desires cannot be contained by any amount of religious or social engineering. Women need deeply satisfying sex with attractive, dominant, well-hung men to truly feel happy and at ease, which is why more and more couples are starting to reap the rewards of cuckolding. Do you want to see your wife taken like never before? Do you want to see her with her legs spread wide open, her toes spreading and curling as a giant cock stretches her beyond belief, making her cream and squirt until she goes crosseyed and passes out from sheer bliss? If so, I may be able to help. Please respond with a brief description of yourself and your experience level, as well as some pictures. Make your subject line: "Alphas Play and Betas Pay" I look forward to hearing from you.</q></b>
  9. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    "Life is like a shit sandwich -- the more bread you have the less shit there is to eat."
  10. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Alone, in my own head, surrounded by my fantasies, everything I plan for works out great. In reality, it never does. It's been like this all my life. I had a high school crush whom I only dated successfully in my mind. As stated before I masturbated to thoughts of current girlfriends but couldn't have genuine sex with them. Same with college, every job I've had...alone in my shitty room in my own thoughts I manufacture delusions of grandeur and success then I actually get there and it's just hell. Thats my life - endless fantasy and escapism punctuated by periodic stints at real life when I want to kill myself. Possibly a mood stabilizer might help like you suggested but I don't know. I should get more exercise but I get demotivated watching other guys and give up. I don't know what to do.
  11. Diet/Gym/Health/Sanity

    @R▴SH▴▴N Thanks but it's pointless.
  12. Embarrased in Front of My Wife

    Practically every guy posting here has a non-existent sex life and would sell their soul to feel comfortable and confident in their own fucking skin. Analogy: "Hey kids with Cerebral Palsy, I'm a dude with no behavioral, motor, cognitive, or other unspecified neurological disorders. I'm here to tell you that quality of life is what you make it. Being able to feed, clothe, and shit yourself without help is not all it's cracked up to be. So many responsibilities! You have to deal with bills, a job, ex wives, step kids, angry girlfriends...drama, drama, drama. You guys have it so good! People take care of you 24/7, just think about that! Man I envy you guys...hey, sorry guys, but that hot nurse I met on the way in is giving me "the look", I gotta rush...*eye roll*...see what I mean about responsibility, normality never cuts you a break. You guys are so lucky!"
  13. Embarrased in Front of My Wife

    This surprises me...based on your sage advice to other SPS folks, I thought a guy having an "above average penis in length and girth" is terrifying and disheartening to women. Not sure why you'd want to show yours off. I thought "Big Dick Problems" were the worst. I'm generally confused why you post here. But I can only imagine the grin it must put on your face to read these posts about penis pumps, ball stretchers, anxious husbands and glee over 0.1" size gains.
  14. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    My life in one concise paragraph
  15. Diet/Gym/Health/Sanity

    I'm trying to go to the gym. Depression and anxiety keep me from it though. What are your thoughts on the nutriment/diet of kids and adolescents affecting their penis development, Yoth? I think it plays an important role. There used to be a member named Jessie who posted here with great insights about such questions. He was level headed and had a sad story. I guess he's dead now too. I miss him, I liked him a lot.