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  1. It really annoys me when I see people blaming some abstract entity when humans behave like assholes. Example: the big culture battle now is against social media conglomerates like Facebook, Twitter, etc. but what you will read are statements like “Facebook is evil” or “Twitter is toxic” followed by some argument that they need to be dissolved. Many will even recognize the toxic nature of SOCIAL media in general, but then blame the platform. By definition social media is comprised of human beings. If it’s toxic it’s because human beings are toxic. It is quite literally a technology built upon h
  2. I am thankful I don’t live on the west coast. As miserable as my life is I’m not choking to death in a conflagration. Those people are really suffering and I feel sorry for them. Read an awfully sad story about a teenager who died, and they think he was trying to drive his grandmother to safety. Very sad.
  3. Somehow this has incredibly escaped the YouTube copyright swat team. Should be familiar to any American over 30 I would think. Scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. Fun binging on these on a Sunday afternoon.
  4. The logic is embedded in what you just wrote and I just quoted. If you don’t know anything about internet subcultures, you won’t understand what I’m referencing.
  5. “Of the soul the body form doth take; for soul is form, and doth the body make.” ~ Edmund Spenser
  6. By thought broadcasting I was being sarcastic and referencing social media, the internet, etc. opinion broadcasting, solicited or otherwise. Not mocking schizophrenia.
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/RexChapman/status/1300882920228433920 12k likes, comments are absolutely brutal. Even if it’s true, the stupid fucks don’t care that it’s something he can’t change. Love how these tolerant, peace-loving, supremely empathetic protestors immediately go for the groin shot and biological determinism every time. We should just be frog marched into the public square and executed because all the violence in the world is caused by men with small dicks! Oh yeah, and don’t think I read one comment saying “oh but a man is more than his dick”. And isn’t it strange how
  8. Then there must be billions of schizophrenics on the loose.
  9. May I ask how old he is? It sounds like someone who does this to be “edgy”. Do you have additional reasons for thinking it’s a mental health problem?
  10. Klingsor


    You know I saw that there was an earlier version and wondered if it was better than the disaster I rented. I can see where the story has potential.
  11. Klingsor


    I rented a movie called “Suspiria” on Amazon about a coven of witches operating out of a dance academy. I have seen a lot of graphic movies, they’re practically unavoidable. I also have a strong stomach and gore doesn’t bother me much usually, but I want to tell you that this movie had one of the most gruesome death scenes I have ever witnessed. It nearly made me sick to my stomach to watch it, and the extraordinary thing is there isn’t a single drop of blood spilled during the entire scene, but it was nauseating to watch. Extremely gruesome movie, dumb plot. Regret that I spent money on it.
  12. Klingsor


    And I will say that Ricardo Montalban was a huge factor in my liking that movie: “...from Hell’s heart, I stab at thee. For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee...”
  13. Klingsor


    @IrmaJean I’m not a big sci-fi fan to begin with and I never liked the original ST at all, except I did really enjoy Wrath of Khan a lot. I watched that as a concession to a relative of mine and liked it so much I bought the DVD. I thought it was well directed, and my favorite stories are ones in which a small cast of characters are isolated from the main mythology. By that I mean the story has indications and hints that there is an underlying, grand narrative and setting, but we don’t see that, only a small subset of it, isolated and hidden from anything happening in the bigger picture.
  14. Klingsor


    Decided I wanted horror so ended up watching In the Mouth of Madness with Sam Neill.
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