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  1. I have no sympathy for looting and causing chaos, I’m just saying that in a wider context it’s sad that biology almost predetermines Your fate. Genetic inferiority is a terrible burden to live with.
  2. Thanks, @Victimorthecrime. This pretty much sums it all up: https://www.unz.com/isteve/do-antifa-tend-to-be-quite-ugly/ Always, always, always it comes down to looks and sex appeal. The arrogance and self-entitled narcissism is unlimited. I wish to fuck Resolute were here to read this and comment. The Good Guys are the Good Guys because they're attractive and have sex appeal and they're attractive and have sex appeal because they're the Good Guys! Get it yet, loser?? IT'S YOUR CHOICE TO BE UGLY AND INFERIOR. Change your attitude! Adjust that attitude! Got a small dick? It's punishment for your attitude. "You get the face you deserve." Prosperity Gospel!
  3. @Victimorthecrime Yeah I'm learning to just close my dick sucker because I only end up pissing everyone off. But I get tired of talking to myself too. Sad!
  4. Sorry Danish but the credit has to go to @YOTH I’m afraid...he was relentless so I have him to thank for the return of my potency.
  5. I obtained a prescription for some viagra recently. I can say it does work, I was pleasantly surprised. Although I have no one to use it with and I still hate my dick, it got me hard. And I’m the most negative, pessimistic realist that has ever lived. So viagra might be an option.
  6. No, I never realized the differences were that stark. I've met and worked with several "rednecks" from northern states over the years, usually Wisconsin. Plus, your numerous comments about this issue makes me think I'd just be exchanging an existing bigotry and superiority complex for another - or more accurately adding to it since you say the Phallocracy is alive and well in the Midwest. Here's a clip of Joe Biden quarreling with a factory worker in Michigan. He doesn't sound like a Southerner in any sense of the word to me, but he does look like just one more out of a thousand factory workers I've had to deal with through the years, although most plants I've worked in he'd have to shave that massive beard off (I've never understood why the "New Right" types who claim to hate Muslims have such an obsession with beards). Exactly. That's an interesting take on transgender politics, I have mostly studied it from the opposition sides. But you are correct because both support and opposition for it tend to the same result....gender polarization. Here's a very intriguing forum thread on reddit I came across recently: https://np.reddit.com/r/GenderCritical/comments/g9k16a/top_surgery_erases_women_with_small_breasts/ Word for word, if you substituted "penis" for "breast", it sounds exactly like something you'd read in this forum. Yes, that's a real distinction to be made, one which the internet recognized since 2014...what you call church boy conservatives the "New Right" aka "alt-Right" aka "working class right" simply calls "Cucks" or Cuckservatives. https://observer.com/2014/11/jerry-rubin-his-penis-and-me-a-very-short-story/ Left wing reader: Those poor women, what must he have put them through with his insecurities about his penis. He really should have just chosen celibacy rather than the daily microaggressions against women caused by his small penis. Right wing reader: Jewish liberals have little dicks, Bruh! Those women needed some big, fat uncircumcised Aryan cock! A real man, Bro! I can bench 600 pounds, Brah! Bro!
  7. Ugly, malformed, unemployed and worthless in every practical aspect of manhood...so status quo. Nothing wrong, just slowly rotting away and raving about it. Thank you Irmajean, hope you’re well and they are giving you some much earned time off at your job.
  8. TL;DR TL;DR TL;DR FOR THOSE WHO HAVE THE ATTENTION SPAN OF A DROSOPHILIA: Does a “real man” have big muscles, thick skin, strong chin, and a dick and balls because he “identifies” as a man or is he a real man because he has big muscles, thick skin, strong chin, and a dick and balls?
  9. That’s been my entire point all along and one reason why I say there’s no fundamental differences. They say the same thing where I am except there isn’t all this sophistical bullshit surrounding the issue...it’s just taken for fucking granted. Which ought to be obvious considering that feminism is considered so aberrant here so as not to even exist. And isn’t that basically the premise of feminism? That a woman can do anything a man can, but without a dick and balls, can essentially BE a man without the corresponding genitalia? That it’s all just a matter of “attitude”? But if that’s true, aren’t the dudes here (many who like to lay the blame for all this on “liberals”) who say that masculinity is more than a penis, aren’t they actually feminists? And isn’t political feminism seen as the underpinning of “gender identity” politics, the idea that biological sex (genitalia) is not essential to determining gender identity? So if you call yourself politically opposed to that, and firmly believe that biological characteristics determine gender, how does it NOT follow that you will place an emphasis on the size/development of these genitals as a determinant of the degree of gender identification, in the same way that muscular development or skeletal structure is evaluated as the degree of approach to a masculine ideal? It is unbelievable to me that people are so stupid or so fucking bullheaded that something so obvious has to be laid out this analytically.
  10. There’s also the instances of the same type of guys pulling out their balls in the break room and sitting them on another dude’s shoulders or making “bat wings” with their ballsacks, etc...too numerous to count. I’m sure they were all just closeted homosexuals or feminists though.
  11. Personal story I avoided sharing here for a long time: I (used) to work in factories and safety training is regular thing when you work in one. At one place I worked, the safety coordinator decided in the interest of making the training engaging, instead of the customary PowerPoint slides and shitty VHS tapes, to do an interactive “game show” type thing where the employees could join through their phones and answer questions about the safety topics kind of like jeopardy. As part of this, you had to come up with a name for yourself at the start of the game that is displayed to the whole room on the overhead screen. I’m in there with about 35 employees, all floor workers, technicians, mechanics, etc. in other words all working class. Only me and one other guy had college degrees. I live in the heart of Trump country and none of these guys could be considered liberal in any sense of the word. I am not exaggerating: literally every single made up name they chose had something to do with dicks or penis size...”Dirk Diggler”, “Dingler Road”, “Blake the Snake” (that dude was frequently a topic of jokes because he supposedly had a gigantic dick), and on and on, too many to remember. A group of straight working class men, no women. Yet when I bring something like this up here, I’m told by the experts it’s fundamentally different than when a feminist mentions a penis. No one has ever been able to explain this to me...they just make a stupid fucking joke or tell me it’s just different. I’m told, “oh it’s boys being boys”, by the same people who tell me only women and gay men make an issue out of penis size. In terms of training engagement, it was one of the most successful I’ve seen, they loved the naming part before the actual game, trying to outdo each other metaphorically with dick size. @uptight outasight thoughts? You of anyone here would be most likely to know what I’m talking about.
  12. Conservative Christian, anti-liberal, anti-gay, anti-immigrant Ann Coulter: It’s always there hovering right under the surface, waiting for an opportune moment. The reason you don’t hear it as much is because there’s a real “conspiracy of silence” surrounding the topic. So much emphasis is placed on masculinity and the masculinity crisis in right-wing politics that they really can’t do anything else because to acknowledge it would be risking the accusation of FAGGGGOT and FEMMMINIST, but to not mention it runs counter to the anti-trans politics and what it means to be a man, etc. So they can’t do anything except skirt around the topic until a breaks loose at certain times like above. P.S. Nearly 7,000 likes and counting! Her posts normally only hit the 1,000-1,500 range. P.P.S. For some context here, Coulter posted this after a very long, very insulting twitter rant about Trump, whom she feels has betrayed the conservative movement. As part of that rant, she questioned his masculinity several times.
  13. Priapus Tips the Scales in Pompeii: https://www.ancient-origins.net/news-history-archaeology/priapus-fresco-pompeii-0010592 My goodness, those feminists and homo's sure do have a pedigree! Operating in Ancient Greece, painting monster cock frescoes and stroking statuesque dicks. Nothing new under the sun.
  14. Yet another curiosity: On incel boards, physical characteristics are analyzed to an atomic level. Speaking generally, this is how they put it: 1. Sexual market value for males is based primarily on the face...in their jargon they say “face >>>> everything” (i.e. facial attractiveness supersedes every other physical characteristic.) There are schisms and divergences, however, as short men claim that “height >>>> everything“. But in general all admit a handsome face is critical. 2. In their annoying jargon, incels are subcategorized into specific types with the addition of a -cel suffix. For example: a baldcel or fatcel. Actions taken to maximize certain characteristics are suffixed with -maxxing. Hence “looksmaxxing” to maximize one’s looks within the limits of one’s own potential. 3. Incels who lift weights and bodybuild are called“ogrecels” or “gymcels” (if they had a handsome face they’d be called a “chad” or “gigachad”). Bodybuilding is called “ogremaxxing” or “gymmaxxing”. 4. Incels claim bodybuilding is not enough to escape inceldom, that it is not enough BY ITSELF to gain a woman’s sexual attention. 5. The topic of penis size is controversial (FAGGOTS BRUH) but typical for a male only club, dick humor crops up constantly. If penis size is considered seriously at all, it’s taken as just one more characteristic included in SMV, not given any particular importance. 6. Any attempt to raise the importance of penis size to the level of face or height is met with severe criticism because, as the incels themselves say, women do not respond to a dick pic BY ITSELF and would find it disgusting or creepy. “Women don’t see your dick before sex”. In the words of an actual thread I read on the most popular incel board, Incel means a man who can’t OBTAIN women, not men who can’t PLEASE women. 7. Yet heterosexual males, when engaging in online hookups, send dick pics if they have anything to show off with complete measurements. To women. And dick pics are the currency of the realm in gay hookup culture. From the words of the most misogynistic, woman-detesting community on the planet we reach two conclusions: 1. Women are not impressed by big muscles and 2. Women are not impressed by dick pics. Only a pretty face, pretty skin, pretty symmetry wins the day. A “chad” in other words. So the two things that men value above all else, physical strength and cock size, we are told by institutional misogynists don’t even matter to women. This is simply the same stereotype I encountered in college...rich pretty Blonde frat boys buy women with their money to compensate for little peepee’s while non-frat boys, though not as pretty, have what women REALLY want, a big piece of meat, a real man. It’s the age old antagonism between a prettty boy and a “real man”. Furthermore, when you combine this with the fact that incels claim women are inferior, irrational, and don’t know what they want or what is best for them along with an actual scientific study they cite as proof that women orgasm during rape, you are left with the following conclusion: Women actually want ugly, muscular men with large cocks to rape them because that’s what gives them real pleasure, not shrimp-dicked pretty boys. Theres nothing new here, it’s the same old he-man, real man bullshit wrapped in a different package and stupid fucking MMORPG chatspeak. So there you go @TheDane. Support these groups and you’ll get all the leftover, used-up pussy your heart desires. But secretly these women will be thinking about the ugly, big dicked alphas raping them day and night, wishing they had it again. Im sorry if anyone finds this content offensive, but investigate it and you’ll find I’ve exaggerated nothing. Im tired of trying to make myself understood. Let people drown in their own ignorance. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Old_Man_and_the_Ass
  15. That’s it in a nutshell, jealousy. But Klingsor the Demented seems to be the only male with the (dys)functional brain chemistry to admit it openly. Hence the extremely thin line between “bro, you got nice pecs, bro...what you bench, bro? How you get that bicep definition, bro?” and “damn I want to suck a monster cock“. That’s why these communities push homophobia to hysterical pitch and why athletes are so homophobic. Because your entire self-image is based on your approximation of an idealized male body image, therefore it becomes imperative to forcefully react to homoeroticism because it so easily devolves to that. People only react so viscerally to something they fear. Yes and the incels correctly recognize that this appropriateness is known by the time children are old enough to begin playing together on the playground. The ten years between 6 and 16 comprise maybe a 10th of one’s entire life, yet they seem like the longest and everything you become is really defined in those years. Many guys like myself don’t belong here and shouldn’t be forced to mix with society.
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