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  1. YOTH

    Bionic Dong

    Hopkins Med News (@HopkinsMedNews) Tweeted: BREAKING NEWS: @HopkinsMedicine performs the first total penis and scrotum #transplant in the world. https://t.co/HO7uwbOXta https://t.co/BbWP931YFc https://twitter.com/HopkinsMedNews/status/988448200142057473?s=17
  2. YOTH

    Bionic Dong

    I know, they've got medical leaps arse backwards. Start with the penile lengthening and work up to bionic arms lol. I use the bathmate and have found it to be very good for increasing blood flow and maximising the size already available. It's worth it for that alone tbh, but I'm such an inconsistent prick. I can't focus on anything for longer than a few weeks before fucking it off and starting on something else. I have the mind of a magpie flitting from one shiny object to another. I real idiot. I have some great ideas, I often wonder what would have happened had I really focused on one thing and chased it down the road. But no, I get bored and drop it like a shitty flannel.
  3. YOTH

    The Bathmate Diaries

    Still doing it every day. Although I sucked a bollock up the other day when I was in the shower (ouch). It's better to do this in the bath as it lets your scrote skin loosen from the heat. Today I wanked off over some very good porn and was at my maximum. Blows my mind how much it grows, it's like a fucking miracle. If it wasn't a sweaty old cock they'd have tourists taking pictures with it and praying to cards with my old boys face on it like Jesus on a tortilla or something. Come see the miracle, but don't stare, it's shy. My erections are still feeling stronger, but I find my gf to be annoying in bed. She turns me off sometimes when she talks to me just before sex. Always mundane shit. I'm there, harder than a statues hand, and she's talking about shopping and shit. Swear to God, the other night she started talking about her mother as she came in the bedroom. Who wants to hear that? Not me or my cock. It took me ages to scrub that image out of my mind. I'll keep at it and keep you posted.
  4. YOTH

    Bionic Dong

    I had the exact same thought. It'd improve your flaccid length to its maximum size, but how can it change the length? Surely that's the point, it's goes as much as it goes. Maybe they loosen something? I dunno. But I still applaud anyone having a go at this. Keep cracking the eggs like they've done with those fucking hair transplants and we'll soon have our omelette.
  5. YOTH

    Small Penis Dreams

    Just to add, I've a few dreams where my cock was big. Those are tough ones to wake up from lol. All those dream analytics are right to a degree, but it could be simplified to "dream about having a small penis - either have or believe you have a small penis" and then have a different explanation for people who don't have a small one and dream they do. Also, they're not only dreams, I've lived through every one of them in my waking life.
  6. YOTH

    Small Penis Dreams

    I have them constantly, pretty much weekly. Sometimes I'm me but not me (standard dream bollocks) and I'm trying to have sex with a girl but can't. Or I'm out with just jeans on and people keep commenting on my small bulge. Sometimes I'm naked and trying to avoid being seen, other times I'm looking for a toilet but every bathroom is only troffs and it's wall to wall men pissing and I can't go. I very rarely dream without my bulge neurosis creeping in on some level. I had a few other recurring nightmares that have lessened over time, but my small penis nightmares have gone nowhere, if anything they've gotten more and more vivid. I'm always naked somewhere with lots of people and my sex dreams are always beleaguered with people noticing and making a big deal out of it.
  7. YOTH

    Bionic Dong

    May God have mercy on our cocks
  8. YOTH

    Quit masturbation, how to do?

    This is one aspect of the forum I don't get, I love porn and a good wank every night. It's the one thing my body gives me for free. Although, I would say that there are certain Xvideos I've stopped visiting because they make me feel a bit seedy, but generally I see masturbation as the bodies natural way of relaxing itself. I can't go to sleep without doing it, it's like an anti depressant and a sleeping pill all in one. I think it's more important to give up the content that makes us feel bad rather than the act itself, but each to their own, we all deal with things differently. I just tend not to give myself a hard time over it (no pun). It's a human function that is there for a reason, but like anything it can become entangled with feeling of self worth, kind of like food and booze/drugs. Moderation had always been key for me. I have certain toys that I use when I have the house to myself, but why not? I've had all sorts of stuff, I just see it as a bit of fun. If I kill 100 people on a game it doesn't make me a killer, so why would I let porn define me permanently when it's just a bit of fun in the moment? To be fair, my tastes are quite tame. I like BBW BBC pawg stuff, so it's not exactly fringe porn, but I also enjoy a bit of gay stuff if the mood takes me, again, why not? No guilt, just good old masturbation. I know some guys are compulsive and go out looking for the real thing, but that isn't my bag. I hope you find some peace with it and quit if you feel guided to, but guilt is so useless, absolutely pointless.
  9. YOTH

    The Bathmate Diaries

    A week or so in, pumped every day so far. Still getting strong hard ons, but with fuck all time for "sexins" it's kind of useless. Just saw that the blues are being sold over the counter without a prescription, £20 for 4 Viagra Connect. I'm not really in need of them, but it's good to know. Worth having a stash for a rainy day. If I was single and looking for luuurve, it'd be a fucking godsend. Plus, they're 50mg, and 25 is enough, so effectively you're getting 8 for £20 (£19.99 to be exact). I'm kind of enjoying the pump atm, but it requires me to get turned on, pump up, then turn off again. I read that wanking after a pump is counter productive, I can't see how, but I've still been stopping once I'm done anyway. It requires a lot from me to get hard for no reason, it's kind of like riding an exercise bike, all the work, none of the destination. I've found a porn where the girl looks so much like my missus it's spooky. I actually found the actress too, in some videos she doesn't look exactly like her because you see a bit too much face, but in 2 or 3 she's the spitting image, it could be her doppelganger. She has a really annoying American accent, so I lower the volume and enjoy her getting drilled by black dicks without having to kill someone. Win win. I've been looking at those naked John Lennon photos recently. He doesn't look huge, but having the confidence to take nude pictures is amazing to me. I remember seeing pictures of Russel Brand having a very small one, but a few years later he was pictured on a balcony 'by chance' and he looked quite big (they so set those pictures up). That surgery I posted has been in the back of my mind, mainly because I can't see how it'd actually be possible, but I think if I had the money I'd go for it. I don't like the idea of cutting ligaments etc, but that one sounds like it could actually work. Maybe that's wishful thinking...
  10. I think it's true that there is a clear distinction between actual SPS and thinking you're small, I only wish the internet and this forum were around when I was a teenager, I think my life would of been easier. But I never felt average growing up, I felt tiny. I couldn't even imagine anyone being smaller than me. And once your friends have something to take piss out of you with, you start to indentify with it. Statistically, I'm average. But it sometimes feels like that information came way too late. And because of my body shape etc, I look like there's nothing there. That always got me more than anything else. And I wondered whether life would be easier if I was smaller but people couldn't tell one way or the other. I'm aware of my size and how some people would kill to have it, but I guess the damage was done long ago. Also, SPS isn't the only condition a lot of people have in here. They have other mental issues from abuse/bullying etc that manifest themselves in the thing we're most embarrassed by. In my case, my shrinking dick. I'd love a place to show you how drastically it changes, it's amazing. I fully admit and recognise that people a similar size to me are neurotic and others are genuinely small whatever statistics you look at. But a lot of the time when people talk about their size like it's fine, it's not. It's just kind of hard to whine on about 5.5 when someone is 2-3. I just try to support and the guys here and take their support in equal amounts. Again, There obviously is a distinction, but we're all hanging from the rafters by a metaphorical cock.
  11. YOTH

    The Bathmate Diaries

    Bathman Forever
  12. YOTH

    Bionic Dong

    https://www.gq.com/story/penis-enlargement-surgery I don't know how legitimate this is, but if it is real and I win the lottery, I'll buy us all one for Christmas 😂
  13. YOTH

    The Bathmate Diaries

    I'm back at it again, 3 days in. And again, I'll say, that without a doubt it gets you harder than a robot cock. It boosts your hard on strength by a lot, I love it for that alone. I'll keep posting for anyone interested. There's no point measuring length because of the drop off, but I'll measure girth to see if that improves.
  14. Get after it, it's a lot of fun. And when it's not fun, it keeps your mind occupied and leaves you so tired you haven't got the energy to think about stupid shit lol.
  15. He ok, still screaming/screeching for attention but just not as much. He started walking at 10 months and now at 11 months has mastered it, so lots of running around after him. We're all pretty tired and cranky from lack of decent sleep, but otherwise ok. I'm glad you're happy in your new flat, sounds nice. I'm on the verge of doing something substantial, I can feel it. But what will it be? Who knows? Tune in next week...😂