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  1. YOTH

    The Bathmate Diaries

    @therebetruth I go in fully erect for 5-8 minutes working up to 10 after a few weeks. Going in flaccid plays havoc with my balls and fatpad.
  2. Half of all men are 6 inches or bigger and most sexually active men fall into that range. So all men are being compared to the average of 6" and larger rather than the national average 5.3 or whatever it is. Not to mention that the national average would be even smaller as most men smaller than 4 inches (or there abouts) would probably avoid being measured.
  3. YOTH

    The Bathmate Diaries

    @therebetruth It will expose your actual size when fully BP. The suction pushes your fat pad down better than you ever could with your hands. But, again, I've given up on it. I get bored and just stop using it. I'm inconsistent at best lol
  4. You're absolutely spot on, half of all men are 6" and bigger, so it's their average that we're being compared to, not the actual average of all men.
  5. It definitely makes a difference, that's a given. But I've read many posts on Reddit of guys with big dicks and no bulge. And I've known guys with small ones who always looked ok and normal bulge wise. Also, a lot of guys in here don't have this problem, so it seems to be a catalogue of things.
  6. @Victimorthecrime I've been alright, just busy and tired but other than that, fine. How are things with you?
  7. @RonaldU Yup, bulge is a lottery with no seeming correlation to actual size, erect or otherwise. Just depends on your body shape.
  8. @therebetruth I care more about my flaccid than my erect honestly, erect size is for the ladies, flaccid is for my confidence and me Yes! My thoughts exactly, the flaccid size is our confidence and it's being a total cunt 😂
  9. I've noticed that my anxiety is almost non existent since I've quit my job. I love being a stay at home dad. I don't interact with anyone outside of my family, so I don't worry or obsess. It's a sad state of affairs, but I prefer it over being forced into situations that make me neurotic and anxious.
  10. @Lodz Although it is definitely a neurosis (not as bad nowadays) it stemmed from being told my bulge was small by people, I didn't come up with it 'willy' nilly, I just kind of identified with it for the longest time. Something like that tends to stick in your craw.
  11. YOTH

    Bionic Dong

    Hopkins Med News (@HopkinsMedNews) Tweeted: BREAKING NEWS: @HopkinsMedicine performs the first total penis and scrotum #transplant in the world. https://t.co/HO7uwbOXta https://t.co/BbWP931YFc https://twitter.com/HopkinsMedNews/status/988448200142057473?s=17
  12. YOTH

    Bionic Dong

    I know, they've got medical leaps arse backwards. Start with the penile lengthening and work up to bionic arms lol. I use the bathmate and have found it to be very good for increasing blood flow and maximising the size already available. It's worth it for that alone tbh, but I'm such an inconsistent prick. I can't focus on anything for longer than a few weeks before fucking it off and starting on something else. I have the mind of a magpie flitting from one shiny object to another. I real idiot. I have some great ideas, I often wonder what would have happened had I really focused on one thing and chased it down the road. But no, I get bored and drop it like a shitty flannel.
  13. YOTH

    The Bathmate Diaries

    Still doing it every day. Although I sucked a bollock up the other day when I was in the shower (ouch). It's better to do this in the bath as it lets your scrote skin loosen from the heat. Today I wanked off over some very good porn and was at my maximum. Blows my mind how much it grows, it's like a fucking miracle. If it wasn't a sweaty old cock they'd have tourists taking pictures with it and praying to cards with my old boys face on it like Jesus on a tortilla or something. Come see the miracle, but don't stare, it's shy. My erections are still feeling stronger, but I find my gf to be annoying in bed. She turns me off sometimes when she talks to me just before sex. Always mundane shit. I'm there, harder than a statues hand, and she's talking about shopping and shit. Swear to God, the other night she started talking about her mother as she came in the bedroom. Who wants to hear that? Not me or my cock. It took me ages to scrub that image out of my mind. I'll keep at it and keep you posted.
  14. YOTH

    Bionic Dong

    I had the exact same thought. It'd improve your flaccid length to its maximum size, but how can it change the length? Surely that's the point, it's goes as much as it goes. Maybe they loosen something? I dunno. But I still applaud anyone having a go at this. Keep cracking the eggs like they've done with those fucking hair transplants and we'll soon have our omelette.
  15. YOTH

    Small Penis Dreams

    Just to add, I've a few dreams where my cock was big. Those are tough ones to wake up from lol. All those dream analytics are right to a degree, but it could be simplified to "dream about having a small penis - either have or believe you have a small penis" and then have a different explanation for people who don't have a small one and dream they do. Also, they're not only dreams, I've lived through every one of them in my waking life.