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  1. Brokenness

    I had a thought recently. An excuse to be fair, but a thought all the same. I watch a lot of Anita/lefty stuff on YouTube, usually people on the right taking the piss etc, but it dawned on me that when minorities feel outnumbered or afraid they group together and form a kind of strength. Even if they believe the stupidest things imaginable, they believe it in numbers and have eachother to fight the good fight. If you're black, Hispanic, gay, trans or w/e (blank) sexual is popular these days, you join together and form a union of weakness masquerading as strength. But it works. Black Lives Matter talk mostly shit and are pretty much a hate group, Antifa are the same, full of hate and bullshit. Same for the right in all fairness, those guys and girls can be equally as hateful, but they have eachother. Now, SPS is very similar to all of these groups with one glaring difference...nobody wants to associated with the (non existent) movement. We are a race unto ourselves. We suffer in silence, there is no group, we are separate singularities hurtling through life terrified of every potential collision. Ok, there's a forum. But even if we met we wouldn't be shouting about our struggle. We're not breaking out the banners. Also, it's not obvious. We're not a certain ethnic group, we're not dressed a certain way. We can be anyone, from anywhere at any time. A business man, a lollypop man, a teacher, a busker, any race, any body type, absolutly anyone. There is no joining, there's only active denial. If we want to dig ourselves out of this pit of despair then prepare for a lonely one man climb to the peak with no Sherpa and no ropes. A free climb to happiness with rocks looser than a hookers chuff. There's nobody at the top to congratulate you on a climb well done, just you. It's worth the climb, I can attest to that, although every now and again I throw myself off the cliff again and have to take the ski lift back up. I don't know where I'm going with this tbh, but that's what it feels like sometimes. Like being a leper who's arm could drop of at any moment and reveal us for the truly unworthy disease we are. Of course none of this is true, but it feels true occasionally. The LGBTQ feel like their oppression is real. Some minorities feel like their struggle is real. And I guess we do too from time to time, especially when something happens that makes us question why? Was that random or because of my cock. I love you guys, you'll all a real help when I'm feeling like shit. I don't know what you look like or where you're from a lot of the time, but it's nice to know I can still get WiFi on shit mountain. Do you know what live on shit mountains? Mountain shit lions, Bobandy.
  2. So how would one fix stupidity?

    Me neither, I'm thick as pig shit, but I forgive it and let it go, which might be smarter than being smart but I'm not smart enough to tell one way or the other 😂. I'll take being a happyish idiot over smartish misery any day.
  3. Diet/Gym/Health/Sanity

    I rode that seal the whole time haha. My kid nicked one off a woman who got taken away by an ambulance (saved me a fiver, she didn't need it anyway lol) and I pushed that seal fucker around the while time. Very tiring, very painful in those stupid skates, but fun I guess.
  4. will I ever get better?

    I miss my adopted cat. I think her name was Milly but I called her Cat Stevens. She spent all day at our house and most nights (her real owners lived a few doors down and worked late). We shared her for years, then they moved and she went with them. I just put up with her at first, but one week in to having her around I was cooking her bacon at 2am. She was really cool, they're so intuitive. They're also selfish, scratchy, mouse & bird serial killers with cute eyes where human empathy would go but that why we love them even more. Little tigers 😂
  5. So how would one fix stupidity?

    I've always found you to be engaging, funny and compassionate. Having a high IQ is overrated and is flawed on many levels. I went out with a girl who had a really high IQ and she was thick as pig shit where it mattered. She could do complex math problems in her head almost instantly but would stand waiting in the rain for a bus rather than waking 5 minutes to a stop with a shelter. I said Why didn't you run down to the other one, we'd done it hundreds of times and I'd always say 'fuck standing in the rain, let's go to the next one' but low and behold, the she was, piss wet through, a drowned rat and we were going into town for drinks. We ended going back to my house so she could dry her hair. Smart as a whip on paper, thought I was making up crossbreeding wild cats. The same girl who went to buy vodka and came back with rum. She said, and I quote. "Rum is a type of brown vodka, isn't it?" She was a nice person tho so it didn't matter, but you get my drift. You're a good guy, that supercedes any IQ test etc. Saying that, do you get enough sleep? Because I've found that when I get no sleep or even too much sleep I'm like a dribbling fucking zombie all day. Although I haven't had 'too much' sleep for a long time lol.
  6. Diet/Gym/Health/Sanity

    Yeh, I wanted to go on that too but we had a schedule kind of. Ended up falling on my arse ice skating instead, it's just asking for trouble with my back. It's funny, I can land on my spine on the hard ice from about a meter high and feel nothing and yet I reach for a tin of beans and can't walk for a week ha.
  7. Diet/Gym/Health/Sanity

    I didn't unfortunatly, ended up in wethers. The place was packed, but it's the best city in the world when there's something on. Went on that big fuck off spinning thing tho, £15 for the privilege, shocking lol.
  8. Captain James Tiberius "Jim" Lurk taking the helm. Get me a coffee, Spock. I'm spitting feathers here.
  9. Diet/Gym/Health/Sanity

    @Smallbeans sounds like a plan. I was up your way last week, went to the Christmas fair. We'll have to do a meet up at some point.
  10. Diet/Gym/Health/Sanity

    I'll wait Christmas out, eat like a big fat gutter pig until January 1st then make a solemn oath to myself to lose weight and eat healthy, then I'll eat my oath and wash it down with an ice cold pint of regret. Like every year 😁. 2018 is a new year, the year of money, the year of new beginnings, cheese on toast.
  11. What @lostboy1 said. I read his post after putting mine up and he hit the nail on the head.
  12. I know you know I'm YahwehOrTheHighway, John. It's not a secret, I've spoken to you before 😁. This penis size crisis as you coined it can't be fixed with a system or a method because there are too many levels and varients at play. We're people, individuals. A psychiatrist wouldn't try to treat someone without meeting them and doing a thorough examination/assessment, so until you've met with someone with SPS and helped them with this theory it's just that, a theory. You need to do this IN real life, not through a forum but with an actual person. It's not even the guy on the forum it's somebody who is admittedly doing a lot of guess work herself. And it isn't foolproof with a dominant person, because I'm a dominant person and this would have had me running for the fucking door. I'm not shitting on it tho, it's not a competition, I'd love to see this work, I hope you're right in this case at least and they end up together. I like how much effort you put into to untangling this SPS bs and I've always appreciated your time and the enthusiasm you put into your posts. I don't always agree with you but I do respect you.
  13. You just better hope he's not dominant, because all this primal aggression would have sent me running for the hills. I'd have misinterpreted it as sexual promiscuity and confidence I couldn't keep up with and I'd have thought she was gonna be disappointed when that lust got to the critical moment. The coin keeps flipping John. If he's a passive person, this could work, if he's the type of guy who is turned off by women pinning him to the wall before he feels at ease it could have the opposite effect. As a last ditch effort I'd say being honest works, but who the fuck knows what this guys problem is? I've never met him, never had a conversation with him so I couldn't tell one way or the other where his head is at. Saying that, I hope he comes around one way or the other. If John Lucas' way works, then power to it. If you end up with him at the end of the day that'd be enough for me. I just hope it pans out for him.
  14. The Piece (of mind)

    @Lodz I'll pm you in the next few weeks so you can see the design etc.
  15. Job fears

    I hope it pans out in your favour victim. Sounds like one of those situations that had you on the edge of your seat figuratively and literally. It's difficult because all signs are telling someone in that situation to make the company realise you're in disposable, but that can backfire as it makes you visible to the people making the decisions. Fucking nightmare. What do you do if you don't mind me asking? I'm sure you've mentioned it I just can't be arsed looking for the comment lol.