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  1. I'm not sure what average length is tbh. There's societies average, statistical average and God knows how many others. But it's shit for anyone with SPS, whether it be length, girth or otherwise. Anything penis size related that dominates your thoughts and stops you living can be a nightmare to deal with. Hope you're doing ok.
  2. @smallguy commited
  3. It's pretty messed up.
  4. I'm ok, I've done a lot of forgiveness work, a few times over. I don't want the rest of the year to be a focus on what went wrong. He was worth more than grief and mourning, so I'm trying to remember them both exactly how they were before. I just really don't want another guy to feel like he has nobody and do something permanent because of sps.
  5. As many of you already know, my friend Tom who I met in this forum died last year after taking his own life. What many of you won't know, is that not only did he kill himself, but he also murdered his wife. When it happened I was in complete shock, they were most loving couple I'd ever had the pleasure to know. This news was immediately met with an unfair and ignorant backlash from people and news outlets, who didn't know him or his wife calling him a wife beater and an abusive husband. This couldn't have been further from the truth, he was an amazing and loving husband who would have done anything for his wife, but after 4 days without sleep (Insomnia caused by a new medication he was on) he had a major psychotic episode. What makes this whole event so sad, was on the night he murdered his wife and to took his own life, he was at the A&E begging to be sectioned. But he was told to go home, even though a nurse had highly recommended he be sectioned for his own safety. Hers and Tom's wife's pleas fell on deaf ears and the mental health team cut him loose. By 9am, they were both dead. After many months of inquests, the coroner found that the NHS was at fault and Tom was ruled to have had diminished responsibility. Massive avoidable failings were brought to light during the inquests, and the nurse on call that night even testified that the mental health team had not only failed them both, but had actually laughed when his wife mentioned his penis anxiety. SPS slowly wore Tom down until I didn't even recognise him. 4 days with no sleep was just too much...a culmination of societies apparent God given right to torture another human being over something he couldn't help. After the ruling, his wife's family finally knew the truth and they were buried together. I miss him.
  6. Positive or negative, don't care which. If someone talks about Trump, I mentally switch off.
  7. This is another call to anyone who is interested in making contact over WhatsApp for support. I'm still in contact with 6 guys from the forum now, and I'm happy to say that I've become good friends with 4 of them. It's been really helpful talking honestly about my issues with other guys going through the same thing, and I'm grateful to have them in my life. This was the first time any of us had spoken openly about our thing and SPS has thankfully now taken back seat to friendship. So I'm reaching out to anyone else who might benefit from it as well. Send me a PM if you're interested Mark
  8. It might be worth going into anorexia forums and telling them to think about us. Or is that stupid idea?
  9. @FloridaDood898 There is no chill pill. All of the men who come here suffer from phallic psychosis. It should be treated the same as every other form of psychosis. You wouldn't tell an anorexic to "take a chill pill and eat" because you know that it wouldn't work, so do the doctors who have been studying anorexia for years. Our condition has been ignored by mainstream psychologists and might as well be a stubbed toe when speaking to GP's and doctors. Motion in the ocean is their favourite prescription. I beat this condition for the most part through mind training and obsessively watching my thoughts instead of obsessing over my insecurities, but it took me years. I'm also still overcoming it on a day to day basis. I'm assuming you are too because why are you in here to begin with? I've seen it eat men from the inside out and watched as they slowly lose their sanity and take their own and others lives. It's not only different to other conditions, it's extremely unique. The torture of men over size is widely considered acceptable in every crevice of life. Work, home, social media. You can't escape. This isn't something that will be undone with one cheerleading pep rally comment, it runs deeper than anything else in our culture as it's built into to our very evolution and survival. But we're not apes in the trees, we've evolved enough to recognise that this treatment of men is unacceptable. I know myself that it doesn't have to be this way, but that means nothing to people in the storm, this needs to be treated by specifically trained psychologists, not some shitty magazine agony aunt. It isn't even about acceptance, at its core it's about compassion. To not torture another human being for something completely out of their control. But the reality is that we continue to be treated like plague victims and that won't change any time soon. I have faith in Klingsor. No matter what he does in life, no matter what he chooses to do, where he chooses to work and live. I have faith in him. But he's gonna do and feel and think about things that I can't change, I have no control, I can only be there as a pal without the judgement. But I have my own reasons as well. I need people in my life who understand what I go through, someone I can talk to without them making a comment that makes me want to ground to swallow me up. I'm grateful for that. This place is a mausoleum for the thoughts, worries and tribulations of the first man who ever suffered from this condition. But he had nobody. We have eachother. Don't give up, don't suffer alone, reach out. People can reach out to me whenever they want. To me size is irrelevant, the physical form isn't what matters, it's the content I care about. The person behind the defences, the annoyed, tired, angry, vicious lunatic that this condition turned us towards. So we can get past it and find the normal people we really are behind the desperate posts and faceless rants. I'm not having a go Florida Dood. It's just not as straight forward as you think it is. And even if in truth it is that straight forward, the reversal of this thought system definitely isn't.
  10. She doesn't need a heads up, he's an average size. The only benefit to telling her that he had some size issues is for his own peace of mind. It's not like she's about to endure something terrible and has to be given time to prepare, (because the poor woman deserves that much at least, right? 🙄). I've never heard even one girl tell me "oh, by the way, my pussy stinks and tastes like battery acid" and yet I've had to endure that nightmare more than once, and I didn't come out and tell everyone either.
  11. Suicide isn't a rational solution in most circumstances, but it doesn't stop men doing it at an alarming rate. Depression, anxiety and general mental breakdowns can lead to suicide. SPS is no exception. If anything, it's a hotbed. A lot of us in here have lost someone to SPS related suicide, it's no different or less important than any other mental illness.
  12. You'll be alright, mate. Just treat the whole thing as if it's a no strings fling. If it progresses into something else, even better. If not, try again.
  13. It's a bizarre concept to even have to justify why you're single. But I can tell you from experience (unfortunately) that it doesn't matter if you're married with kids or single, people are just fucked in the head. If you show weakness, anyone weaker will pounce to make themselves feel stronger. You end up being a complete lie in work, half speculation, half absolute fabrication and you just have to navigate it. If I looked normal, you wouldn't know me from Adam. If I was my old self, you wouldn't want to know me from Adam. But when you're just trying to get your head down and you have anxiety/social issues, you ping the radar hard. Two choices, be a cunt or don't work. Not all work places are like that, but most are, even the ones that tout themselves as the opposite. In the words of Chopper Read "It's human bloody nature". Men are being villainised in society atm, so what would be considered sexual harassment if the roles were reversed isn't considered anything at all. And most guys are too proud to complain for fear of drawing more attention to themselves. I can't give any advice with workplace nightmares because I don't work. I can't imagine what it'd be like working daily without options, it'd be rough. But we have to stay strong for eachother and for ourselves. We matter, despite what we or others might think. All sounds wishy washy af, but it's true. If you're struggling, reach out. I'm speaking to a whole bunch of guys from here privately on WhatsApp, let me know of you wanna do that. No pressure, just someone to talk to in person who's going through the same shit and won't judge or ridicule. It's helped me a lot.
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