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  1. YOTH

    Yet another rant against women

    Yes, preferably one with a big nose and wonky tits. They almost never know they're beautiful. jkjk 😂. It's true tho. A little bit of insecurity on both sides goes a long way.
  2. You're in the same boat as the vast majority of men, but unfortunately it's pushed in society through porn etc that no woman can enjoy sex with an average man, and if she did it was because she had nothing to compare it to. This is becoming a popular and recurring thought process amongst men and it isn't true. A woman 'can' enjoy sex and be perfectly happy with a guy your size, but once that idea of inadequacy becomes planted in your mind it's hard to pull it up at the roots. Trust your partner when she says she enjoys sex and just try to enjoy that connection you have. SPS seems to cross the size barrier and set itself up as a personal and private nightmare. But you are normal, you're even on the higher side of average. I don't want to minimise what you're going through, because it's easier said than done to just 'snap out' of a way of thinking. But if it helps, you've got nothing to worry about.
  3. I guess it doesn't matter at the end of the day. Because if it dominates your day to the point of obsession, it's a problem. You'll hear every answer from "It's average, go by bp" to "It's small, go by non bp" but neither of them matter. How you feel is what's important, and what you feel to be true is your starting point.
  4. The only thing I would add is that meditation is unfortunately misunderstood in the west as something that requires effort and is difficult to do. But it's the most natural thing for a human to do. Some of my best meditations were when I first started doing it, before I thought too much about it. And although there's nothing wrong with retreats and being guided by an experienced teacher, neither are necessary. Whether it's 10 minutes or 10 hours, it doesn't matter. Just taking that time to sit with yourself and really allow your mind to clear for a few minutes is sometimes the difference between an overreaction with repercussions and letting it go completely. You'll never be better at meditating that right now. There are a plethora of guided meditations on YouTube if you want to do that, but sometimes just closing your eyes for 5 minutes and breathing nice and long breaths is exactly the thing you didn't know you needed. No rules, no guilt. Just a quick system restart.
  5. YOTH

    Let's do a new game

  6. YOTH

    WhatsApp (Edit: Not Zoom)

    Just used WhatsApp internationally and it works fine. Surprisingly easy to add numbers and a good strong connection. So, kind of forget Zoom, it's an arse ache.
  7. YOTH

    Let's do a new game

  8. YOTH

    I feel like I'm rattling cages

    @Smallbeans Just let me know when a good time is and I'll try and sort out. There's no mad rush, but it should be easier for us without the time difference and that.
  9. YOTH

    I feel like I'm rattling cages

    I was pissed and high when I wrote it, now I'm hungover. Again
  10. YOTH

    Let's do a new game

    Like A Baby (Little Bowie reference for what ails ya)
  11. Ever since Tom died, I've been at a looser end than I've ever been at before in my life. I know I'm prying conversations out of people, constantly commenting on shit I wouldn't normally comment of. I'm feeling depressed, but not like any depression I've felt before. I'm not sad, I feel like I'm falling and grabbing at anything to stop me hitting the floor. I'm more open to people than I've ever been, I'm more compassionate towards people who would have otherwise pissed me off (some woman I know who wasn't who I thought she was). But on the other hand I'm screaming internally "HELP ME!" and nobody can hear me, they just carry on with their lives and maybe think "poor guy, he'll be ok" but that's it. My own best friend can't help me, he listens and I love him, but I put on an act, I'm afraid he'll see me at my weakest. I don't want advice, because there's nothing anyone can say that will help, which makes me wonder why I ever bothered trying myself. But I know I helped Tom. He helped me. But the fact is, I met him in here, so he was already fucked up before we ever met. I'm so lost. I'm surrounded by familiar surroundings and I've never felt so lost. I want to help everyone in here, I want to fix them, I want magic powers so I can give them what they want, I'd happily do it anonymously. But that's not something I can do, and maybe I'm really hoping there's a guy out there who can fix me. I don't believe in being anyone's saviour, but I have to believe that we can be eachothers brother, not an actual brother but a comrade, like we're in the same war. Someone who knows and doesn't care about the reason why we're in here. I realised something just this week. What I think of you, isn't what you think of yourself. It blows my mind. How could I have been so naive? We know absolutely FUCK ALL about ANYONE...EVER! That's a mind blower. I'm rambling, off on a tangent. I don't know you, I never will, not really. But I really want us to come together and make an actual community. If anyone knows what I'm saying, just tell me I'm not crazy. I once said that depression has a 3 month shelf life, but I think it's less, I think it's about 2 weeks. Then they're over it and you're left alone to deal with it and work through it. I don't know what I'm getting at. Like I said. I'm lost. I'm hopeful, but I'm not sure where I'm going.
  12. YOTH

    Small penii in media

    It depends on the context as well. But as people are now giving comedy awards to female comedians who spend the whole show talking about they were raped whilst crying, I'd say comedy is taking a serious hit. She won best comedian at the Edinburgh Fringe for Christ's sake and she doesn't tell one joke. It's a tragic story, it might be inspiring to other victims of crimes, but it isn't comedy. Jim Jeffries is now a liberal stain who thinks everyone is racist and Trump is Hitler. And the rest of the greats are terrified to joke about anything controversial for fear of being taken of context, then apologising publicly like pussies. They even tried to get Norm MacDonald recently, he's one of the good ones. If he falls (which he won't) all would be lost.
  13. YOTH

    WhatsApp (Edit: Not Zoom)

    @Klingsor I've had the same thought. There has to be a way of monetising it. I've had a few ideas myself, even taken a few to the next level. But I'm interested in what you're thinking of, I wouldn't say no to a bit financial wiggle room.
  14. YOTH

    Small penii in media

    I know what you mean, but it's a slippery slope. Once you throw in every other subject and topic that make people upset you're left without free speech. I can choose not to watch it, or avoid the comedian, but if comedy isn't allowed to laugh at everything, it might as well laugh at nothing at all. And I think if a comedian can laugh at himself it's pretty funny. Before Jim Jeffries tried to be the anti-Trump jester for the left, he told loads of jokes about his small cock. He was so funny back then. Now he might as well put on a dreadlock wig and pretend to be Whoopi Goldberg.