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  1. She said that shit to hurt you, plain and simple. Women know it's the one thing we overthink about and when they're upset and feeling weak some women like to see if it hurts us. I'd stop wasting your time worrying about your size and start building your confidence back up with logical thinking rather than irrational thinking which seems to go hand in hand with size issues. You are well above average, and she knew it. The bucket of insecurities was filled one drop at a time, so empty it one drop at a time and work towards sanity. I'd kill for your stats
  2. I think you're giving it too much credit, it's effectiveness lies in its simplicity. Truth is perception in our world, actual truth is irrelevant. At this point a penis size joke is about as easy as you can get, it's unbelievably broad.
  3. Let's be honest, nobody is creating any hierarchy in the patriarchal phallocracy, it's just a simple case of dick size being the easiest and oldest perception trick to abuse, which it's why flaccid size is usually the target rather than erect. I'm bigger to look at, so I'm better. I know plenty of big guys who are total fuck ups regardless of size, in and out of the bedroom. But I completely agree about 'friends' using it against you, I'd be flat out lying if I said that wasn't true.
  4. @Toosmallforcomfort Yeh, you'd think Trump was elected as our Prime Minister as well the way people reacted. I'm A-political for a reason and that reason is that both sides of every election are eating from the same table. And every election, without fail, like lambs to the slaughter, the so called intelligent people abandon their standards of not listening to liars and pick a fucking side. Mind-boggling
  5. @Toosmallforcomfort I've noticed a change that started around 2016 with the anti-Trump lunatics and it hadn't let up. Hearing comedians apologising for obvious jokes is sickening. Nobody is safe. Although Louis CK didn't do much to help that shit lol
  6. I recently went to Edinburgh for a Christmas holiday. In part because I love the city, but also because it was the last place I saw Tom alive and I didn't want his memory to prevent me from visiting. I wanted to remember him how he was then instead of the images that I'd conjured up about his death. All in all, the trip was lovely, everyone had a good time. And although it was freezing and we were all tired afterwards the weather held out enough to enjoy the city (which is amazing at Christmas) without having to hide from the rain etc. I decided to book the dungeons for me and my kid as it'd been the one place I'd never visited. I thought it was an actual dungeon experience, I mean it's an unbelievably old city with an amazing history, but these dungeons were made of plastic and full of amateur actors getting in your face and shouting right in your ear. I fucking hated it, but luckily avoided being singled out. Eventually we get to the torture chamber and some over acting woman starts to show everyone the torture methods. She picked a guy from the audience at random and had him sit in the torture seat. She then proceeds to pull out the penis chopper, everyone is laughing and the guy is visibly uncomfortable. Then she pulls out a tiny version of the device and says "this is more your size". He shifts about embarrassed as she says "count the inches with me". She shouts 'ONE' and closes it shut shouting "HE'S DONE!" Everyone laughs hysterically, except him. He looked mortified. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't grateful that it wasn't me, because I was. There was no shaming of the women, it was just implied that one woman was a drunk, but in a very jovial 'obviously a joke' way. And now that guys face is etched in my brain as I could instantly tell that it effected him. Tom didn't go to the dungeons as far as I can remember, but if he had, it'd have taken months for him to recover from something like that. But seriously, imagine taking out a breast clamp and making a size comment, or talking about her vagina, there'd be fucking uproar. But it's just 'a laugh' if it's a man. My actual opinion of comedy is that everything can and must be joked about. No point enjoying the show or a movie until a joke feels personal then complaining, just let it pass. And I don't have an issue with penis size jokes, comedy is either for everyone and everything or it dies. But what I don't like is this bullshit where its ok here, but over here it's offensive and degrading. Don't we deserve the same safeguards when we're out and about? It's inappropriate to allow kids inside and then make penis size jokes anyway, it could be seriously damaging, especially if they're teenagers who already have the seeds of an issue. Stand up is one thing, but in a family show where only men are singled out for a joke about their dick size is fucked up, and it's only getting worse. Can't make a gay joke, can't make a joke about race, can't mention a woman's bits, but men on a whole and their dicks, that's fair game. Well fuck that. It's either all ok or none of it is.
  7. I'm good, Vic. Had a good day, the kids got everything they asked for, my eldest got more this year than I accumulated from every Christmas I ever had ha. Bought him the PSVR which is awesome and he got a new Ep Les Paul guitar and an ipad so he's happy. And as whatever is his is mine I got those things too lol. How has your Christmas been?
  8. No, but I'm allowed an opinion, as shitty as it is
  9. So the sps forum is just advice from anyone about any old shit now? Awesome
  10. He's got a point though to be fair, it's a different story when you're coming from a 5.5 perspective, pretty hard to cultivate a 'women don't care about numbers' attitude when literally nobody you've ever met believes it to be true.
  11. I'm the same, I tried a few times but it didn't take. I never got into Korn or Slipknot either, can't bear that singy melody shit they do. Fear Factory were the only ones who did that who I liked, but they were so fucking heavy, kind of made up for it. Same reason I don't like 5 finger death punch. Around 2000 these metal bands with lame melody bridges popped up and they never went away, unfortunately they've now become the norm. Korn were the first band I ever heard doing it as standard. I sound like an old loon yelling at squirrels
  12. I like early machine head, they went a bit crap after the first 4ish albums. Never thought I'd go off a metal band, but I struggle to listen to Coal Chamber now lol, some really good songs, but they feel unbelievably 'teen' these days. Devil Driver are good tho. Do you remember Face Down? I heard a band I thought were pretty good a few months back called Pro Pain, they're like a knock off bargain basement Pantera 😂
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