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  1. I'm not sure why this thread even popped up on my feed. I thought it was new until I checked the dates as I didn't recognise some of the people replying. I'm thinking, who the fuck is that guy? And that girl? Who the fuck are these people? 2013! Ahh, I see.
  2. The Bathmate Diaries

    Yup, it seems to be a lifestyle rather than a fad. Most of the guys I see with actual gains are really passionate about it and really put the years in.
  3. Are you still around, Marty? Have you had any improvements since 2013? Get back to me, I'd love to chat.
  4. The Bathmate Diaries

    Yeh, you get a good looking pump in the tube and I get a whole half inch length too, but who knows if the measurements are accurate? The one thing I fucking love about it is the flaccid hang compared with AMC's The Shrivelling that I usually get once active/cold. I find the pump encourages blood flow throughout the day, and that ain't nothing, for me at least. It's a process I guess, I once saw a contraption that stretched skin from a circumcised cock over a 2 year period and eventually he had a foreskin. So it really isn't a quick pump fix, although I wish it was. How long have been using yours?
  5. Same with Ben Affleck in Gone Girl. The guy should start movies with his cock out, because as much of an ok actor he is, leading with his dong would help him out being taken seriously as Batman etc. Burtmurn: Pass me that bathrobe, Alfred. Fuck my life, Al, it takes me like 20 minutes to dry my knob. Alfrurd: Let me do it, Master Bruce, let's not break the habit of a life time.
  6. The Bathmate Diaries

    I really enjoy using the Bathmate. I'm even thinking about buying a new one, probably won't. It's good enough tbh, just a case of keeping on top of it. They should have called it a Showermate because who the fuck takes a bath every day? I'm gonna try out the pump tonight, see if I can get all purmped up for a session of luuurve making.
  7. Embarrased in Front of My Wife

    I had a comedy bit about 'women who get the D are less angry'. My views were, oh really? It's my contention that you could fuck a woman with a 12 inch cock, make her cum multiple times, flip her over and cook her through, then finish up with a pack of smokes and a kip. One hour after that, she'd be ready to be pissed off about something regardless of your cock size. The Dalai Lama is flipping out about the young monks not using fabric softener on his robes, but she's like a Disney character with birds landing on her head? Leave a towel on the floor an hour later, all that goes out the window, hung or not. Otherwise why would big men like this guy be looking for fantasy sex with a cuck and a sexy wife/gf? Because it isn't real, that's why. This isn't life, it's fantasy. Like every aspect of sex that is meant to spice up and shake the dust off, it isn't long term, it's one off, a treat. And that ain't life. You guys are perfect, maybe not porn perfect, but only the minority are. Bigger men don't try, they're cock sure. Smaller men aren't cock sure so we make sure. Women prefer that, hence they married you and not king ding a ling.
  8. Newbie

    I do the same thing, it's normal I think. During sex it's just about us, but when I masturbate it's usually about her with some black guy or something and sex is an ordeal rather that pleasurable entirely. But that's fantasy, so it has to be out the box. I know she wouldn't cheat on me, so I usually imagine I'm in a parallel universe or something. Porn has ruined us all 😂😂
  9. The Bathmate Diaries

    Yeh, the dots are quite common, they're very faint, but it's a sign of over pumping or the pressure being too high. I very rarely get 90%+ erections when I'm by myself anyway, so it's actually increased mine by about 20%, I'm harder than ever since pumping. I'm being realistic and not going crazy, so once a day for 5-10 minutes fully erect (or there abouts) is enough. The increased blood flow alone is nice, but I'll keep at it. Work has had my clock up the wall recently, so I'm gonna start working out a bit if I can, keep it low key and not put too much pressure on myself to do it regularly, just weights or something.
  10. The Bathmate Diaries

    I think days off are important, and using the red dots of an indication of if you're overdoing it. They are burst capillaries from the pressure, so as long as they go you're good to keep pumping. With my crap blood flow I find that the pump increases the flow to that area, that alone is a nice feeling, especially with winter on the way.
  11. The Bathmate Diaries

    Amen @Lodz my main addiction to this contraption is how it increases my hard on. It really keeps me hard and makes me girthier. Gotta love it
  12. The Bathmate Diaries

    Quick update. Not sure how, but this thing works. It's slow and very gradual, but I'm noticing flaccid gains. I'm thicker at the base. It's just a case of finding the time now and keeping it up.
  13. The Bathmate Diaries

    @lostboy1 The X50 is still very big, but they also have an X20 that's a 6" and under, but I don't think it's a length thing tbh, it's a girth thing. It can hurt the fat pad around the base a little as that is suctioned too, but otherwise the Hercules is ok.
  14. Back again with a whole new set of issues.

    I always thought it was that, women want sex, men need sex. We can't function without it and they are like sexual camels and can do 40 days and 40 nights standing on their heads. Most of them that is, excluding overly sexual women and low t guys. I'm a pretty small guy size wise, apparently average in reality, but small to anyone you asked on the street. But I feel like if a man doesn't allow himself to switch on his animalistic side every now and again, he's doomed to beta mentality (which I'm trying to undo). I recently had the epiphany, that it doesn't matter what your pecking order is with other men, it's where you are in the pecking order of your mind that dictates whether you're an alpha or not to yourself and women. If you're confident, cocksure (despite size) and moving somewhere, then she wants to come for the ride. That's probably why they're always looking for a man with a good job, ambition and drive (Lamborghini lol). All those superficial things say 'I've been somewhere good, who knows where I'm going next?'. I always assumed they were just being shallow, but really the guy is saying 'I've done half the job, will you help me finish it?'. I don't know where I'm going with all that, it didn't really relate to anything, it just wrote itself as I was thinking something else 😂. And funny you should mention about sex after marriage, I'm not married but thought I might as well be after 10 years. Sex is like taking the bins out, nobody can be arsed doing it, but it's feels good when it's done and you don't have to do it for another fortnight lol.