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  1. @Klingsor not your fault, I just hate it lol
  2. Same old story. Cheating rat gets to have her cake and eat it. Hopefully she doesn't get a penny, she doesn't deserve a thing. If this had been the other way around you'd be sleeping in your car while she waved at you from the window of the house you paid for. Poor, poor cheating, deceitful women, such a hard life they have to endure. I'm in such a shitty mood tonight 😄
  3. I fucking hate that word 😂 Adonis 🤮 I wish I had that much courage, but it makes my blood boil just thinking about a bunch of showering sideshow freaks looking at me like I'm the freak. Toothless, tattoo faced, boss eyed mouth breathers with Stella on their breath and last night's curry ruminating in their fat fucking gut. Fuck that shit, I'll never put myself in that situation again.
  4. I don't think I'll ever be able to do that, but it's cool you did. How old are you if you don't mind me asking?
  5. YOTH


    The Shield isn't like CSI, it's more like The Wire or The Sopranos in terms of quality, definitely not your bog standard crime programme. It is about cops, but it's such a good show, so many amazing storylines, I highly recommend it. I'm currently watching The Good Place, which is hilarious. Another season of Z Nation is out on Tuesday (I love campy zombie stuff if it has charm, which it does) and Man In The High Castle has a new season out as well. I'll have to watch that on Kodi tho, I'm not paying for prime again.
  6. YOTH


    Did you ever watch The Shield?
  7. YOTH


    Great TV show and movie called Gommorah. It's an Italian mafia show but made in Italy rather than the US. It's unbelievably gritty and real. I saw both seasons in a shop for £3 each but I'm so fucking poor I couldn't afford it. I hope one day I look back at that moment and think 'hey, remember that time I was 6 quid too poor to buy something for 6 quid?'
  8. Nurse, hurry up for Christ's sake! This woman needs a normal dose of penis, repeatedly...STAT! A normal dose of penis, repeatedly, twice a day after eating. Do not mix with alcohol or if using heavy machinery. Of course, not to be mistaken with an abnormal dose of penises, repeatedly.
  9. Tom begged for help. His GP was aware of his size issues and did absolutely nothing about it except the bare minimum of prescribing some loopy pills that made his insomnia 10x worse and regurgitating all that 'motion in the ocean' bollocks. They even begged the mental health team at the hospital for help the night he died but they just laughed, because it's hilarious, it's a funny joke that everyone can have a good giggle about. They're both dead because of that ignorant bullshit, but hey, it's not the medical staff at fault, who doesn't love a good small dick joke? After all, laughter is the best medicine. The mental health care community don't give a flying fuck about SPS, and it is not recognised as a genuine psychosis and it is solely the medical health care professionals at fault, not the person suffering. Ok, so most men dealing with this can't or won't speak about it in public because of the stigma and shame, but don't be fooled, the health 'care' professionals know all about SPS or phallic psychosis (as it should be called) and they ignore it and dismiss it regardless of evidence or first hand testimonies. But you're right, it might be time for compassionate women to protect the men. If more women like yourself who know what we go through actually went out and made people aware of this issue, it could go a long way to finally getting the condition recognised. My rant wasn't aimed at you btw, lala. I know you're a good person, but I think it's a path that would require transparency and honesty rather than anonymity.
  10. @Toosmallforcomfort I think at this point I've developed a full blown case of dysmorphia. Even when I dress ok and look fine (my issues start and finish with my bulge and appearing small) I'll never be able to walk around confidently without covering up in one form or another. Because of that I'll never be able to work or do things that most people take for granted. I feel that I'll just have to come to terms with never ever feeling comfortable in my own skin. I'd obviously prefer a few extra inches, who wouldn't in here, but I've always managed ok with what I have. But if I indulged my neurosis I'd stand in front of the mirror trying different ways of fixing what I see looking back at me until the cows came home. I don't hate myself, I don't obsess and pray things will change, I'm way past that. But there's no escaping the feeling that I'm imprisoned in a body that I'll be covering up and disguising my bulge for the rest of my life. It's fucking tragic. My frontal cortex neural pathways seem cemented in place and I'm not sure I have the energy left to chip away and reroute them.
  11. I don't work because my size effects my confidence and people inevitably pick up on it, probably because I wear it on my sleeve. I struggle in summer because I can't cover up with a coat, but during the winter I pretty much cover up constantly otherwise I just don't go out at all. It sometimes gets so severe I won't even get out the car if I've forgotten my coat, makes me unbelievably uncomfortable. My bulge (imo) is fucking terrible, it looks weird and small in every single pair of pants and drives me mad, more so in the past than at the moment. But I'm not affected by depression tbh (except for the odd blip) but anxiety can sometimes cripple me. Like it was today when I was trying on new coats, I get angry and agitated within seconds. It's crazy, because I'd be so confident if my flaccid size was bigger, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. I just wish I could feel happy in my clothes like everyone else in the world. Even smaller people than me don't have an issue with how they dress, that really pisses me off if I'm honest. Uggghhhh lol, anyway.
  12. I know what you mean, mate. That was always my issue as well. Sex never bothered me because I've always had a good sex life for the most part, but being small flaccid and not being able to function like a normal man fucks with my head. I don't work because of it, I don't work out because of it. I don't feel comfortable being outside because of it (especially in the summer) and I don't like using public toilets because of it. It's a non stop head fuck. So instead I just carved out something that was mine and stopped letting it rule the day. My size doesn't change whether I'm angry, depressed or happy, so I just try to stay happy and relaxed (which works for the most part with varying results). You're still young, I'd just try and focus on being stable and proud of yourself. If you let this mindset creep into any new relationships you'll poison it before you have a chance to connect. I've said it a good few times on here, but you have to have your own back. Fist bump the guy in the mirror and say enoughs enough. Even if the world thinks of you as small or a freak (which most people won't because they're too obsessed with themselves), you'll never join in and agree. If you hate the guy looking back at you in the mirror, you'll fracture and create a life of constant mental turmoil. Nobody wants to be with a person in turmoil, it's too stressful. Anyway, I hope you're feeling better today, but if not, keep posting as there's always someone who'll reply.
  13. Unfortunately, for most of our lives, we're flaccid, so it stands to reason that sometimes guys like us are effected by flaccid size. Its not an easy thing to deal with, especially in our society of porn standards and big dick energy and all that crap. Hopefully being in here and talking to people will help, but it's all internal and trying to find peace in your own mind. The best we can hope for is to find someone who loves us for us and isn't cruel or superficial.
  14. This is pretty common with men who feel small. It could be as serious as it is innocent, but I've used gay or curious men (online) for their opinion before and although I'm not in denial about my bisexuality, it's not why I was looking/asking. It was strictly for reassurance that I wasn't alone or an unlovable freak. It strikes me as curious that he did this during your pregnancy as this will have been a time when his needs weren't top of the priority list (and rightly so). It doesn't mean that he's gay or even bi, but sps runs so deep it's sometimes even hard to explain the actions of our emotions in our own head, let alone explain it to someone we love and respect. It took a lot of communicating with my missus before I was even comfortable telling her how much my size affected my day to day life, especially as I'm quite a proud person and don't like to feel weak or vulnerable. It can be an absolute living nightmare to exist in this world as a man who is or is convinced that he is small. Their is no body positivity movement for smaller men so we're left to suffer in the shadows in silence and from experience I can tell you that it can have catastrophic outcomes. Communication really is key here, it has take priority above anything else in the relationship (any relationship, but more so here) so opening that dialogue and keeping it open is unbelievably important. Just be careful to choose your moments as if he's feeling relaxed and comfortable and you bring it up it might be met with anger and frustration. Not that that should put you off, just something to consider. I've never cheated on my partner, not would I, not in a million years. But I know exactly where he was mentally when he downloaded those apps, so I know for a fact it isn't as black and white as some people think it is. I really hope you manage to resolve any issues you have with your husband. Sometimes we live in a cloud of guilt that our wives/girlfriends/partners aren't being satisfied (even if they are) and it slowly eats away at our sanity. Good luck with whatever comes from visiting the site, I hope you find what you're looking for.
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