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  1. Hey man. I'm sorry I have not responded to your message. I generally find myself to be quite boring and uninteresting so I get nervous when people want to connect. My life is pretty standard, wake up, go to work, return, sleep, repeat. So I don't do anything interesting. 


    Anyway I hope all is well with you guys. Take care of yourself.?

    1. Gunner71


      If you believe you're boring and focus on the fact that you think other people find you boring, then people might find you boring, mate. Once you're more confident, people will start to look at you with other eyes. I'm a short and small chap (all around), but that hasn't prevented me from pursing my passions: rowing, playing the cello with an orchestra, and building a family with the loveliest lady under the sun. Stop putting yourself down, mate!

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