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  1. I can't do this. Not anymore. My parents threaten to beat me all the time, threaten to burn everything I own, call me stupid and dumb and retarded and cruel and say I'm a bad person, have beaten me in the past, scare the living daylights out of me, look through my stuff, and say I'm subhuman. I can't do this. I'm gay and trans and. With Donald as president, I'm terrified of what'll happen to me. I live in the bible belt, and I'm so scared that people in school will physically hurt me or even do the same things that my parents do or even just random people in public trying to hurt me. I'm scared of what'll happen with my mental health, as I go to a therapist and psychiatrist, and I have Bipolar I with psychotic effects, and just. There's enough hate against me as it is. I can't do this anymore. I just can't. I need to die. I can't live with Donald as president, I can't live with knowing all these bigots are around me, that everyone hates me even more than I thought they already did. I can't do this. I'm so close. Please. Please.
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