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  1. I've heard of that being a trigger, as a lot of contraceptives DO list depression as a side-effect. Unfortunately for me, I was diagnosed long before I ever started using birth control.
  2. Michaela


    Hello, fellow ace here! For some further clarifiction that not all asexuals fit into one neat little box, some aces DO experience sexual urges, some don't, and some are even sex repulsed. It really depends on the individual - the only real defining factor is not having a sexual attraction to other people. That being said, you can still totally find a potential partner attractive in that you like the way they look, but that appearance doesn't make you want to jump 'em. If you get my drift.
  3. Michaela

    Pre-op trans man with questions

    You definitely need to see a surgeon who specializes in transgender operations - I know there are a LOT of different surgery methods for constructing a penis, some which use your own tissue primarily and others which involve a pump/inflation device (strange, I know). If you want as close to a fully functioning penis as possible, you'll definitely need to discuss that with a surgeon as I doubt any of us in here are really qualified to give you concrete information. Best of luck in your transition!
  4. Michaela

    Another youtube video - Is this normal female behaviour?

    If you think alcoholism and aggression in women is a new phenomenon, you're not familiar with flappers from the 1920's, are you? Beyond that, the 1950's had Teddy Girls (or Judies) who dressed in Victorian inspired "dandy" clothing and swaggered around like men. The punk movement had plenty of loud, raucous, and violent women. But I have a serious question - WHO decided what was feminine or not? I'll give you a hint - it wasn't us gals.
  5. Michaela

    why some men can't stand seeing women cry

    I'm not sure this is really gender related at all, most people who have any sense of empathy don't like to see others hurting or crying.
  6. Michaela

    What soothes you?

    Taking long, hot bubble baths (I really miss having a bath tub) Standing in my kitchen with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Watching the birds or bunnies outside. Chilling in the bar at night with my partner.
  7. Greetings all, I'm Michaela - a 29 year old nonbinary individual who deals with both a severe depression and social anxiety diagnosis. I'm always willing to listen to people's stories and give my advice or insight where needed, but I'm also looking for a place to share my thoughts without judgement or prejudice. Cheers!