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  1. As another part of the reason this thread got posted, I feel like I should explain myself as well. For one, never ever would I want to offend anyone or try to make a plight for anyone. My issues are mental, 100%. Ever since the early part of my teenage years, I had assumed I was small. I never sought finding averages because I didn’t want to be disappointed. I am shorter height for a guy(5’6) so I assumed that meant having a small penis came along with it. My parents never gave us kids “the talk” but just gave us a letter saying there were books to go look at if we were to have any questions. I was a late bloomer to everything sexually. Masturbation, I didn’t start till I was 15, and that was by accident. I didn’t lose my virginity till 22. Had a blowjob at like 19 I think. From my sort of “gf” I guess you could say. After we broke up, she told a mutual friend of ours at the time that I was small. I’ve had numerous times that I was told I was small, just based on my height and without them even seeing my penis. So, even though I can read the tape measure, I still manifest in my head I’m not big enough. I’ve gone to therapy for it. I’ve tried talking about it with a couple friends and my current gf. I stopped with my gf cause she got annoyed of how obsessive I was about it always. This place I figured I could get things out cause maybe people would understand. And I’m sure you guys do get it. But maybe I don’t belong here. If I have caused anyone any discomfort it honestly wasn’t my intention. I know you are all trying to help one another and have talked with me as I have tried to fit in.
  2. I usually say I live in Vancouver, BC. Even though I live in the greater Vancouver area. In a place called New Westminster.
  3. Also @Sea182018, when my gf and I got the set of cock rings at the sex show back in Feb, I love wearing them. Makes me personally feel bigger. I want her to measure to see if maybe I got a little bit of girth lol.
  4. Hey man, @lostboy1, you aren’t minimizing anything. Always feel free to talk. Everyone here feels inadequate. For everyone there is the mental aspect of things, as you said. If you ever want to private talk, more then welcome to message me 😊
  5. Glad you were able to get a victory within yourself. Your girth is within the average I believe. 4.5 is a good girth. I have struggled with thinking I’m big enough since I was a teenager. And even knowing I am a good size(5.5 length and 5.5 girth). I get it dude.
  6. Dude yes!! Stick with that!! I’ve always remembered any girl that had complimented my girth and/size. I have obsessed with being big enough for years. My now ex wife made a comment when she lied about how many guys she had slept with when we first started sleeping together. I try to think that she was being truthful even then. Lol
  7. It’s true, it probably would be over for a few years. And I would be happy with it. I personally don’t like sex. It’s sort of boring for me. Until we started putting on the cock ring. Makes me feel bigger
  8. It happens to me quite regularly Sea. And I have a pretty decent size(even though I still think otherwise most of the time). My gf likes just having sex with me. And especially since we are trying for a kid, she only cares if I finish now lol.
  9. So I recently purchased a few cock rings. Would anyone want me to post results from each one put on? There are 3 sizes. If Not publically, anyone privately want to know results?
  10. That’s a great length man. I don’t mind being a grower, but as I said before, I’d love a bigger flaccid state for a better bulge. 5 inches would be awesome to have in a flaccid state. But I’d still want to grow lol. I like the element of surprise lol
  11. I feel the same way @itsSmaller, when I was married, my wife was a smoke show, all my friends couldn’t believe i got her to even go out with me, and marry me. But we have since divorced and the gf I’m with now, she’s great for me, but the level of attraction I had with my ex wife just isn’t there. She’s a good looking girl, don’t get me wrong, but I have now found myself to be more picky when I see women that I am physically attracted to. Most of my friends say a girl is hot and I’m like “meh”
  12. Yeah man, I hear ya @itsSmaller, I go through days where I really like my penis, then others I wish I had a different or bigger one
  13. @itsSmaller I can tell you that anyone is welcome here. The people here have welcomed me in here and I’m a good size. I struggle with thinking I’m small and inadequate. Even though I know I’m good enough. If that makes any sense.
  14. So, when I was married, my buddy and I used to go for wing Wednesday every week. We had been going for a while and then he mentioned that a friend of his was coming with us, which I said fine, it ended up being a really good looking girl. And because I had a wife, I didn’t care and just talked to her normally. We got along great. We talked mostly instant of her and then buddy. The next day at work, he said that she had told him that if I didn’t have a wife that she would totally go on a date with me. She loved how normal I was. I tell that story because could it have been that subconsciously you knew you have a great girl with you right now, so therefore you could actually be yourself around her? I had never been good with chicks that I had liked before, but because I wasn’t thinking about trying to impress her, I didn’t care.
  15. I’m usually fairly decent at staying hard after I’ve finished, and i didn’t notice with the ring on, but I have only had it on twice and wasn’t looking for that. Probably will notice now though lol. It hasn’t helped in the performance part for me, I’ve still finished within mins. First time, we hadn’t had sex in a very long time so I wasn’t too surprised. But last time I lasted a decent amount of time.
  16. I have the same sort of thing when I drink @YOTH, except I do stupid scenarios where I pretend like I sent a pic of myself to a chick and apologize and try and peak their interest. Then when I’m hungover and they have responded it’s a little cat and mouse game basically to see if I can get them to agree to me sending the pic and then get them to comment on my size.
  17. We have now used a couple of the cock rings a couple times this last week. Both times we put it on when I was already hard(you’re supposed to put it on when it’s soft or semi hard apparently), she could feel a difference the first time from one of my veins. The second one is a little more thicker of a ring, and she instead felt a difference and said I was definitely more hard and when she put me in her mouth, said I felt bigger. So next time we use it, I want to ask her to take a measurement of me before and during the time I have the cock ring on. See if there is any actual difference!
  18. Well, was at the show last night. I was more comfortable this time around. A bit. But I also had a few drinks to get me more comfortable. It seemed more toned down then last time. But also every sex kind of vender that was there basically sells the same thing. We actually ended up booking a chiropractor appointment while we were there lol. Got a mini spine test done and my neck alone is all fucked up. Anyways, we ended up getting a mystery bag, which is staples together so you don’t know what you get until you buy it and open it. As we did the last time we went. There was like 3 vibrators in it, a sex game, some margarita glass with a penis shaped thing in the middle of it. And a bunch of lube. As we went along we checked out a seminar by Dr. Jess(smoke show) about pleasuring a guy. After that we continued walking around and there were people being tied up, swinging on swings, performances from groups on the main stage. As the night went on, I had a couple more drinks, I didn’t mention about the girth enhancer again, but a cock ring sorta caught my attention. So, we ended up buying a couple of those for me. We will give those a turn in the near future. I read up on it a little bit this morning and it should help me perform longer, and actually perhaps get a fuller erection. So I might even gain a little size from it. Which would be interesting. I want to open it up and try it and measure lol, but I don’t want to open it without the gf. Maybe actually, we could do a comparison without the cock ring and then with! See if there is a difference. So yeah, just a brief statement from last night. Anyone care to ask questions, I’ll answer!
  19. I felt something when I had mine on, mine was supposed to add like another 1.5-2 inches in girth. But as I said, the gf didn’t like it at all. It was soft and just felt way too fake for her. Maybe I’ll find something better tomorrow
  20. That’s awesome @2thin2win!! I’ll have to look at what they have. @PDXsUnHungAndUnsungHero I’ll explain later as to an extender, but it’s basixally what it sounds like. But I’ll also let you all know how I feel and what goes on there
  21. Appreciate it lostboy! Yeah, I had more expectations for this girth enhancer but we used it once and never used it again. She said it felt weird.
  22. With my gf. We went a couple years ago(When we had been dating for about 5 months) and it’s difficult usually for me to talk sexual, and I barely said anything when we were in there. I bought a girth enhancer there, but I didn’t want to say anything cause I didn’t want people to see me buying it cause I thought they would all judge me for buying it. I’m sort of getting the same feelings again now that we will be going again. I’m going cause she wants to go, and I want to mention about getting another, better extender, but I don’t know if I should say anything to her cause she might be annoyed I’m bringing up the size issue again
  23. Dude, I get ya. I used to be on a board, which used to have a thread that had users to get together and chat about things. I enjoyed chatting with guys that pleased my Fantasy. Which was basically a guy playing a girl character of my choosing, to a scenario of my choosing. It happens sir
  24. I’d love a better flaccid. I have always wanted a better bulge in my pants it seems.
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