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  1. I feel you..... I'm 31 years old and I've been a loner all my life. I sincerely wish you can overcome your fears and find someone.
  2. I know my SPS has taken over my life and affected me in more areas than just sex (which is actually worse that my contempt for my penis itself ) but from the bottom of my heart I wish I could believe those numbers of 14.8 cms (5.82 inches) being the average. I mean, in a good day that's what I can achieve bone pressing and 4.3-4.5 (which depresses me even more) again in good day. That's why even though I'm 31 years old I still remain virgin and everyday that goes by, the whole "crave for sex + afraid of sex + guilt. hatred" grow over. I wish there was a way to safely increase it....I mean, with hormones science can turn a man into a"woman" and viceversa. Why there's no "simple pills" to "re introduce" puberty or something like that??? Meh =(. I don't want to be huge pornstar size-wise. I would give a kidney to be 6.6 inches in length (nbp) and 5.2 girth. With that I would overcome the fear of dating.....Geez! The way I see it in the -I know- relentless internet is that there's no such thing as an "average". Men are either big or small, nothing in between .I would go as far as saying that "average = still small". PS Even though I hate my flaccid size, small balls and therefore overall bulge (8.6 cms/ 3.4 inches in a good day) erect size is my main concern. As I once read "flaccid is for you, erect is for her". I've heard that jelqing done in a proper manner can help you, but I dunno.
  3. I range between 5.5 to 5.8 inches of length in a very good day while bone pressing. But a rather sad girth of 4.3 to 4.4, again in a very good day. I wish I was 6.5 in length, 5.2 in girth and 4 inches flaccid. You know, nothing really big but enough just to not be afraid.... Ours is a life of being afraid of laughs and rejection.
  4. I'm speechles.....😪
  5. I'm not even american, however I believe Trump is neither the monster democrats see nor the savior the republicans see as well. About the hands issue...It's sad that to even the most liberal, politically correct "snowflakes" who advocate anti bullying and and look for racism, homophobia and persecution in everything and anything the small penis is STILL a joke... Pd I don't think this is a democrats exclusive issue for it was Ted cruise, a republican, who began with the joke.
  6. My SPS was a late bloomer.... I thought I was normal because I was little bit bigger than the penises portrayed in those classical statues. If wasn't until reading an article about the smallness of them that I found out...My erect size is 5.7 inches and what bothers me the most a girth of 4.5 inches in a VERY good day while bone pressing. I've visited sexologists such and they all tell me that "you are exactly average" yet I see a celebrity with a size like mine and they are ridiculed for being small. Hey I've even seen feminists who happen to hate every body shaming possible also making fun of penises. Geez =(
  7. I wish I could believe that....But over 160 whatsapp messages in the office work about the rumours of an ex coworker make me doubt. And not to say the 38383838 memes (many of which are post and commented by women) that I read everyday. I've always thought here's no "average" , from men go from "big" ( 7 inches and over and also thick) to small, period. I Feel like like there'ss nothing in between.
  8. I haven't been here for a while, hope everybody is doing fine... In regards do this, I wish this was true, but in the end women will always prefer a penis if not big, at least bigger than the average... Having to read 100 and something whatsapp messages about the likeness about a handsome ex boss from my job being "endowed or not" proves that which kinda depresses me also. It seems like a man is not worthy or even not completely attractive unless his penis is at least like 17 cms (almost 7 inches) and thick. So at 5.7 (over 14 cms) bone pressing in a very good day and not particularly thick (quite the opposite un fact) there's like no hope....
  9. I wish I was able to tell you something other than venting is at least healthy, but I can't.......
  10. I don't even want to have a large penis myself, I would give a kidney for a 6.7 length and 5 in girth.
  11. That's our main problem, in this regard at least. Sure that good looks and a nice job/education (not mentioning good sex skills and assets) help with women, but sheer confidence, or should I say, the lack of it is what mostly kill our chances to get women for at least once.
  12. Catch 22, plain and simple. I like my height at 1.86 m (6.10 ft) but I truly hate my skinny 5.5- 5.9 inches long (in a great day) bpel pencil dick.... I would give a kidney for being 6.7 in length and mostly over 5 inches of circumference....
  13. I wish I had that mindset..... I hate my penis and I hate myself for allowing that hatred to ruin other areas of my life.
  14. Studies never clarify, for the sake of all the "short guys" out there I've always believed, whether that 5.5 inches average thing is either bone pressed or not...With that in mind I believe those 5.5 inches is actually npb and the true bone pressed average is around 6.3 to 6.5..... Girth wise I would say is around 4.5 to 4.7. You know, that might be my SPS kicking in, but that's how I feel about it.
  15. I've read my length 5.5 inches bpel (in a good day) can be considered average, however I seriously lack in the girth department with my (again, in a good day) of 4.3 inches.... I truly wish for a longer and wider penis. The sad thing is I just don't want THAT much, one inch in length and 0.75 of girth could get out of this everlasting depression of mine.
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