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  1. In the end I learnt why my penis never developed as I hit puberty . Here in my country they don't do circumcision to baby so I was safe from that botchery . As I became more self aware I felt naked like Adam and Eve . Hiding the deformity of my body to the naked eye was impossible . My right of freedom and respect stripped away as I became outcassted by everyone . Getting by each day became more difficult . Earning a living a pain in the ass to put food on the table . Truth be told I'm just waiting for my time to run out or someone to end my life !
  2. Were you circumsiced after birth ? Repetitive masturbating at young age ? Stop wasting your $ money on therapist . Live for what makes you happy ! I'm a year older than you . Undeveloped also . I know how you feel inside . Take a trip to Bangkok plenty girls $ no money no honey . Even though they tell me to kill myself their words mean nothing to me ! Be strong 💪 work is more important . God won't forgive you for taking you your life !
  3. Suicidal by age 13 . what should I do why didn't my parents protect me from what I was going through. If I knew the things I know now I wouldn't of end up like this . They label me as a girl. It hurts so much inside . :'( if I make the choice of attacking them I'd be the one doing wrong . now I'm 28 hardly lived a day past age 12 I've only existed deep down its killing me inside :'( I lost my freedom .everywhere I go I'm rejected and ridiculed by society. All that resides for me is death :'( here I lay trying to keep my mind from going insane :'( there nothing I can do to change the past :'( I live only inside my mind they say everyone would be happy if I died :'( I died a long time a ago wen I was a kid . if I go to the park and sit down they yell at me why don't I stay home :'( my own sister n my says to me why don't I kill my self :'( all my fault for being a child with no consciousness of what my sin was doing to me .I should of died the day I was thrown in the river :'( I wish I died the day I ran up the street naked when a was I child I didn't want to go bathe . beaten because of that now when the problem started nothing was done to educate di child . I lost all my friends I met I don't exist to them no mre if they see me they turn their heads in the opposite direction :'( if i had a go cam to show u what it is to be deformed n rejected, shunned by society through the years from 13 strl8 thrgh.
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