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  1. sorry to here that you must seek help i was the same but i got help.
  2. If you need help just ask and i will be there for you you are very important in this life. I like you get like this so it can be really bad at times mate. Message me we can work things out for you. Peter.
  3. https://www.historyandheadlines.com/how-to-be-happy-when-you-have-a-small-penis/" /> Thought this may help with the way we think ?
  4. Never listen to them you are a person you are never better off dead your life is good as any one else's . No way you should of been made to have sex with anyone at that age as you said you should of been playing marbles and game like that. I could not understand what you were saying in the early part of your feelings could please elaberate on that please so i can try and understand and help you. I have gone through some think similar to you. Peter.
  5. You could start here as a lot of the guys would not date a women as fear of rejection. Hope this helps.
  6. If you had a girl it would not mater and i dont think if you had a boy that you would pass it on i dont think it works like that.
  7. I would say because she loves you that is way she stays with you. On the sex side even big penises slip out when making love take your time in given her pleasure to make her orgasm spend more time with foreplay oral sex will make her orgasm. She must see you as good partner and that is why she is at your side and size is does not make a man it how you show her love and keep her happy thats what counts and if she is talking about kids she is in it for the long haul. Hope this helps.
  8. peter


    If i stayed in the job i was in i would not be here now. My wife has helped me a lot and is always there for me. My mam as also helped me. But the Government in our countrry lets us down most of the time with its PIP we dread going for interviews and brown evlopes coming in the door as i said my wife helps me i dont get any money or benefits. I have depression and fibromyalgia but people just take the piss saying it all in your mind which make it worse for you, people walk round with so many problem and people dont know whats going on in side them they judge people saying they are scrongers they should be working. I just hope one day people start to see these things are real it like S.P.S. its real to us and people can not see our past and what has happened to us in our lives. Peter
  9. peter


    I am really pleased you took the time to get to know tom he was asking for friends i said i would be his friend but he never took my offer up but i am pleased he took your friendship upso he had some one to talk to and pass his promblems on to or share with.. You are a great lad Yoht And you do not talk shit as you care about people.
  10. peter


    My thoughts are with you Yoth at this sad time mate.
  11. peter


    That is so sad I hate when we lose people and friends like this It happens so much and our hearts brake for them we always wish we could of been there for them. I just hope Tom now can Rest in peace.
  12. I am the same i am always comparing my self to others. With me i think it was when i was abused by an man when i was 9. Has some think like this messed with you mind, like mine ?
  13. We all belong here as we have problems We all think we are small even if we are not. Life can deal us a very bad hand in life,
  14. As its says SPS its a mental illness so if you have a normal penis and you in you mind think it small then you have SPS. I have been measused at Kings hospital in the studies they did and my penis is normal but in my mind its not and i am obsessed with my size no matter what people say to me it still small in my head. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/sexualitytoday/201106/when-size-obsession-gets-out-hand?amp
  15. https://5sizes.wordpress.com/ I have found this web site this may hell us to under stand our size,
  16. I do the same thing as what you are all saying on here but if you look at this picture i found we all look the much the same in a line up like the picture i have put on. I think 60 % are like this so all the big penises people out there are not normal and most women must have sex with the smaller man like us.
  17. I think its a good idea dont be put down. We all think in different ways one will say its a bad idea and another a good idea. Keep you chin up mate and say strong.
  18. Yes i am finding a lot better now.
  19. I was finding hard to find my way around the site.
  20. I would find new friends . People that do that to you are not true friends.
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