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  1. Asexuality

    It's harder for men to accept themselves as anything other than a high sex-drive heterosexual male with a penis that needs to penetrate a woman and only a woman. I also strongly believe that there's more bisexual men out there than meets the eye.
  2. Self worth/confidence with a small penis

    I would believe your wife. Look at this thread. http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/feeling-noseyhow-big-is-sos-package/page/5 Post number 71. "Well I will happily admit to having a smaller guy. I’m a bit, uhhh, abnormally tight so he’s perfect for me. Although even his four inches* can hurt if there’s not enough foreplay and doggy hurts too much to do. If I were with one of these 8+ inch guys I don’t there would be any hope of me ever enjoying sex. *Complete guesstimation. He’s self-conscious about his size (although needlessly so) so I would NEVER suggest measuring him and putting him on the spot like that" Women who are satisfied with 4 inches do exist. I really do believe that you got a little lucky that your wife is compatible with your size.