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  1. Someday

    Happy New Year Gentlemen.

    Happy new year everyone. Not to bring down the topic but I think I need some time away from the forums. I thought coming here would help me out a little but I think maybe it's made things worse. Not because of anything anyone's said. I usually get down during the holidays but this year I feel really down. Not sure what it is but I don't feel right. Physically I am fine but mentally I feel off. I hope you guys have a good 2018 and find what you are looking for.
  2. Someday

    Hello everyone! I am so happy I have found this place!

    I know how it feels. I've had girls, really beautiful ones, literally sit on my lap at the bar and say "take me home". I usually find a way to back out of it. Just last month I was at a girlfriend's (not a girlfriend but a friend that is a girl) birthday party. A random woman not associated with our group came over and sat next to me obviously interested and then she asked if I'd buy her a drink. I told her I don't think my girlfriend would like that. And you guessed it. I don't have a girlfriend. I wish I had some actual advice you but I don't.
  3. I'm pretty much in the same position. When soft I'm 1 inch when hard 5 inches. When I sit down it goes inside me much like yours does. Throughout the year I am pretty good at keeping myself busy through work and volunteer activities. For some reason, though, starting around Thanksgiving all the way through New Year's I get hit with the depression bug. I guess it's seeing all these couples together during the holidays that gets me down because I know there's a good chance I'll probably never experience that. I usually get invited out for New Year's Eve by a couple and they even say they'll have a single friend coming as well and wink at me. I don't even bother because I feel like I'd be setting her up for disappointment. I even went to church not that long ago and as my luck would have it, the message was about how man was made to have a woman in his life and how he shouldn't be single. Then they did couples related activities with each other as I just sat there by myself. Even in church I have to get this crap thrown in my face. Once New Year's is over I'm usually pretty good.
  4. Someday

    How is everyone doing?

    I do a lot of volunteer work with the homeless and at-risk youth. I like helping people and it keeps me busy.
  5. Someday

    How is everyone doing?

    I am doing alright. Not great but not bad. Most of the time I am occupied with work or charity-related activities so I don't have time to think about the loneliness. The other week I saw a girl I thought was really cute working a booth at the mall. I thought about what it would be like to be with her but before I knew it some suave-looking confident guy walked right up to her and next thing I knew I'm walking back to the parking lot. Other than that my life isn't too bad and I can't complain.
  6. Much like the previous poster said, I have read that testosterone injections may or may not help. I don't recall exactly what it was so it would be best to talk it over with a medical expert. I wish I could go back in time and have my parents explore that option. I'm guessing this wasn't really too much of a known topic in the late 70's / early 80's like it is now. As for his mental state, who knows, he may end up having confidence or he may end up like the majority of us here. I saw a big beefy guy who was very small the other day at the gym coming out of the shower and he didn't seem to give a rat's ass. I wish I could be that confident in the locker room. Let me tell you firsthand that being a handsome man with absolutely 0 confidence is one of the worst feelings I've felt and I wouldn't wish it on anybody.
  7. Someday

    What Music Do You Listen To?

    I like a variety of music. Classic rock, r&b, techno, heavy metal and pop. Not too big on country.
  8. Someday

    How to accept yourself

    I try to tell myself it isn't a big deal. Sometimes I believe it and other times I know I am just lying to myself. Other times I try to ignore it. But then it always seems to follow me around. Just tonight I was watching an episode of Impractical Jokers, which has quickly become one of my favorite shows. They had a setting where they were in a speed dating environment, and they told the guy to tell the girl that he has a micropenis. Of course it was all for comedic purposes. Worst part is I was watching with a good friend of mine and he was laughing pretty hard. I had to force myself to laugh along with him so as not to cause any suspicion. That left a sour taste in my mouth. I feel like because of that one incident I can't enjoy the show anymore like I did before. I don't have a micropenis but it definitely looks like one when it's flaccid.
  9. Someday

    Grower's SPS / Flaccid size only SPS

    I have experienced something similar to the disco story. Except mine happened at a house party. I had no intentions of talking to girls that night but a really cute girl came and sat on my lap. Of course, she felt nothing because when flaccid and sitting down it's almost non-existent. Somehow I don't think me saying "it's there when I'm erect" would have made the situation better. It was awkward because most guys would have the confidence to make a move, maybe slip a hand down her backside or say something flirty. I just sat there like an idiot. Party ended and never saw her again.
  10. Someday

    Mental stress from childhood

    I know the feeling. I would consider myself a good looking guy (tall, good hair, in shape) and women flirt with me all the time. But I never follow through. Women even straight up approach me very directly for dates. And I always come up with an excuse. Not too long ago a girl asked me to go on a double date with a friend of hers to a a concert and I told her to her friend that I was working even though I wasn't. It sucks to be a good looking guy with no confidence. People start to wonder what's wrong with you. Why you aren't married yet. Why you don't have any kids. Or if you're secretly gay. (Nothing against gays). btw I am 1 inch soft, 5 erect. About 5.3 girth. Ball sack is pretty normal. It is a psychological thing. I know that when I'm aroused I'm pretty much in the same range as the majority of guys. But all I ever think about is how it looks when it's soft. I don't recall being suicidal but it goes get me down from time to time. Usually when I'm at an event where it is couples orientated, which I try to avoid at all costs. I think that when you're a child (pre-middle school) at least in my case, it didn't really bother me because I didn't know any better. It was later on in life, probably around high school, where I started to worry about it. Now that I'm getting older (mid-30s) I am starting to care less about it. Good luck.
  11. Someday

    Passing Time

    Thanks for your message. Basically I just don't have the confidence. I have no problem talking to women in terms of asking for numbers or asking them out, but I usually end up backing out during the dating stage. Nowadays even when I practically have women approaching me I still find ways to avoid dating. Just 2 weeks ago a really cute girl at work probably about 5 years younger than me "suggested" that we hang out at a local beer festival. I told her I was busy even though I wasn't.
  12. Someday

    Passing Time

    I do a lot of jogging and weight lifting. Mostly to keep myself healthy. But also to look good in case I ever meet a woman. Which I doubt.
  13. Someday

    What Size Penis Would You Like?

    I don't really hate 5 inches. Maybe I'd add an inch to have 6. But I would give up 5 inches of height to put me at 6'0 and every hair on my head to have a normal looking flaccid penis instead of a 1 incher.
  14. Someday


    I've lost a few family members over alcohol. Whatever you're doing, keep it up. It seems to be working.
  15. by signing up here. Maybe I just need to vent. Like a lot of guys here I don't mind too much about my erect size (5 inches). But my flaccid size (1 inch) is what has bothered me my entire life. I don't even like looking at myself in the mirror. For a tall guy at 6'5 though, 5 inches just doesn't look right. I'm not a virgin but have limited experience with women going into my late 30's. Women always expect tall guys to be hung and that's part of my hesitation to get back out there. I can remember in high school we'd have the option to take communal showers after gym or after practice. I did it one time and never again. I would always skip the shower and just be the smelly guy for the rest of the day. Even when I had to get a physical to get cleared to play sports by the doctor, I remember her smirking a little bit. Growing up, I always had the mentality that I had a micropenis. Eventually I found out that because of my erect size I don't fall into the mirco category. But nobody really sees your erect size, they always see your flaccid. Not to toot my own horn but I consider myself (and have been told numerously) that I'm a good looking guy. College educated. On the outside, I seem to have it all going for me. But nothing could be further from the truth. Growing up I knew when girls were flirting with me. I knew when they were showing interest. Maybe I'd take them out once or twice, but I never pushed it further. Some of my friends have even called me out on being gay. Which isn't a bad thing, btw. People constantly ask me how I'm still single, or what's wrong with me. I usually respond jokingly like "you don't even know." Most of the time I'm pretty good at keeping myself busy to keep my mind off of things. I work a lot and on top of that I like to workout a lot and and hang out with my single friends. So usually it's not on my mind. But every now and then the loneliness does creep up on me. Usually it's when I see a couple out together having a good time. Sometimes I even despise the guys that I see out with beautiful women. Even though they've never done me any wrong. My confidence has never been high. Usually when my friends go out to the bars/clubbing to go troll for girls, they ask me to come along. I usually come up with some lame excuse involving work the next day even though I'm off that day. I feel like if I had a normal penis my confidence would be through the roof. Reading through the topics it's nice to see I'm not the only one with this problem. Anyways, thanks for listening.