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  1. I know what you mean about letting it stop you pursuing opportunities, I am by most standards a very bright person but I dumb myself down to avoid too much responsibility or drawing too much attention. I throw words into my speech such as 'do you know what I mean', 'it was like' etc. I feel that having piece bigger than a thumb would help me get further in life! As a non loaded question, would you go out more if you had a few mates with the same small P worries/anxiety?? Are you based in the UK? - personally I am looking for chaps with the same worries to be friends with - if we are equal in that respect I don't have to worry about it becoming an issue or being bombarded with abuse which always seems to happen with every other male friend.. What games do you play? I like plenty of FPS on PS4
  2. Learning how to drive was great for me, I can now stop using the buses round here are full of gits (begging for money, vaping, and generally being annoying) Helpless, what do you do? I am a general dogsbody of sorts, as yoth says he is doing some bar work. Just curious what type of thing you do?
  3. The social aspect adds too much pressure for some - I think that individual meet ups are less risky and after we have vetted each other properly (me and yoth) and do a 1st meet. I would need to travel for approx. 3-4 hours by train to reach yoth so I will take my time getting to know my new friend 1st. who knows - we could invite someone to the second etc etc. but this will take time. The social is just being re-thought out to: a - protect people b- work around each other's lives I hope that one day many of us will know each other properly no rush as I will always be a SDS sufferer and for those genuinely looking for a friend will find people like me and each other.
  4. Sorry for delayed reply - I use calls and whatsapp for guys on here. I am keen to build a social network for fellow SDS sufferers. Private message me to start a proper conversation.
  5. I am 100% sure about YOTH, I took a leap of faith by sharing my number and Im glad I did. Its been very liberating having another bloke to share this with. If other people are interested in talking on the phone I will always make time for them. As far as meeting is concerned - I hope it will happen. I think the logical steps are telephone, whatsapp, video chat then a meet. But it requires some trust, for most of us - I am sure this difficult to do but its worth pursuing. Yoths question 'when will this become an issue?' is an integral part of seeking each other out - I suffer with so many daily worries like will people notice my clothes look strange (the way my crotch looks), am I saying/doing something that gives me away etc. And so called friends just deciding to pisstake about size when this actually is a daily misery. What we have in common is we DONT attack other men about their privates. That is our starting place, however our friendships develop this wont ever be an issue.
  6. Thanks YOTH - I will stay in touch with those who I have started conversations with and continue to use the site. I don't feel so alone when I talk to you guys. Maybe when I can find the right words to express myself I will try again - but the stress of causing anyone to feel bad I cant deal with. Everyone who looks to this site for a friend can count on me always.
  7. I think a theme which comes up a lot is the whole thing of dominance - average guys feel pushed around by 'big' guys so average guys think/feel they need to show dominance over someone. Your friend possibly is just feeling down about someone acting like this towards him - Sad thing is, he is never going to be like to his own bullies and he has lost your trust (assuming he ever had it) - he's a dumbass!
  8. After much time to contemplate how this has been received - I think that the social idea was really badly conceived and communicated - I apologise as I guess I assumed others wanted something similar. I have been suffering with nervous tension and insomnia ever since 2015 - I keep saying things wrong and regretting this. I am going to wipe my posts and try to focus on joining other discussions without making this suggestion.. You all have my support and time whenever you need.
  9. I am paranoid someone will find me and share my posts - sorry - I am no leader just want friends who understand this and don't make SD jokes all the time.
  10. Sorry folks - deleted a few posts as I feel abit paranoid. Still using the site
  11. We could maybe do a city in the middle of the UK.. as random suggestion...what about Manchester one weekend? I will bring my Gf we could go for a few drinks?
  12. Nope - not trying to be a hero - like said looking for some mates.
  13. I think that the best days any of us have had involve the hope that we have found someone who isn't out to get us.
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