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  1. Smallbeans

    I feel like I'm rattling cages

    @YOTH I know what you mean about your closest friends and wanting to tell them but not wanting anyone to see you at lowest/weakest. Don’t think I’ve felt so helpless in they kind of situations. Im downloading zoom at some point this week and when I’m not so busy at work we can hopefully set up times we can chat and get everything out.
  2. Smallbeans

    WhatsApp (Edit: Not Zoom)

    Amen to that
  3. @YOTH I heard about that. I’m so sorry. I can’t even imagine what you are going through. If you ever need to chat drop me a message. Glad the kids are good. I’m struggling keeping up with just one kid never mind two.
  4. @YOTH hey man. Good to speak again. Things are getting better. One day at a time and all that. The kid is good. She is running around now so that gets me active. How are things with you? Hope all is well
  5. Smallbeans

    Hi all

    @IrmaJean I’m the same with the exorcist and tubular Bells by mike oldfield. My dad played it non stop and it still brings back memories
  6. Smallbeans

    Hi all

    @Daveuk I’m the same really. I’m rewatching all the paranormal activities right now. I’m enjoying all the found footage stuff. You excited for the new Halloween movie?
  7. Smallbeans

    Hi all

    @Daveuk what kind of horror movies you into?
  8. @AiryL it’s great to get a female perspective. especially a positive one. In my situation my wife has never once told me I’m not big enough and that I cannot satify her. I think with me it’s all in my head and the way I see myself. I wish I could change everything about me but I’m sure my wife would say I’m perfect. Maybe just trying to spare my feelings I dunno.
  9. @YOTH you ever thought of becoming a councillor? Some very wise words there
  10. Smallbeans

    Pen Pal!

    I second what everyone else has said. I always find it helpful to speak to new people and get their opinions and advice on my problems The fact you want to solve your problems is a huge and great start.
  11. Smallbeans

    Your typical vent about penis size

    @rmp your not weak at all. You were strong enough to come on here and ask for help. That takes balls. I’ve found on the times I can’t last long in bed I focus more on my partners pleasure. Like longer foreplay and stuff like that. If you only see your gf every two weeks then that gives you plenty time to try things like edging which I think really helps
  12. Hey there @Twigit. Trust me when I say I have been in the exact same posistion feeling like you will never feel the same as you did before or get over it but it does get better. I’m on a cocktail on alcohol, depression and anxiety tablets every day. Your not going through this alone
  13. Smallbeans

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    @Victimorthecrime well said mate. Very well said.
  14. @MrsA good. Sometimes just getting it off your chest makes you feel a bit better and I’m glad it has. If you feel like you should seek professional help then by all means but sometimes just having the conversation about the problem works it out. He sounds like the kind of guy who would do anything to help you and I’m sure he would appreciate you just being honest about the way you feel. I hope some of what I’ve said helps. I’m in no way an expert in anything. Just a guy trying to help
  15. @MrsA I hope even just writing down your problem helps even a little bit. You can’t help the way you feel and should not feel ashamed. My question is if he can make you orgasm then isn’t his penis good enough? Unless it’s orgasm without penetration. The fact he is willing to use toys and extenders shows how much he loves you and wants you to be happy I think. At the end of the day you should always choose what makes you happy. That’s my policy. It’s a lot easier said than done though.