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  1. So it has been two years since I first opened up about my small penis on this forum. Half a year ago I finally overcame the fear of visiting a psychologist and experienced that it was utterly helpful for me to talk openly about something that had been a secret for me for such a long time. I started to acknowledge how not accepting my penis was detrimental to many different aspects of my life: I suffered from fear of failure in general, was to scared to visit the gents public bathroom, and never experienced the great fun and intimacy that sex can offer. Why did I keep a secret in spite of all these consequences? I started to wonder, what would happen if someone or even everyone knows I have a small penis? Will it affect my real friendships? Ofcourse not. In fact, it might even deepen them as I would be able to share an important personal issue and our connections would even deepen. Will it affect my chances to find a partner? Neither, as keeping this a secret would never allow me to have a relationship in the end. Would people make jokes about it? Yes, of course they would, but so what? It would tell more about them and I am strong enough to cope with that. With this in mind I started dating someone to expose myself in the purpose of overcoming my fear. It appeared to be a very nice and sweet guy. Ofcourse, I was terrified to have sex with him. However, I told myself: if he does not accept my penis, he is not worth my time. When the moment was there I was really surprised when I found out he did not care at all about my penis size and even called it beautiful. Unfortunately our relationship did not last for long, as I found that I did not fall in love with him. So my question to the guys out here that are keeping their penis size a secret in spite of everything: what is your biggest fear?
  2. Thank you all very much for sharing your experiences and advice! I really appreciate it! It makes me feel less lonely :). I thought of not quoting all of your posts since it would make mine a very long post, but reply to them in general. I honestly am very scared to talk about my insecurities and that really keeps me withdrawn from sharing them. Like some of you say, trying to escape is much easier, but I guess that is only for the short term. There are moments I am feeling very positive, but also moments when I am feeling down. When I feel I can burst into tears every moment. I try telling myself that it is not a big deal and that it is not the size of the penis that is actually a problem, but the way I think about it. The problem is not physical but psychological, if you know what I mean. I also try telling myself a lot of times that my body is perfect and not worth less than anyone's else, but it does not work out quite well. Right now I am thinking about looking for professional help in September, since telling my parents would probably only cause a lot of fuss. Thank you again!
  3. Hi all, I am new to this forum and this is my first post here! I am a 21 years old guy trying to cope with a small penis (3.5 inch when erect). I feel like not being able to accept the size of my penis is really limiting my life in many ways. I guess the most important effect is that it really ruins my self esteem which causes me to feel down and anxious in a lot of situations. I really want to get over this and just start accepting me for the way I am. The hard thing is that I don't really know how to get this far. I first thought telling my parents would be a good idea. But then I am also afraid that I will hurt them and they will hurt me and things will only get worse. And even if I would like to tell them, I feel like I do not have the courage to do so. On the contrary I have trying to escape from my problem for a lot of years and not being able to tell anyone about my struggle makes me feel very lonely. So I was wondering, what are you experiences in trying to accept your penis for the way it is? Thanks in advance!
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