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  1. you know what .being gay means you have more chance to have sex than us, because i wont be shy to show my small dick to a man i'm sure he will feel me , like i feel other guys with even smaller penis than mine .but a women is the other gender can't really understand and feel you like a man do
  2. allright name it SPS ARMY and let me know when it's ready
  3. of corse bigger dick wins ,if your height is still acceptable not less than 5"6 you can be short and have muscles and take care of your body training everyday and can be healthier and stronger than a normal tall man. the word BIG DICK itself makes you fear and feel more proud of yourself , here in our country we have saying "a sword and no sword dick " it means i'll d rather chose my head cut off by sword and not getting fucked by a big dick girls don't laugh at short man but when they see small dick for sure they will mock you ,also girls often open their month saying woooow for a big dick not for how tall the guy is . i have my cosin who is 6"3 height and 'm only 5"7 and he is stronger than me in weight lifting but my penis is 1 inch bigger and that makes me always feel superior .
  4. you are not alone i'm almost 30 and we are on the same boat , suicide wont solve our problem, you don't want yourself in hell for the eternity ,SPS is nothing bro believe me is nothing compared to cancer or other diseases , i have chronic sore throat and problems breathing with nose which led to ear inflammation/infection and hearing loss to 35 % probably permanently and that really bothers me much more than having a small penis ...
  5. the guy who started the topic still in his mid 30's so logically still have a chance even to date a blind girl. but you man it's over i'm so sorry you broke my heart
  6. ---- are you bored bro , we can play games online
  7. look at Lodz he is a good example and he is lucky too because someone else with same exact numbers could be easily rejected , your numbers are much better which means your chances are better nothing to worry about ! unless you r very unlucky
  8. you are fine bro 6" is above average and enough even for heavy woman. the response is above as you can see a women was satisfied with 2.5" imagine her hapiness if her friend was 6" your size is more than the double...
  9. man ! you shouldn't be complaining 6 inches is above average and totally normal, unless you compraring yourself with pornstars i would say you are in the wrong section bro,and thank your god. i wish i had your 6 inches. i'm 4 inches that's what i call small
  10. Pm your discord but i do not play MMo only shooters like BF1 and titanfall and HL2 deathmatch
  11. are you bored mate i do not have a ps4 i play on pc do you play BF1 bro or Far cry 5
  12. i'm exactly like you bro you'r not alone!! what can we do? nothing i believe. people like us are good at nothing ,ADHD is an obstacle i like reading but more than 10 minutes puts me to sleep i remember i was better at everything when i was young under 15 yo , the older i get the more i become stupid/forgetful/daydreamer/morron etc... all my family asking me and blaming frequently why i do not drive cars and i'm almost 30 yo i tell them i can't f***king concentrate , even if i could learn ,daydreaming will certainly cause me an accident ,they do not want to understand me or believe me and they re ask me again over and over the same question , i cried many times only god can help us and he knows our pain so only one advice pray your god try to be a good man ,donate always to help poor people all kind of problems and pain that humain can feel/see in this life are nothing compared to an eternal hell .thank god anyway...
  13. i'm exactly like you bro , this is extremely complicated i don't believe there is a remedy we are like that by nature. i feel tired 80 % of the day since i was teenager is it cancer!?!
  14. that's correct ,really true adviser , also if you look at the number of posts on all the sections of the forum SPS has the most hahah .... this explains everything
  15. be happy i'm 4.3 and i dream to have your 5.5 lengh so your complaining seems strange to me i'm trying to lose weight maybe i can get +1.5 inch which is just a dream yes and not eveything is possible no matter how hard you try there's destiny factor
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