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  1. bizzarecontact

    List for pdoc (thoughts on if it could be?)

    i'm exactly like you bro you'r not alone!! what can we do? nothing i believe. people like us are good at nothing ,ADHD is an obstacle i like reading but more than 10 minutes puts me to sleep i remember i was better at everything when i was young under 15 yo , the older i get the more i become stupid/forgetful/daydreamer/morron etc... all my family asking me and blaming frequently why i do not drive cars and i'm almost 30 yo i tell them i can't f***king concentrate , even if i could learn ,daydreaming will certainly cause me an accident ,they do not want to understand me or believe me and they re ask me again over and over the same question , i cried many times only god can help us and he knows our pain so only one advice pray your god try to be a good man ,donate always to help poor people all kind of problems and pain that humain can feel/see in this life are nothing compared to an eternal hell .thank god anyway...
  2. bizzarecontact

    Is this ADHD? Anyone with same symptoms

    i'm exactly like you bro , this is extremely complicated i don't believe there is a remedy we are like that by nature. i feel tired 80 % of the day since i was teenager is it cancer!?!
  3. that's correct ,really true adviser , also if you look at the number of posts on all the sections of the forum SPS has the most hahah .... this explains everything
  4. be happy i'm 4.3 and i dream to have your 5.5 lengh so your complaining seems strange to me i'm trying to lose weight maybe i can get +1.5 inch which is just a dream yes and not eveything is possible no matter how hard you try there's destiny factor
  5. bizzarecontact


    i have steam we can play half life 2 deathmatch i can buy you one if you don't have it SPS gaming hahah
  6. bizzarecontact

    Owning It

    5'6 is ok bro i'm like you except i look japanese so it looks normal
  7. bizzarecontact

    How bad is a 4.7 penis?

    4.7 is ok bro only bitchs look for big dicks i'm 4.5 and i don't care i know sometimes painful when you think about it ,but that's luck ,and that's your destiny you can't change it and suicide is not the solution.
  8. bizzarecontact


    at least you were married ,hahahh so consider yourself lucky some people have very small penises that they can't even dare to think about wedding . if she really loves you she wont cheat on you with anybody . life goes on you'r not alone many many men have small penises , we can even make whole coutry of only small dick population.
  9. bizzarecontact

    Owning It

    yes me too i don't care and i show my penis to maybe over hundred of girls on paid camshows , it is 4.5 inchs and they all said it is fine , except one told me you'r so impotent and she insulted my mother !!! so don't care about what they say bro , you are a human like them and you need to live your life normally .
  10. bizzarecontact

    I think I don't have a reason to live anymore

    i advice you to try to lose weight like me , i lost weight in the previous months ,by jogging and eating less at night , and like others said it will make your penis look bigger, also 4.3 inches is not not desastrous i'm like you 4.5 inches , and i see many men in porn even with that size ahahh ! they fock and they don't care , ,you can overcome the small penis nightmare with practising sport, and praying there's nothing better than that can help you, also do not think about suicide , because only weak person suicides i'm 28 and still virgin , suicide leads to hell bro, so you don't want to lose here and there , so whatever happens to me , even if i'm too sick and dying i let myself die vein after vein and never suicide , if you are a good man ,and believe in your god we still have our chance in next life.
  11. bizzarecontact

    UK guy looking for friends..

    personnally it wont hurt me if a man mocks my small dick ,and my penis was bigger than my consin's penis at the age of 16 ,i didn't make jokes of him on the contrary it does hurt me , now with the fat pad arround my penis and big belly because i gained alot weight , his dick is bigger than mine ! because man can imagine himself with a small dick and knows what other man suffer ,even a transgender female body with penis can imagine your suffering ,but females don't care because they don't have penises they are the real mockers. so i take it seriously only from a female
  12. bizzarecontact

    UK guy looking for friends..

    so i conclude this site is hosted in uk ! i did not have any experience but i think if i will try something i will drink to death before i grab a prostitute and i didn't drink from 5 years i only drunk 7 or 8 times in my life it is not healthy so if she mocks my dick it will be less painful when i'm drunk. why deleting the posts are you afraid of being the small dick army leader , then i take the commands if you want oh yes i remember when i was young just before puberty at 11 years old my aunt always wants to check my penis flaccid when i'm on shower ,and she says why his penis is so small his cosin has bigger ,i think she says it not to hurt me but she was worried about me and she repeats to mom and my other aunts .
  13. bizzarecontact

    SPS problem in French

    yes i'm speaking a little french , oui je parle un peu francais et j'ai un petit zizi comme toi c pas la fin du monde
  14. bizzarecontact

    44 Year-old Male Virgin.

    you'r not alone , virginity for ever bro i'm 28 and i never talked or met a girl, my mother tells me always you'r living in your own world.with these new generations ppl changed they are more materialist life lost it's taste and doesn't make any sense to me. my only real hope is not to be in hell in the nextlife.probably i go jihad someday not into killing innocents. in the end no one knows what the future hiding for him, but in theory with my attitude i will be alone to death and i like being alone don't forget girls or friends can bring you problems too
  15. bizzarecontact

    Just here for anyone for SDS.

    jackbolin heart breaking , you'r the example for younger man with small dicks ,late 40's and alone papi , our destiny must be similar , so it's better to join the small dick army, alone they can mock you, but when united we can defend or attack first. any bitch will mock my dick i put a giant alive snake in her pussy . time to make them suffer like us