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  1. Let's see Childbirth Periods Less able to defend yourself physically if attacked Higher risk of being sexually assaulted / raped I can count on one hand the negative things about being female Whereas being a man is a living hell every day in every way BEING A MAN IS A LIVING HELL EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY I'm not sure anyone even uses this forum anymore - seems everyone has moved to Reddit if they want to whine about things - forums are dead You may question from this post, whether I have transgender feelings I do not have such feelings, and I do not feel feminine Also, "trans women" are biologically male I just think being a man is fucking shit, and there's nothing I can ever do about it Depressed, waste of fucking time, what's the fucking point The vast majority of the evil freaks and rapists and perverts and weirdos and paedophiles in the world are male, and by me being male I'm lumped in with them When you think about the reality of what being male means in relation to women (and children) it just becomes more and more depressing I'm probably sounding like an incel here But the truth is that I'm worse than a fucking incel Incels are just losers who don't have sex I on the other hand can't have sex Sexuality for women is a commodity (economically and socially), for men it is a liability To add insult to injury, men have to do the work physically (in the actual act of sex), and pay for it economically (one way or another) Women can use their sexuality to get everything they want in the world (directly or indirectly) Men have to face a life that is a living hell every day FEMININITY IS FREEDOM MASCULINITY IS SLAVERY That's all I've got to say just now Bye
  2. I'm not being a dick about it, I don't have a problem with you Life is just depressing. It has turned out far worse than I ever expected it would
  3. I don't know what being a woman is like from direct experience, but my own experience of being a man is that it is for the most part a grim, miserable existence.
  4. I have no money, I have a crap job (and I struggle even to do my job properly), I am fat, I have a disability which I never asked for, I struggle with anxiety and depression and OCD and talking to myself, I am a former alcoholic, I dropped out of university 3 times, my mother died of cancer, I don't have much of a social life and have few friends, I have serious sexual problems that make it nearly impossible for me to have sex, I have a lot of self esteem issues, and I can't even lift 134kg at the gym. I SHOULD JUST KILL MYSELF, IT WOULD BE SO MUCH EASIER I also have a lot of weird ideas about society as well that I should probably keep to myself This is what WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE feels like oh yeah and I was bullied as well thanks for reminding me
  5. A lot of working class people live very simplistic, repetitive and highly unadventurous lives. It's only the middle class people who take fancy holidays, have big cars, and nice houses. Anything too exotic and adventurous, is only for the rich.
  6. I'm off my rocker, mad as a hatter Yes I know... I've been mad for fucking years
  7. I know that I'm mentally ill and have no one to talk to about it I talk to myself all the time, and have various OCD-type symptoms When you question the meta-ethical principles that are the foundations of the moral framework of the modern West... Actually, nah, fuck it, we should totally go to Greggs
  8. Sorry about all this shit, by the way Sometimes I just need to blow out all the craziness and shit I'm not going to kill myself
  9. Look at me, I'm a fucking well paid cunt, I'm so STRESSED that I have to give £2000 to my financial dominatrix because I'M LIKE, STRESSED, MAN https://bit.ly/2VGrkoZ Fucking ignorant cunt
  10. I hate myself SO MUCH, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY, for being a white male Yet people are constantly saying about how you know like, white male privilege and shit I should be pretty close to perfection https://news.st-andrews.ac.uk/archive/study-finds-tall-35-year-old-men-appear-more-dominant-than-others/ https://medium.com/@tjpeters/i-hate-being-a-white-male-74d1ad85b04e https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/sep/05/straight-while-men-suffering-sex-feminism But instead, it's just not like that I hate how to such a large extent, a man's success in life is tied to his career That, more than anything else, could tip me over the edge
  11. It's just like, my political beliefs used to be so far right, till I realised, even though I always knew, the far right is just a bunch of powerless impotent white male losers But if you are born a white male you are born to lose anyway, at least genetically What is the relationship between money and evolution?
  12. I am an absolute fucking mess, no one to talk to, no friends, nothing No one cares In this country you talk to your doctor they are just not interested
  13. Actually, I'll tell you something... I have a secret Twitter account and I post pictures of myself on it all the time. I never show my face, but just my body, and it's also non nude so all pictures of me are wearing at least something. My self esteem is low as fuck, and I need self validation, that's why I do it I am in a lot of ways quite feminine. Hate masculine things like football, getting dirty, etc. Even drinking I'm not interested in anymore. It's like, I've done all the masculine stuff in life and it doesn't appeal to me at all. What the fuck are you trying to prove and who are you trying to prove it to. Even hate the fact that masturbation makes my bed sheets dirty.
  14. I don't care about penis size, I don't care about masculinity, don't give a fucking damn Being male is shit and I hate it, being a white male even moreso In case you are wondering, I don't believe in "transgenderism" - that is I don't believe that humans can biologically change sex That means you are born what you are and can't choose anything
  15. But I'm not going to Posting on this forum always makes me more depressed, not less, so I will go away from here for just now
  16. Taking a break from Tinder I masturbate to porn all the time, and have no problem getting an erection for porn, it's just when a real live woman is in front of me that I don't get an erection How has it been debunked? If you are going in there dreading the prospect of sex, and thinking about all these ideas and theories you've read about online... well of course you are going to be in a negative state of mind For many years I hated myself for being a white male... More recently I have simply been hating myself just for being male Well, actually, here's how it worked 1. I was bullied in school (up to 2004) 2. I went out into the world, started normal, quite happy (2004-2008) 3. Began to hate people of certain ethnic backgrounds and women (2009-2012) 4. Began to hate myself for being a white male (2013-2016) 5. Began to hate myself for being male (2017-present) I'm a fucking mess, I should just kill myself
  17. Finished with her now She was a selfish ignorant bitch anyway, I don't even care But why can't I even have sex without losing my erection, or slipping my cock out, or not getting it in there in the first place. As soon as I stop talking to one woman on Tinder there's another one that wants to talk, it's pretty much constant. But they are all fat
  18. Well we're still talking and still seeing each other. But I sense that she is sexually dissatisfied with me. I've got a woman that I'm attracted to that wants me, yet I can't do anything with my penis. I think I have quite a deep rooted anxiety to be honest and always have done and I think that that is contributing to this. All my mental problems are caused by anxiety, and the probable cause of anxiety, which has led to all of my other problems, is the fact that I was bullied at school. Everything - the heavy drinking in the past, the self hatred, the paranoia, the obsessiveness, the inability to do things properly - comes back to this. I'm probably making not much sense now, but I don't care as long as you get the general jist of what I'm saying
  19. So a quick update then. On Thursday I met her for a game of bowling and pool. I'd had a super busy week through the week with loads going on. And after lots of cleaning and getting stuff ready, she came over to mine on Saturday. But I went over to her place first, which is in a village directly north of the city that I live in. We had a Chinese takeaway, then we went to my dad's house strangely enough just to say hello because he was having a small party with his wife and a few friends. Anyway, I introduced her to my family, and we ended up staying for about 3 hours. She kept on drinking more and more vodka while I drank non alcoholic beer. Eventually we got back to mine after midnight. She was drunk when she got back to mine, and she was quite clear about what she wanted. After a little kissing the clothes soon came off and I was still kissing her, looking at her pretty face and blonde hair and blue eyes (which is a big plus to me) and feeling her soft curvy body, thrusting into her but not penetrating her. We tried blowjobs, titwanks, handjobs, and a variety of different sex positions. I also gave her oral by licking her pussy, fingered her cunt, licked her tits, and gave her several orgasms. I also tried using lube and took a viagra pill for the first time. It did nothing except make my heart beat faster and give me a red face. With my bed sheets soaking wet with her pussy juice, she eventually fell asleep and I followed. In the morning I fingered her pussy again and made her cum one more time. I also had her run her hands up and down my body, then I wanked myself off and came all over her tits while holding her body with one hand. And I had the problem that I feared: namely, an inability to penetrate the woman I wanted to fuck, to show her how attracted to her I am. My erections come and go. The viagra did nothing. We never used any condom. She was on the pill. And I failed completely in any sex position we tried to get my cock inside her pussy. She's the 15th woman I've done sexual things with in my life. And the 15th woman I feel I've left sexually unsatisfied as a result of my physical failings. Do you know how demoralizing it feels to want to be able to have sex with a woman, to show her how much you find her attractive, yet not be able to? In addition to this, my work is causing me a lot of stress at the moment as well. She texted me on Whatsapp last night to ask why I couldn't manage sex with her properly, and I had no good answer. We're still talking, but she goes into hospital for an operation tomorrow. These are difficult times. We will see what happens. But I really can't see a solution for my erectile dysfunction and inability to penetrate a woman sexually. She's the 15th woman I've done sexual things with in my life. And the 15th woman I feel I've left sexually unsatisfied as a result of my physical failings? Do you know how demoralizing it feels to want to be able to have sex with a woman, to show her how much you find her attractive, yet not be able to? In addition to this, my work is causing me a lot of stress at the moment as well. She texted me on Whatsapp last night to ask why I couldn't manage sex with her properly, and I had no good answer. We're still talking, but she goes into hospital for an operation tomorrow. These are difficult times. We will see what happens. But I really can't see a solution for my erectile dysfunction and inability to penetrate a woman sexually. Sex is something that most men, probably most women as well, really look forward to. But me? I'm fucking terrified of it. Why? Because I feel that I'll fail to perform, like always, and leave my partner disappointed like always. I simply don't know how to penetrate a woman properly with my penis. I just find it impossible. And I feel there's no hope for me.
  20. Are Internet forums, like this one, just completely dead now? Has everyone moved to Reddit? That seems to be the place people go now when they want to have a rant and seek sympathy. Anyway, things have not turned out as bad as I feared. I texted her on Monday morning asking her if she wanted to meet again. Was hard to tell at that point if she was losing interest or not, but it turned out she was still interested. I was off work Monday and Tuesday, and then work was pretty shit Wednesday through to Friday due to a certain person at my work being a cunt. So she kept texting me all the time on WhatsApp, so much so that I can't even keep up with her. Quite often she talks about sexual stuff in her texts, even first thing in the morning. Everyone that I've showed pictures to thinks we look cute together and make a good couple. We agreed to meet again on Saturday night. So last night she picked me up in her car, we drove to a car park and I'd booked a table at a Thai restaurant. We both really enjoyed our meal and had a good chat. We then went to the cinema to see a film. We bought some drinks and snacks then went into the cinema. Around half an hour into the film she kept giggling and fidgeting and whispering to me. Although she is a 35-year-old woman soon to be 36 in the new year, she has all the maturity of a 16-year-old in the way she behaves and I had to tell her to keep still and behave and just watch the film! Anyway I had my hand on her leg during the film, and she basically hinted at me to put my hand closer. Before long my hand was right between her thighs and I could feel how wet her pussy was through her trousers as she rubbed her thighs against my hand! She also tried to grab my cock and balls during the film, but I had to stop her as I didn't want us to get thrown out of the cinema! After the film she drove me home and I got a few kisses and we both really had a nice evening. I'm seeing her again on Thursday, not sure exactly what we are doing, but on Saturday she's coming to my flat to stay overnight next weekend. And I'm fucking terrified. Of what? Of not being able to sexually satisfy her. Of losing my erection, of not being able to get a condom on, of not being able to get my cock inside her pussy. And all the other shit that was a problem last time with keeping her awake, going to the toilet, and all that crap. Basically, of her being sexually dissatisfied with me. And then being so dissatisfied that she loses interest. And I'm back to the start. Again. As always. She seems like a highly sexual person based on her behaviour - she seems to talk and think about sex more than I do, and I'm a guy! But that sort of woman needs a guy who can satisfy her. And if I'm not up to the job, then who the fuck am I?
  21. I am sick of all these online dommes and all their bullshit, to be quite honest. Why so many men feel so "submissive" to them when their whole act is clearly bullshit, is beyond me
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