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  1. Anyone went on these sites? Any matches? Lemme hear your take on them 🤔
  2. I don't know what kind of subgenre this would be with small penis artists but it's all good music nonetheless. 6 Dogs - Chut Up, Someone & Next level Lil Boom - Kimono DBangz - Wet Willy & Last Claim Playboi Carti - In My Car, Arm & Leg, Beef Supreme Patty- Blah Blah, Mad & Blown YBN Nahmir - Rubbin Off The Paint & Glizzy Hella Geekin' Pink Guy - Small Penis SavageRealm - Jump & Feeling Great Lil Mosey - Noticed Young Thug- Halftime, the blanguage & Chanel Justin Bieber - I'm the one & What do you mean Lil Uzi Vert - New Patek & Neon Guts Wiz Khalifa - Smoke Chambers, We Dem Boyz & Hopeless Romantic Hopsin- ill Mind of Hopsin 4-7 Yung Lean - Kyoto, Ghost town & Yoshi City ion Lil gut- Thot I knew You & Big banks Lil Pump- D rose, Essikett & Gucci Gang XXXtentacion- Look at Me & Fuck Love Lil Dude - Boowop Ugly God - Little Dick Clique, Water & Bitch 6obby- Nobody Flipp Dinero- Leave me Alone, wanna ball, & feeling like Mobsquad Nard - Ain't FWU Lil Dicky- Save Dat Money & Freaky Friday Rygar- Vitruvian Man Macklemore- Thift Shop & Otherside Yung Bans- Dresser, Lonely & Ridin' Etc. Post some music you guys bump
  3. You got highlights of you in the gym?
  4. Anyone still on this tryna look like a statue thing? 🤔 I won't lie the running stuff ain't low intensity after some miles
  5. If you're suicidal about this small penis and it's about chicks you should look at DinkyOne or MiniWilly and sees what's on there bruh 😏
  6. Unless were rich & famous, like how George found his Martha or how the rest of these sps celebrities get laid, money is a man's make up
  7. Totally agree, while chasing life's dopamine we settle for food and drugs I thought it was just me
  8. If all else fails with women and they don't want yah..and you don't like penis Come home to ARO
  9. True Forced Loneliness/TFL is a small group of heterosexual men who feel that absolutely no female on the planet wants them at all for whatever reason. Some women say "thirst" others say laziness in the improvement of the man, and you know our issue for some..is not getting them laid. Meh.
  10. I suppose I just couldn't deal with the AI voice for too long, he has decent content nonetheless. I wanted to touch on a old video he did, do you know about the hikomori men?
  11. That's why marcus is a god, he said fuck it I'm all out there with this and I know I'm gonna be seen for centuries
  12. Yeah I feel ananamide always helps with workouts as it like wakes me up to do more reps, especially with the calisthenics if you do them right after a run. By the way anybody here on that ceratine stuff does it work like roids for yall?
  13. To add on to lostboy, I am grateful that we can share on this community and there aren't a lot of trolls as I thought like a lot of other chats/forums I been on.
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