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  1. Diet/Gym/Health/Sanity

    Yeah I feel ananamide always helps with workouts as it like wakes me up to do more reps, especially with the calisthenics if you do them right after a run. By the way anybody here on that ceratine stuff does it work like roids for yall?
  2. Being grateful

    To add on to lostboy, I am grateful that we can share on this community and there aren't a lot of trolls as I thought like a lot of other chats/forums I been on.
  3. Diet/Gym/Health/Sanity

    What's you guys take on smoking and gains like weed + excerise does it help or you prefer a sober workout

    I mean I only know of TFM and Sandman, what channels did you check out to know about MGTOW
  5. Symbolism

    Needs to be a show fr
  6. Symbolism

    What are some symbols do you guys use that are incordance with your life whether religious or not?
  7. Symbolism

    What are some symbols do you guys use that are incordance with your life whether religious or not?

    Yea they might feel that way but do you feel you are associated with them?
  9. The Piece (of mind)

    Other than the homemade underwear what brand/company do you use currently.

    Men Going There Own Way and True Forced Lonliness.. As for the pleasure part I agree but sometimes you want your own dick wet why toys tonight...

    Whether you felt you couldnt satisfy your partner enough or you just don't have a heartbeat in your chest to want love whether by choice or forced..you care less. The closest thing to this would be me an asexual-aromantic, anyone else on here aro/aven? More importantly, what are your thoughts on mgtow/tfl men.
  12. This poll is just so guys on here can maybe find another person on the forum that has a similar experience with life..nonetheless I still care about every single one of you muthafuckas I would start with being SPS.
  13. [Deleted]

    (Ignore This Post)
  14. Diet/Gym/Health/Sanity

    Is it possible when you feel like that, you can drop and do some pushups or some sort of workout since this is the excerise thread. Please send your feedback.