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  1. I really hate to admit that I was right regarding the OP's rapid disappearance but apparently I called this one. This is what frustrates me about posts like this. Someone joins the forum and their first post is them bragging about curing cancer, or SPS in our case. They offer no context to who they are, what struggles they have been through, how they learned to deal with it, or anything even resembling being constructive. Just that they have solved the world's problems and we need to drink the Kool-Aid. If I am off base here please let me know, but as I mentioned before I see a mental health forum, like this, as more of a virtual group therapy session. Maybe I'm looking at this site the wrong way but it frustrates me when these "hand grenade" posters swoop in and drop a bomb of a post like the OP did here. Sorry, off my soapbox now.
  2. Can't laugh

    At 13, hormones can really cause havoc with your emotions and moods. It's great that you are recognizing this because most people don't. Being aware that this is occurring and trying to find ways out of that mood are a few ways to improve. The hormones will continue to impact you for several more years and during that time I saw permanent changes in my personality.
  3. Girl of My Dreams

    This is a risk regardless of your cock size so you have to decide if it's a risk worth taking. She could end up not liking you for 1,000 other reasons aside from your dick. You have a known and an unknown and you're decision is based on a physical feeling of lust (prettier, has a better body, etc...) for the unknown since it sounds like you really just started talking to her. I'm just on the outside looking in but it almost sounds like you're basing your feelings about this new girl on her physical attributes while hoping she doesn't judge you on yours. Again, just my impression from the cheap seats.
  4. Self deprecating fantasies

    I went to a clothing optional open air spa a few years ago and chose to take the spa treatments fully nude (this is the first time that anyone other than my significant other has seen me nude in years and this includes doctors). Fortunately for me it was not very crowded but the masseuses (2) plus the owner (all younger females) saw me laying there on my back, fully exposed, with all my shrinkage for several hours. I was a nervous wreck the entire time and I have no doubt that at times, due to the cool breeze, that I had an "innie" no matter how much I concentrated on keeping my turtle from going into hiding. As I was preparing to leave I gave the masseuses a nice tip but it felt (based on their smiles) like they couldn't wait for me to leave to discuss what they just saw. It may have all been in my mind but I could just picture them snickering and talking to each other, after I left, about the tiny penis they just saw on a fully grown man. I think it was a turn on to think about this but it was definitely different than a "normal" turn on. I'd probably do it again.
  5. Unhappy with my weight, again.

    I need to lose weight as well. A few years ago, I lost a significant amount of weight because I was preparing for a long distance backpacking trip through the mountains. I lost about 20% of my bodyweight in a 6 month period by eating salads with grilled chicken for most meals, drinking nothing but black coffee or water, and by intense exorcising for an hour each day (6 days per week). The motivation is what kept me going and once I got back I swore I would keep the weight off but I lost my motivation and gained the weight back. To me, it sucks to think that my lifestyle would have to be reduced to salads and exercising at 4:00am in order to remain somewhat in shape.
  6. Hi @Victimorthecrime, valid point about the English as a 2nd language but the OP didn't come across to me as that case but I guess I could be wrong. I've been doing well overall. It's been a hectic first part of the year at work so I've been consumed with that and it helps me not focus on SPS or my personal pity party. How have you been?
  7. I guess I lied... I have one more post in me on this topic. I don't think my point was clear. This forum is similar to a support group. If you were to physically walk into a support group would you slam the doors open and start screaming about how you solved all the problems and how everyone in the room just needs to "man up"? I seriously doubt that you would have the balls to do this in person. The same etiquette that is used in an in person support group should also be used in a virtual support group. This was the gist of all of my babbling.
  8. I don't mind opinions or point of views, as a matter of fact I really appreciate different viewpoints. I've just seen posts like this before and the authors typically disappear as quickly as they arrived. Maybe I'm wrong about my perception here, only time will tell.
  9. @Proudofmymicro, apparently you missed my point. You didn't answer some of my key questions. This was your first post ever on this site. If you no longer have SPS issues what led you here? What drove you to give your opinion now versus last week, last month, or last year? How did you find this site? Why were you looking for it? Please don't take either of my posts to be confrontational but I'm just honestly trying to understand your motivation and giving you feedback on your approach. You have gone into a long rant where you have basically said that you have solved SPS, yet you have built zero credibility beforehand. I suppose we can just take you at your word but frankly that's not happening. These sites only work when people get to know each other and build a rapport and trust. There's no need to respond, I've said my peace and you're now free to do as you wish. I can't control what you say but I can tell you that if you're intent is to help others you may need to work on your approach.
  10. @Proudofmymicro, why are you here? I mean why did you join this site? This isn't an easy place to find unless you are desperately trying to learn about SPS. Based on how confident you are, why would you ever be looking for a site like this? It should have never crossed your mind. In addition, this was your first post on this site and this is your introduction? Being a bull in a china shop. Now, don't get me wrong, like you said in your rant, everyone has an opinion and I agree with some of yours and disagree with others. My point is that if you want to be a credible source of information and help to people on this site then act like one. Your initial post comes off very "trollish" to me.
  11. True feelings about my tiny dick

    Hello @LittleMan4, I'm not sure how you're measuring (boned pressed or non bone pressed) but I am around 3.5" bone pressed (actually a little less) and about 2.7" non bone pressed. I'm also only about 3.6" in girth at mid shaft. it sounds like we may be close to the same size in length anyway. I would recommend reading some of my threads because I divulge a lot about my life and my personal struggles. I'm older than you and have been dealing with this for a long time. The good news is there are women out there who don't care but these women are typically not "one night stands". You will never be a porn star nor will you ever be known as the "stud" in town but I can attest to the fact that if you're wanting a relationship built on love then there are women out there who do not care about your size as long as you're good to them outside the bedroom and put in the extra effort (tongue, fingers, toys, etc...) inside the bedroom to ensure they are satisfied. Believe me, I get it. It sucks to be small but learn from my mistakes and just try and deal with it. Letting it consume you gets you nowhere. (trust me) so your best option is to find other things in which to focus. If you want a relationship then put a priority on building love before you bring sex into the picture. You need to win her over before showing the skeletons on the closet (actually in the pants). if all you are wanting is sex then I recommend masturbating instead because at your size there are very few women who will consider you a sex toy. I'm not saying there aren't any women but the ones wanting just sex typically either prefer a model, someone who is average or above in size, or both. I know I haven't solved your problem but hopefully you now realize that you're not the smallest guy out there.
  12. Hello from Austin, TX

    @atxbat, welcome to the community. You're not alone here because many of us have small penis issues. I'm also married and from Texas so it appears we have a lot in common! Please check out the many good threads but also don't hesitate to reach out for specific topics that impact you the most.
  13. My so called life

    @Small, I'm a firm believer in the cliché that the best things in life don't come easy. Practice is what's required to make us good at anything and there are very few people with born skills. Most come to them through practice and trial and error. If you fall, get your ass up and try again. You only fail when you give up. Wow, that was several clichés at once but I think you get my point. On the note of burial preferences, I am a Christian and firmly believe in an afterlife and that the body remaining here is an empty shell similar to the exoskeleton on a molting insect. I know that some of you do not have the same beliefs as me and I'm not trying to impose mine just explain them. Based on what I believe, I could personally care less what happens to my remains. In my opinion the entire process is for the mourners much more so than the dead. I've already told my family to go the cheapest way out because i do not believe in wasting money on something so frivolous as an expensive casket, a fancy mosque, or some elaborate funeral service. Just stick me in a pine box and bury me in the woods.
  14. @PDXsUnHungAndUnsungHero, an extender is basically like a silicon "condom" for lack of a better term. It has typically has a few inches of length it adds by having a fake penis tip on the end of the extender. There are differing designs out there but the last one I bought added girth and length because the silicone sleeve was fairly thick. The concept sounds good but they're problematic for various reasons and I personally couldn't feel anything using it.
  15. Hi @Griz, I've never heard of a "Taboo Sex Show" before but it sounds like an adult toy and video store, which we have plenty of in Texas, or an online adult toy retailer. I've bought all types of extenders and enhancers in my life and I've never had much luck with any of them. They all seem to have "issues" that make them less than ideal to use. My wife also didn't enjoy them so most were only used once for these reasons. I just wanted to give you my experience with them.