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  1. Well the bad thing for me is that she never said his was too big so I assume that means she liked it fine.
  2. Mine is 4 1/2" BP. That is embarrassing for me.
  3. My wife was married to a well endowed man before so she has seen her share of that kind. She was surprised the first time she saw mine. And it is a decent size when it's hard but when soft, it just barely sticks out from my abdomen at all. I really resent that and as a result, I don't go naked too much around her when I'm soft. She also has a son who is well endowed so I really feel inferior with my package. In addition to my short penis, I only have one testicle, too. And my sack really stays tucked up close to my body. It's not much to look at either.
  4. Hi everybody. I am new here and want to introduce myself. I have suffered with a small penis all my life. It's tough to have the smallest one of anybody you know, especially when they know it, too. But the really tough part is with my wife. She was married to a well-hung man before so she had the pleasure of a big penis for several years. And now she gets a small one. I know she married me so that should count for a lot and it does but I can tell she really wishes it were bigger.
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