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  1. Thank you to all who have replied to this topic so far! I start to feel I still have a minimal chance to have a family once.
  2. First of all thanks for you reply. I know that adult life is just ahead of me and I might overreact the situation I'm currently in, but I do not know.. I've heard so many stories about guys got left behind by their "love" just because their penises were NOT even that small than mine, but just slightly under the average. The 6 inches size I mentioned is understood when I totally push it back to the bones so I could never achieve this size even with a strong diet. I'd be even happy with 5.1 inches to be honest but I do not know if I'll ever lose weight will it happen or it'll just stay as small as it currently is. I've read many discussions about this question "will I have bigger penis I lose weight" and everyone said nope. Even if most of these people who ask those questions might think it really going to grow, but I just mean fat is around the penis, even if not that horribly amount of it but there is. If I just could get 0.8 inch or 1 inch by losing weight I'd most definitely start doing some diet or thing like that.. But I'm not sure if it'll give me my extra inch, and if its indeed not, there is no reason I should lose weight. I do state that 4 inches or 4.3 inches penis is hilariously small so that whenever a girl would see it she would crack up laughing immediately, also I've seen many videos of a guy who was doing a kind of "survey". He went online on different sex cam websites showing his penis (he was slim, having around 5 inches penis) and all the girls he had a encounter with just laughed at him telling different jokes or rude, harsh things, like their clitoris were even bigger than his penis and evil things like that.. That is why I'm afraid to go out with a girl or just to start doing anything with myself... I'm from Hungary by the way.
  3. Hello everybody, I'm new to this site, so please don't be so harsh if I did something that is out of rules, and also sorry for my English, it is not my native language. I'm a 19 years (virgin) boy, who has a very small penis which means around 4-4.3 inches when erected. I'm also obese (5'9 feet and 222 lbs), I'm just mentioning it because some said if I'll lose weight my penis will be bigger (under that I'm not meaning, it'll actually start growing, but more will be seen after the fat pad went away, which is not that big anyways and not so soft so I do not know.). Actually, when I'm in "doggie style" and having fun with my "artifical vagina" its 4.7 inches. When I grab my penis and push it back until (almost) the bone its 5.9-6 inches, but as I heard its a fake size because it is impossible to put it that deep into a girl since it is not even possible to reduce the fat pad down the bones. I also have a strange fetish which might be funny for you (I do not know how is it called in English, but its about tying something around my balls that will make it go lower, I hope you understand what I mean....) so when I do it and of course it makes my skin stretch or I do not know my penis is actually bigger like around 5.1 inches... That might be my real size if I'd lose weight? Or is it just another fake size that does not even matter? Also my other question would be men who has the same (hilarious) size: Have you ever had a sex with a girl that did not laugh at your tiny penis? Or do you even have a family? Because soon I'll want to have a family since I won't be able to live alone... To go home to an empty house that I can't even call a home.... I think I'll commit suicide if I'll be rejected that much .. I'll most certainly give it up .. Anyways, another question, which is for women: Would you live your life with a man who has this tiny penis I have ? And please tell the truth I'm not here for lies, I know what I know, but I must know other people's opinion too. Also if someone here, who has the same sizes and have a family please contact me in PM, I'd like to have a chat with him in the near future...
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